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20 Tips for an Organized Bathroom

If you’re longing for your powder room to have the relaxing feel of a spa, you’re not alone. In fact, designers are increasingly focused on this space, elevating it with eye-catching trends such as brass fixtures and modern seating. While special features can really take your powder room up a notch, simply organizing the space can be the first (and most effective) step in creating the spa vibe you’re after.

Not to mention, organization is something you can accomplish at any time, regardless of your budget. So while you’re saving up for that Lucite-framed mirror, why not get your powder room in order? Today we share 20 simple tips for an organized bathroom

What You See…

The first half of today’s post is dedicated to making smart design choices. By giving your powder room a clean, tidy look, you will set the foundation for an organized space. Plus, your bathroom will have a clutter-free feel that will make it extra obvious when something is out of place. Which will encourage you to sort it or stash it!

Keep Countertops Clean

Keeping countertops clean may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how not lining them with grooming products in mismatched bottles will instantly create a sleek feel. Read on, and we’ll tell you just how you can avoid a cluttered look and stash essentials elsewhere. If you must place items on the countertop, try grouping them in attractive containers, or opt for matching bottles. More on that later! [from Michael Lee Architects]

Powder room with clean countertops

Stick to a Cohesive Color Scheme

One way to visually create a clean, tidy look is to stick to a color scheme. White is an increasingly popular choice for the powder room, as it has a crisp, refreshing feel. Imagine how different the space below would look if it featured accents such as blue and purple vases. Instead, clear and white containers enhance the serene feel. [from Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects]

White marble bathroom

Choose One or Two Decor Statements

There’s nothing like a counter full of “decorative items” to increase clutter and take up valuable storage space. Most spa-style bathrooms take a less-is-more approach, and that’s good news for those with smaller powder rooms. Stick with one or two decorative statements. We like the idea of a fresh, green plant. A selection such as an air plant or a fern will love the moisture that a bathroom offers! [from Archic]

White bathroom with a plant in the window

If You Can See It, Keep It Tidy

Do you have open shelving? Are you needing to keep some pracical items in full view? Don’t worry if an abundance of closed cabinet space is not available. Focus on keeping what IS visible tidy. Roll or fold towels, and choose neutral containers or dispensers for items such as soap. We will focus on items behind closed doors in the next section of the post. [from One Week Bath]

Tidy powder room

Only Keep Essentials at the Sink

The area around the sink is often splattered with water and stray soap. You will need to wipe it clean on a regular basis. Don’t complicate this simple task with clutter that you have to move out of the way. Soap is all you need by the faucet. A bottle of lotion to moisturize your hands can also be helpful. If you want to have a toothbrush close by, keep it in a handy cup or container so it’s not surrounded by soapy residue. [from Increation]

Powder room sink essentials

Opt for Uniform Product Containers

If your bathroom is small or you simply find it helpful to have grooming products out in the open, consider transfering liquids and lotions to classy containers, such as glass or stainless steel bottles. If your grooming products (like bath and shower gels) are already in stylish bottles, display them proudly. The cohesive look will create a tidy feel. [from Increation]

Bathroom with uniform containers

Invest in Bath Accessories

Coordinate your bath accessories, and be sure to purchase essentials such as a soap dispenser, a small trash can, a toothbrush cup, and a soap dish (for containing bar soap). These Stainless Steel Bath Accessories from CB2 are simple but striking:

Bath accessories from CB2

Use Small Furniture to Perform Key Tasks

If you really love to decorate and you want to add some special touches, make sure they serve a dual purpose. For example, a small wooden stool can hold bath products or folded towels while serving as a stylish accent next to the tub. [from Haefele Design]

Light-filled bathroom with a wooden stool

Install an Extra Towel Rack if Needed

Keep towels off the floor and avoid crowding by ensuring you have enough hooks and towel racks in your powder room. You may be surprised at how areas such as the side of the counter can become the perfect spot for a towel rack. [photo from John Sutton Photography]

Powder room with towel racks

Use a Basket or Tray to Display Groups of Items

If you want (or need) to display a group of items, don’t let products run wild! Group them in a tray or basket that you set in a key spot. For example, a basket of bath products by the tub will create a decadent look. [from Porcelanosa]

Basket of grooming products in the powder room

Behind the Scenes

Since we’ve covered design and layout strategies for keeping a neat powder room, it’s time to really make key decisions about storage. Whether it’s out in the open or behind closed doors, read on for a collection of helpful organization tips.

