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5 Things Making Your Bathroom Seem Darker

Many people have commented that they escape from the world when they step into their bathroom. It’s usually a calm and relaxing getaway even if it’s only for a few minutes. This might be the same for you – or maybe not.

Are you unable to relate to this because your bathroom is all dark and gloomy? Do you look around and start to wonder why it feels cramped and darker than it should be? If you can’t place your hands on why your bathroom seems darker, we’re here to help. In this article, we share five things to consider and what you can do to improve the situation.


Dark Walls

Colors are not just colors, they are powerful. They have effects on your mood and also how your space looks. Have you noticed that most bathrooms you’ve entered and even seen in movies are painted with light colors? It’s for a reason. Dark colors have a way of making a room feel cramped even when there isn’t a lot of stuff in it. This is because dark walls tend to absorb light making it look darker and smaller. A spacious and well-lit bathroom is what you need to have an enjoyable shower experience. This is very important if you’re claustrophobic.

Now that you know dark walls might be the reason your bathroom seems darker, the solution is simple. You need to change the color of your bathroom. Bright white is the go-to color for your new walls but if you’re not a fan, you can go for other light colors like creamy white, taupe, light green, light blue, or soft gray. As long as sunlight can bounce off them, they will be well lit and make the room feel bigger than it actually is. You should put this into consideration especially if your bathroom is small. You need all the help you can get to create that illusion of space. Now, dark-colored bathrooms are not banned but can be difficult to pull off without creating a gloomy feel.

Bathroom with dark walls
Dark bathroom walls


No Natural Lighting

The common source of natural light is the sun and you need an opening in your bathroom to receive light. Asides from the fact that natural lighting helps save energy and reduces cost, it’s also important for your bathroom as it can help you feel less stressed.

If you do not get natural lighting in your bathroom, it’s either you have heavy drapes blocking your window or you do not have an opening for light to get in. For the former, remove the drapes and replace them with a shutter. If it’s the latter, you will need to simulate natural lighting with artificial bulbs and lamps. To prevent your bathroom from looking dark, you have to be intentional about your lighting.

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Unorganized Bathroom

Whether you have a large or small bathroom, when there are too many things in a space, it makes it feel all cramped and gloomy. Let’s not forget the potential hazard with different items on the floor and in other places. When you realize that you have too much stuff, the next best thing to do is declutter.

You don’t have to be a minimalist or adopt a minimalist lifestyle to get this done. Sometimes, all you need to do is get things thrown out while other times, you need to keep all the extras outside the bathroom. You can also find a great bathroom storage unit to keep things organized. When the items in your bathroom are not visible but are stored away in a compact unit, it gives you more room making it less gloomy and dark.

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Bad Bathroom Accessories

Adding bathroom accessories is a great way to beautify your bathroom. Many of these accessories are for functional purposes so they are necessities. Choosing them does require care and consideration. If you already have dark walls and tiles, combining those with dark-colored accessories is a recipe for darkness. You might want to change your accessories to brighter colors so they are not so overpowering.

Bad accessorizing might also be about combining too many colors and patterns. When you have too much going on in the color combination and patterns department, it can make the whole space look cramped. It’s time to sit back and make some decisions on what should happen next. You don’t need four different bold color combinations in your bathroom so it might be time to exchange some items or change their colors with paint. Remember to keep the colors light and bright. You also don’t need several patterned mats and curtains. One patterned design is enough for your entire bathroom.

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Small Room

A small bathroom will tend to look dark compared to a large bathroom simply because of the lack of space. While there isn’t much you can do to change the size of your bathroom, except you decide to remodel, you can at least free up the bathroom and keep only essential items in there. This would be a good time to be minimalist about things. It also helps to add mirrors as these serve as reflective surfaces and gives the illusion of space and brightness.

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There’s a limit to how comfortable you will be in a dark bathroom, so you need your bathroom to receive as much light as possible. Asides from the aesthetic aspect, mold and mildew thrive in darkness and that can pose a health risk for you. It is also unsafe to be dealing with wet surfaces when you can’t see clearly. You deserve a safe, relaxing, and airy bath experience so make it happen.

Emmanuel Ojodun

I write for decoist.

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