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5 Paint Colors for Your Home Office to Help Boost Your Productivity

Many studies over the decades have shown that colors can influence our mood. Strategic use of color has the potential to boost your motivation, elevate energy levels, and increase overall productivity. So how can you use color to set a mood that fits your job? Here, we share the top five colors for a home office – plus some you’ll want to avoid.

1. Blue for overall productivity 

Blue is an all-time favorite for office settings, and it’s easy to see why. The color is often used in the advertising industry to project security and trustworthiness.

Blue sets a soothing and calm atmosphere, which is perfect for fast-paced jobs. Also, it is known as a color that promotes creativity. 

Blue positively affects the body, reducing blood pressure and slowing the heart rate. This results in stress relief, promoting body and mind relaxation. Therefore, you can focus on completing their work tasks.

Photo Credits: Jacquelyn Clark
Photo Credits: Kate Knowles Home

2. Yellow for jobs that involve creativity

Yellow is associated with originality, happiness, and creativity. Whether you’re a writer or designer, a yellow home office sets a tranquil working environment that gets your creative juices flowing.

The sunny color is also known to promote collaboration. Therefore, a yellow accent wall is an ideal backdrop for your online meetings. 

However, it is essential to note that the overuse of yellow can induce eye fatigue. Pale tones are a great choice since they aren’t too harsh on the eyes.

Photo Credits: I Spy DIY
Photo Credits: Dove Cottage

3. Green for improved decision-making

Green is a color associated with nature, reminiscent of lush foliage. It is located in the middle of the spectrum, making it easier for our eyes to process. Therefore, it relieves eye strain and increases focus during long hours of working. 

Green is known for improving problem-solving and memory while promoting positive thinking. It is an ideal color choice for jobs that involve decision-making and it’s also good for individuals who suffer from screen-induced eye strain.

Photo Credits: Jessica Brigham
Photo Credits: Signed, Samantha

4. Red for boosting energy

Red is a fiery color that injects energy into the room. It’s ideal for active workspaces. 

However, this is a very stimulating color and should be used cautiously. Red increases blood flow and heart rate, which can negatively impact your productivity. Going overboard with this bold color can overwhelm the mind and provoke anxiety, so using it as an accent is better. 

Photo Credits: Houzz
Photo Credits: Houzz

5. Brown for improved focus

Brown is a grounded color that promotes stability. Warm browns help set a cozy environment where your body can relax and focus on the work tasks.

This calming color that brings nature inside is perfect for jobs that involve focus and concentration. A rich chocolate brown tone with neutrals is a soothing color scheme for a workspace.

Photo Credits: Studio McGee

Colors to avoid in a home office

  • White is a boring color that doesn’t create energy flow. Its only benefit is promoting a sense of cleanliness, but we can leave that for a clinical environment. You can still use white as a base, but layer other accent colors to set your desired mood.
  • Gray is a versatile and elegant color, but it can make a home office feel depressing. Light gray is reminiscent of a cloudy and rainy day and won’t do much to improve productivity.
  • Black is too dark to be used in a home office. Like gray, it can create a melancholy atmosphere.

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