Add Necessary Storage Through Simple Purchases

Start with what you have…then add what you don’t! Not enough cabinet space? Perhaps this Mill Bath Tower from CB2 will provide you with a storage solution. We’re loving its tall, narrow design, which makes it perfect for smaller powder rooms.

Standing shelving from CB2

Utilize the Vertical Space

If you’re short on floor space, use the wall to your advantage. Wall-mounted shelving and towel racks can increase organization without taking up floor space. [Brushed Steel Wall Mount Towel Rack from Crate & Barrel]

Wall-mounted towel rack from Crate & Barrel

Regularly Dispose of Expired Grooming Products

Then again, you may not need as much storage space as you think. By regularly disposing of expired grooming products or clearing out items you really don’t use, you will ensure that drawers and cabinets don’t overflow with excess items. [photo from SG Style Me]

Baxter grooming products

Make the Most of Your Medicine Cabinet

Ah, the medicine cabinet! Did you know that many medicines shouldn’t be kept in the bathroom, where moisture and heat from the shower can create a less-than-ideal storage environment? Try storing medications in the kitchen pantry and save the medicine cabinet for items you need to keep at arm’s reach. [Medicine Cabinet from Restoration Hardware]

Medicine cabinet from Restoration Hardware

Use Drawer Organizers to Your Advantage

Avoid frantic digging through drawers with the simple addition of drawer organizers. A handy organizer will prevent you from haphazardly emptying drawers in search of that one item you just can’t seem to find. Plus, who doesn’t love opening a drawer to find everything in its own place?! [cosmetic organizer from ATGStores.com]

Bathroom drawer organizer

Make Use of Sliding Drawers

While sliding drawers are often used to store cleaning products under the kitchen sink, they can also be helpful for bathroom cabinet organization. Instead of ducking into the cabinet as you hunt for crucial items like bug repellent and extra lotion, you can slide out the drawer so the products meet you right where you’re standing! [photo from HGTV.com]

Sliding trays for the bathroom cabinet

Conceal Clutter with Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are a worthwhile investment for the powder room, especially since there are so many stylish options these days. Plastic bins are fine, but why not go with wooden, woven or wire boxes and baskets? These Eucalyptus Storage Boxes from CB2 are pretty enough to keep out in the open.

Storage boxes from CB2

Reduce Visual Clutter with Bins That Aren’t See-Through

Wire and open-weave storage baskets have an appealing aesthetic, and they make it easy to see what you’re storing. Yet if they’re out in the open, you may not want to see each and every item they’re holding at all times. Opt for liners to add to your grid baskets, or go with an opaque/solid storage basket that will make it easy to conceal less-than-attractive products. [baskets and liners from Crate & Barrel]

Storage baskets with liners

Use Containers and Stacking Organizers to Keep Cabinets Tidy

Just as sliding drawers are helpful for the insides of cabinets, stackable trays and shelves assist with sorting and organizing while maximizing vertical space. Instead of piling products into cabinets, use items like these acrylic trays from CB2 to create extra levels of storage:

Acrylic bath accessories from CB2

Keep Cleaning Supplies in the Bathroom

Last but not least, an organized bathroom is also a clean bathroom, so make it easy to wipe down the counter and mirrors or spritz the shower by keeping at least a few cleaning products in the bathroom. [from West Elm]

Cleaning supplies from West Elm

Here’s to a tidy powder room! With everything in order, your bathroom will take on a tranquil feel…kind of like a spa!

Kate Simmons

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