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These inspiring photos and ideas will help you redecorate or remodel your bathroom and select stylish vanities, bathroom sinks, bathtubs, toilets or showers.

Summer Bathroom Style: Modern Seasonal Decor Ideas

Tropical spa style

There’s nothing I love more than finding ways to create a relaxing vibe at home. And there’s no place that can facilitate a spa-style feel quite like the powder room. Fresh greenery, decadent soaps and artful vignettes are a few of my bathroom staples, and switching things up for summer is my current obsession. Today I’m spotlighting 10 powder rooms that are swimming in summer…

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Refreshing And Posh Contemporary Bathroom Dazzles With Colorful Charm

Stunning Contemporary Bathroom from Scavolini

Combining the spectacular with the delicate and the nuanced, the latest bathroom from Scavolini, dubbed Font, steals the show with its amazing versatility and style. Crafted by Studio Castiglia Associati, Font moves away from the more common materials used in the modern bathroom and utilizes glass in both matte and glossy finishes to truly paint a picture filled with color and creativity. Digging into the…

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Trendy Bathroom Decor With An Art Deco Twist From Artceram

Jazz sanitaryware Collection from Artceram

They say that fashion and design have a tendency to repeat themselves, and we seem to be heading into that phase again when the retro and the vintage seamlessly blend with modern decor. The last few years have seen a revival in bold colors, flowery patterns and even bohemian overtones in a subtle and restrained fashion. Ingenious modern interior designers are combining sleek contemporary forms…

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Ingenious Italian-Style Furnishings For The Posh Spa-Like Bathroom

Betty Freestanding Bathtub in White

Each year the Milan Design Week presents some of the best and arguably the finest decor collections on the planet that overwhelm you with their creativity and style. 2014 was obviously no different, and one of the showstoppers in the realm of bathroom furnishings at this year’s event was Mastella Design. While we did uncover some of their ingenious delights amid all the rush in Milan…

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Wall-Hung Sanitary Solutions For The Small, Space-Conscious Bathroom

wall hung wc and bidet artceram

If there are two spaces in the house that seem to constantly pose space conundrums, they are the kitchen and the bathroom. While you can simply never have enough storage in the former, the bathroom has to often make do with whatever space is left after the design of the bedroom, living space and the kitchen! Small bathrooms require smart, space-savings solutions that combine aesthetics…

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Eco-Conscious, Artisan-Crafted Sinks Sparkle With Contemporary Class

NativeStone Sinks from Native Trails

We are heading towards a future that seems to be a blend of innovative design and eco-friendly features that help build a greener tomorrow. While the construction industry is moving forward with innovations like shipping container homes and steel prefab structures to save up on natural resources and costs, the decor industry is taking a turn towards green manufacturing processes and biodegradable components. Crafted with…

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Beyond White: Colorful Bathtub Ideas For A Trendy Bathroom

Contemporary bathroom with red bathtub

Modern homeowners and designers are placing as much care with the style and color scheme of their bathrooms as they are with the remainder of the house. A drop in the pricing of lavish bathroom fixtures and accessories, and a willingness to spend extra dough for the home spa experience have truly altered the dynamics of contemporary bathrooms. And one of the current happening bathroom…

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Dreamy Bathroom Brings Back Classical Design With Trendy Sophistication

Gold Metallic accents in the bathroom with freestanding tub

Absolute classicism is how Scavolini describes the beautiful and elegant Baltimora bathroom. With the design world being overwhelmed by a wide variety of contemporary and even semi-minimal bathrooms in the last decade or two, Baltimora offers a different direction for those who appreciate refined artistry and sleek sophistication. Another reason why we love this contemporary classic is the way it uses several hot design trends…

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Bathroom Wall Shelves That Add Practicality And Style To Your Space

Open shelving in a modern bathroom

When you imagine your perfect bathroom, is it a modern space featuring a few interesting details? Or perhaps it’s a spa-like haven where you can enjoy life’s luxuries, such as plush towels and indulgent bath products. When turning your dream powder room into a reality, practicality and style come into play. One essential element that helps you stay organized and gives you a place to…

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Black And White Bathrooms: An Elegant And Timeless Trend

Black and White Bathroom Ideas

When we plan for the design and decoration of our home, the bathroom is not something that instantly comes to mind. Often, it is one of the last spaces we pay attention to, and many of us do not have the luxury of expansive bathrooms that bring home the ambiance of a luxury spa. The color scheme of the bathroom is something that we all…

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