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Remodel or redecorate your dining room as you draw inspiration from our featured tables, chairs, dinnerware, bar carts, lighting, sideboards and buffets.

Organizational Delight: 30 Smart Dining Room Hutches and China Cabinets

Farmhouse style dining space and kitchen with a fabulous hutch in blue [Design: Kutepov Marina]

The dedicated dining room might be fading away ever so slowly in favor of that open plan dining area that easily and effortlessly blends in with the living space and kitchen, but there are some design elements that remain forever young. Even though contemporary designers are busy designing modular shelves that unite the living space, kitchen and dining area into one flowing family zone, the…

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Pastels, Metallics and Other Spring Tableware Trends

Spring table from CB2

We’re getting closer to spring, folks! Are you ready to freshen up your interior? Start with some new tableware purchases that showcase the latest design trends, from pastels and metallics to hand-drawn style. Today we round up some of our favorite kitchen and dining finds, many of them new arrivals from the spring collections. Enjoy browsing as you dream of warmer days and vibrant tabletop…

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Winter Tabletop Style: Shades of Grey

Stoneware from ferm LIVING

While we’re definitely looking forward to spring, it’s still winter, which means there are plenty of chilly nights ahead. Enjoy a cozy evening in by celebrating rich, decadent tones at the dinner table. By setting a grey backdrop and letting the deep hues of the food take center stage, you can heighten your dining experience! Today we showcase a tabletop style that involves silvery tones,…

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Visual Feast: 25 Eclectic Dining Rooms Drenched in Colorful Brilliance!

Cool blue textured wall is the showstopper in this relaxing, casual dining room

Bored with the mundane? Not everyone out there is happy with a dining room in gray, a matching dining table set, simple lighting and a decorative piece or two. If your home is all about reflecting your personality, then it is safe to say that the formal, neutral dining room fails more often than not. This is precisely where eclectic style and its unique allure…

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Fitting in with Every Style: Gorgeous Dining Rooms with Stone Walls

Fabulous eclectic dining room with distressed wood and stone wall

The last few seasons have seen homeowners veer towards design and decorating ideas that embrace more natural textures and create an organic vibe indoors. By all accounts, this is a trend that will continue to hold sway in 2016, and stone walls offer a unique timeless way to jump in on this bandwagon. Of course, not all of us have a stone wall at our…

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Trendy Color Duo: 20 Dining Rooms That Serve up Gray and Yellow

Traditional yellow and gray dining room with custom chairs that steal the show [Design: Nancy Lucas –Decorating Den Interiors]

The trend of pairing bright hues with the neutral magic of gray has continued throughout 2015 and is expected to remain on the top of the trends chart in 2016 as well. While there are plenty of bold hues that can be easily combined with gray, yellow has emerged as the absolute favorite among homeowners in the past few seasons. This is highlighted by the…

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50 Bold and Inventive Dining Rooms with Brick Walls

Exquisite contemporary dining room dazzles with custom banquette, decor and a pinch of greenery

As holiday season festivities start to take center-stage, the forgotten dining room is once again under the spotlight in homes across the world. The arrival of eat-in kitchens, open plan living areas and of course the habit of spending half our lives in front of the television might have taken the sheen off of the formal dining room. But in the season of joy and…

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How to Choose the Perfect Dining Room Rug

Who says dining room rugs need to be plain and boring!

How hard can it really be to choose a dining room rug? That is one of the first reactions you get from homeowners who haven’t yet started shopping for one. But they soon realize that it is indeed a lot trickier than it seems and it involves much more than mere aesthetics. Choosing the right dining room rug involves a fair amount of planning, an…

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50 Cool and Creative Shabby Chic Dining Rooms

Shabby chic coupled with cool eclectic brilliance in the dining room

When have you last looked at your dining room with the intent to redecorate or even renovate? Increasingly, the dining room is becoming an unwanted space in contemporary homes, where it is either the kitchen that doubles as a dining nook or the living room with the TV hogging the spotlight. While the dedicated dining room might be fading away, many of us still have…

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Dazzling Feast: 21 Creatively Fun Ways to Light Up the Dining Room

Colorful orbs above the dining table breathe life into the curated, contemporary dining room

In a world where the dedicated, formal dining room is becoming a rarity of sorts, with modern, more open dining spaces replacing it, there is little wonder that dining room lighting has changed over the decades. The large crystal chandelier at the heart of the dining room is far from the norm these days, with homeowners gravitating towards more exciting, inventive and at times, colorful…

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Bibliophile Nirvana: 25 Dining Rooms That Serve Up a Good Read

Colorful collection of wishbone chairs and gorgeous gray bookshelves add to the charm of this dining room

The holiday season is a time for merry decorations, good food and great company. And great company need not be just friends and family, as the brilliant array of dining rooms on display today showcase! It is time to finally let your vast book collection see daylight and shun those dusty old cabinets for brilliant bookshelves that create a dynamic and colorful backdrop in the…

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Beyond the Silver Spoon: Flatware Trends for the Modern Table

Serveware selections from Anthropologie

There’s something happening in the world of flatware… It started with brass infiltrating the collections once reserved solely for silver-toned pieces. Do you remember how unique and unusual those first few sets of brass flatware were?! Now that brass has officially caught on, designers are testing the waters with some gorgeous, innovative flatware solutions that involve rich finishes, two-toned style, and even iridescent flair. Read…

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20 High End Dining Tables

Carrara marble and brass dining table from Jonathan Adler

What’s new in the world of dining table design? Plenty! Especially if you’re in the market for a high end piece. Today we round up 20 of our favorite finds, from chic marble-topped selections to unforgettable showpieces that will breathe new life into your dining room. Enjoy perusing the high end dining tables below, and happy shopping!… Marble Wonders Let’s get started with the Arin…

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20 Halloween-Inspired Table Settings to Wow Your Dinner Party Guests

Mummy-themed Halloween table setting

Halloween is a ton of fun for the kids, but it doesn’t have to stop there! Why not throw a Halloween dinner party fit for kids, adults, or both? After all, everyone needs to eat a little something before the trick-or-treating, games, or dancing can take place. It’s a great excuse to elaborate as much as you can on a stunning Halloween theme for your dinner setting,…

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20 Sleek Stainless Steel Dining Tables

Long stainless steel dining table

The durability of stainless steel makes it ideal for the kitchen, but have you considered welcoming this popular material into your dining room as well? Today’s post is dedicated to stainless steel dining tables with a sleek modern look. Read on for a roundup of tables that are currently available for purchase, as well as plenty of pics for design inspiration. Mixed Materials We begin…

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