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Hot Bathroom Color Schemes: 20 Trending Ideas Showcasing Season’s Best

Every season we think of new ways in which we can improve our homes. Even if we are not able to step out right row, the planning is very much underway and choosing colors is one of the most basic aspects of it all. Each year and season brings with it a unique set of colors that you just cannot miss and this spring and summer are no different either. Today we delve into the world of bathroom as we take a look at the trendiest color schemes that are bound to stay relevant even as you head into fall and beyond. Uncomplicated and elegant, each of these color schemes offers something different and yet, you can see the overall theme pretty clearly as well.

Penny tiles and floor tiles bring pattern to the bathroom in white and black along with wooden vanity [From: BUILT Design Collective]

Homeowners are increasingly choosing interiors that have a bit of character about them and are moving away from the more generic minimal trend. It is also a move closer to all thing natural. Both of these ideas can be seen at work as the bathroom is being reshaped into a space where rest, rejuvenation and comfort are an integral part of the narrative. It is no longer a place for just a quick shower! Step in and discover the 20 most beautiful inspirations –

Black, White and Woodsy Warmth

Black and white as a color scheme in the bathroom is nothing revolutionary in itself. But this year, the trend is to once again embrace this color palette but with a healthy dose of wood being thrown into the mix. Black, white and wood bathrooms feel both modern and comfortable at the same time. Unlike the largely monochromatic bathrooms in white, these spaces feel far more vibrant and unique. You still have a calming backdrop and the with white adding freshness, black anchoring the bathroom and wooden finishes offering visual warmth.

Simple Edison bulb lighting and custom backdrop for the polished modern bathroom with walnut vanity [From: Alinda Morris Interior Design]
Lovely black and white bathroom with a traditional wooden shelf in the corner and gorgeous pendant lighting [From: Waterford Construction]
Master bathroom in black and white with brass handles and frames along with wooden accent section [From: CM Natural Designs]
Wooden accent stool is an easy way to add woodsy element to the contemporary black and white bathroom [From: Liza Nicole Interiors]
Industrial style bathroom in black and white with a large wooden vanity and floating shelves [From: Andrew Heiser]
Modern bathroom in black and white with wooden accents and vanity has a floor with hexagonal tiles [From: Molly Erin Designs]

Give Gray and Blue a Chance

We are not suggesting that white is completely on its way out yet, but the time seems to have come when bathrooms in just a whole lot of white are no longer sought-after. The spa-inspired look in white has been an inspiration for long now and for good reason. This year though, try a bit of gray along with blue for a bathroom that is both colorful and classy. Lighter shades of gray can replace white in the bathroom with ease and this is a color that looks a lot more sophisticated when compared to white.

Master bathroom in gray with wooden floor and a bright blue vanity
Modern gray and blue bathroom with small wooden vanity and lovely lighting [From: Braun Renovation Management]
Spacious modern bathroom of New York home in gray with blue tiled shower area [From: Audrey Matlock Architect]
Chevron pattern floor in white and gray along with blue vanity in the contemporary bathroom
Gray bathroom with blue cabinets, mirror frames and ceiling [From: Terracotta Design Build]
Light-filled and spacious modern bathroom in gray and blue [From: Teri Fotheringham Photography]

Green, White and Ample Light!

An idea inspired by nature and spring at its vibrant best, green and white is a color scheme that is all too popular this time of the year. Yet, 2020 has seen green being embraced even more than usual and you can explore its diverse shades from olive green and forest green to olive drab and pastel green without any hesitation. The color you choose should fit in with the style of the bathroom while white and light do the rest. Refreshing and beautiful, green and white bathrooms feel far more ‘distinctive’ than those in blue and white.

Master bathroom in green and white feels both spacious and stylish
Simple wooden vanity in green brings color to this white bathroom
Vanity and open shelves in light pastel green for the white bathroom with wooden floor [From: Topnotch Design Studio]
White tiles with fish scale design combined with bright green walls in the innovative bathroom [From: Du Bois Design]
Add a bit of wooden warmth to the bathroom in white and green
Contemporary bathroom of New York home in white with green tiled floor and accent window covering [From: Rinaldi Interior Design]
Dashing dark olive green vanity for the bathroom in white [From: smarter BATHROOMS+]

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