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Going Bold: 20 Contemporary Powder Rooms in 10 Spectacular Colors

The idea with decorating the powder room is most often influenced by the limited amount of space on offer. Since we tend to generally prefer neutral colors in small spaces, most homeowners feel that a similar approach works best in the modest powder room as well. Yet, more often than not, the opposite seems to be true as bold and bright colors deliver the best results in the modern powder room. The powder room is one space where you can move away from your usual decorating and style constraints and try out a much more daring look. That is why we suggest embracing bright colors ‘fully’ in these small rooms.

Gorgeous mirror, beautiful sconce lights and deep red walls bring glamor into this contemporary powder room [From: Britt Design Group]

The idea here is still to avoid visual fragmentation of space by suing just one or two colors. But instead of the less dazzling grays, whites and beige, we step into the vivacious world of reds, yellows and blues for the backdrop. This is even more brilliant in case of contemporary powder rooms that are generally devoid of bright hues. Step in a we showcase the 20 fabulous contemporary powder rooms in 10 colors that make an instant impact –

Deep and Dashing Red

We start with a color that makes the biggest visual impact and leaves a lasting impression – red. A monochromatic red backdrop in the powder room can come either by using paint or turning to the refuge of wallpaper. One offers sophistication with a ‘solid and undisturbed’ look while the other brings pattern that shakes things up. When it comes to sink, vanity and bathroom fitting, black is a good choice in here.

Textured walls in deep red create a sophisticated atmosphere inside the small powder room [From: Prospect Refuge Studio]
Ingenious powder room with brick red wallpaper that feels absolutely classy [From: CLB Architects]

Walls of Blue

Blue is a popular color no matter which room you use it in and bright shade of the color in the powder rooms are perfect for the contemporary powder room. If you are bored with the usual array of Navy blues and dark blues, then try out colors like turquoise and teal instead. This is a color that never disappoints and also gives the powder room a more spacious visual appeal. White is the natural complementary color in here and that is an easy choice to make!

Fabulous wallpaper brings both color and texture to this spacious modern powder room [From: Laura U Interior Design]
Explore different shades of blue for a more unique powder room! [From: Olga Yakovleva]

Pretty in Pink

A less common choice that is generally perceived as ‘feminine’ in its appeal, this is a color that looks good even in the gender-neutral powder room. Hot pinks are the trendy choice these days and they do look glamorous when done right. Pinks with a deeper tint and matter finish do not always fit in well with contemporary style. Both white and black fittings look good along with pink in this tiny space.

Mirror with purple framed and walls with pattern-filled pink wallpaper are all about glam! [From: Simmer&Soak]
Pink and snazzy powder room with glossy tiles that bring brightness to the space [From: ADORA Rénovation]

Orange Zest

Few colors beyond red lift the mood in a room like orange at its snazzy best! We always advice homeowners to opt for a shade of orange in matte finish so that it does not feel far too overwhelming. Colors like burnt orange are best for the contemporary powder room and if you wish to cut back on the brightness in here then amp up white in here and turn down the orange zest.

Orange and white powder room of modern New York home [From: Debra Kling Colour Consultant]
Glossy bathroom walls in orange with a wooden vanity create a light-filled and vivacious setting [From: Gustav Building Services]

Black Magic!

Black – color so misunderstood that we almost feel sorry for it at times. With the right decorating approach and proper lighting, black can create the most glamorous of powder rooms that will leave your guests dazzled. It is gold accents along with fittings in the same finish that feel right in these captivating little rooms. In the contemporary powder room, black works well every single time!

Black coupled with gold makes for a scintillating combination in the contemporary powder room [From: Q Construction]
Combine a bit of classic charm with the contemporary black powder room [From: Living Interiors]

Going Down the Green Path

Despite being surrounded by green outside, we are somehow reluctant to use it as often as we do blue. But you can start by trying it out in the powder room and we generally find that lighter greens are far more appealing and ‘accepted’ in this regard than darker ones.

Golden glitter with metallic vanity base and fixtures makes a big difference in this powder room
Use wallpaper with nature-inspired themes to add light green to the powder room

Yellow Brightens Your Day

Red can feel far too heavy at times, blue all too casual and green a bit too rigid; this is where yellow comes to the rescue. A balance between cheerful exuberance and modernity, powder rooms with large splashes of yellow feel much brighter than they really are. Once again, white is the preferred partner here but you can also try out black and yellow for a more ‘masculine’ look.

Wallpaper with yellow pattern feels both welcoming and smart
Balanced use of yellow in the contemporary powder room

Regal Purple

Moving away from the usual array of colors, purples and violets bring something different to the small powder room. They are bright, usher in a sense of richness and you also have a backdrop that does not make the room darker. Black and gold are two colors that look best with purple but in contemporary spaces white is also a smart choice.

Purple makes an impact wherever it is used!
Black combined with purple in the spacious powder room

Stripes Make a Statement

Yes, technically this is not a single color, but colorful stripes are a great choice for those who do not want to commit to just one hue in the powder room. Stripes do much more than just bring pattern and color to the space they adorn. They can also increase the sense of spaciousness and usher in a hint of playful charm.

Multi-colored stripes on the walls brighten the small powder room without overwhelming it [From: Studio Haus]
Yellow and blue stripes shape the backdrop in the contemporary powder room [From: Tobi Fairley Interior Design]

Multi-Colored Powder Rooms

Not happy with just one bold color in the powder room? Combine blocks of two or three different bright colors to create a backdrop that is as artistic as it is eye-catching. Choose colors that complement each other and give it an unexpected twist with a dash of pattern thrown into the mix as well.

Multiple colors on the wall along with stripes bring certain artistic appeal to this minimal bathroom

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