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Be the Perfect Host: Powder Room Design and Color Trends for the New Year

Once the New Year starts to head into the second week, parties and hosting feels like a thing of the past. In current times having guests over definitely feels like a privilege of sorts; a privilege that can be a touch risky as well! But friends and family do still trickle in every weekend or so and for the consummate host who loves to have people around more often than not, the powder room is an important part of it all. Much like the entry, living space and dining area, the powder room reflects your style choice even while adding that ‘something different’ to your home.

Dashing and modern powder room feels refreshing and unique thanks to the brilliant use of pattern [From: Signature Designs Kitchen & Bath]

Decorating the powder room might not be on top of your list every single time, but for those who have time to spare can think about giving the space a stylish makeover early this year. Trends from last year have changed considerably and color schemes in the powder room this year are moving away from the bright and gaudy to the contemporary and subtle. From pattern that replaces color to hues that are subtle and stylish, this is a look at the most popular trends heading into first half of 2020 –

Time to Embrace Greenery

2021 is a year when every room of the home will see a spurt in presence of green and that is an approach which will work well in the powder room as well. Add an indoor plan to the powder room to create a sense of freshness in the space. Connecting the powder room with the view outside using glass windows and doors is another smart way to add green to the setting. If indoor plants and the view outside is not to your liking, then you can even use a dash of green to enliven the setting.

Find a cozy corner for that beautiful indoor plant
Find innovative ways to add greenery to the powder room using vases [From: Laney LA]
Floral pattern of the wallpaper accentuates the natural appeal of this smart modern powder room [From: Office of Architecture]
Modern Mediterranean style powder room with just a hint of greenery [From: Crimson Design & Construction]
A dash of greenery indoors is the perfect way to uplift the ambiance inside the powder room

Geometric Contrast and Style

If changing the color scheme of the powder room is not something you are interested in and want to add another dimension to the small space, then fill it with a bit of geo contrast. Hexagonal wall tiles or floor tiles filled with pattern bring something imaginative and exception to the powder room without altering the color palette. Geo style is projected to be much more popular in the next 12 months than it has been in the past year. So, why not start off small in the powder room before you experiment with it in rooms like kitchen and living area.

Backdrop with a bit of pattern can bring plenty of contrast to the dark, tiny powder room [From: Rodwin Architecture & Skycastle Homes]
Contemporary powder room in black, white and gray with hexagonal tiles in the backdrop and dark hexagonal floor tiles [From: KLH Custom Homes]
Explore different patterns and colors in the small modern powder room this year [From: Live by the Sea Photography]
Wallpaper with iconic David Hicks pattern steals the spotlight in this small modern powder room [From: FORM Design + Build]

Pleasant Pastel greens and Blues

A move away from dark colors is in store for most trendy home decorating ideas in the months to come and the powder room is no different. But that also does not mean you need to just stick to white, beige and shades of gray in the modern powder room. You can use pastel greens and light blues instead – colors that are equally unassuming and yet bring an entirely different vibe to the powder room. Styles like shabby chic, modern, Mediterranean and others can be easily embraced in here and switching between them is not too hard at all. Keep the backdrop cheerful while you shift between accents and decorative pieces!

Custom wooden vanity with stone countertop and a light green backdrop for the powder room [From: Studio Shelter]
Expect to find plenty of blue in powder rooms in the year ahead
Finding the right pastel green for a pleasant powder room [From: Willow & Co]
Light blue coupled with white elegantly in the small beach style powder room
Modern Scandinavian style powder room with floral pattern wallpaper and light blue backdrop

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