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20 Breathtaking Bathroom Floor Ideas

The bathroom is among the busiest and most used places in the home next to the kitchen. It is not unusual for us to spend a decent amount of time in it whenever it allows us. When designing a bathroom, it will also help if we can include some practical design aesthetics. Such a small space can become a peaceful solitary area with the right furnishings. There’s no better place to start than indulging in some breathtaking bathroom floor ideas.

There’s one caveat when choosing a bathroom tile: avoid slick and slippery ones. Water is your main challenge. Whenever it gets wet, it prompts a safety hazard. So, we will like to suggest picking matte or rough floor tiles. A washable rug can also do wonders in transforming small bathroom spaces and keeping it slip-resistant.

White bathroom with two big gold mirrors
Photo Credit: Unsplash/Ronnie George

When it comes to breathtaking bathroom floor ideas, you are not limited to ceramics. Check out our best bathroom floor tile bet on this list.

Laminate Flooring

Achieve the rustic feel of hardwood without spending a fortune. Laminate floorings are excellent materials for creating that breathtaking bathroom floor idea. These bathroom tiles offer limitless designs with their photographic top-layer that mimics the texture of floor materials. But, you are not limited to hardwood slabs alone. There are varied choices like slate, marble, and travertine if you fancy the luxury of natural stones.

Laminate Hardwood Flooring

Photo Credit: Unsplash/Shawn Ang

The contrasting texture of this hardwood laminate flooring offsets the overwhelming feel of the rough bathroom wall. The neutral shade offers a cohesive feel to the metal copper bathtub adding depth and layer to the room.

Neutral Colored Laminate Flooring

Photo Credit: Unsplash/Christa Grover

Bathrooms are not always blessed with an abundance of space. But incorporating neutrals can visually expand it along with the right walls and decors. This whitewash laminate flooring dramatically increases the area of this mirrored bathroom.

The Luxury of Earth Tones

Photo Credit: Pxhere

The shades of earth tones in this bathroom create a relaxing vibe and cohesive atmosphere. If you want to achieve that natural and glamorous look, invest in textured flooring that is not very overwhelming. The earth tone of this vinyl flooring is soothing, easy in the eyes, and frankly, quite versatile for a room.

Natural Stones and Ceramics

Natural stone is just another one of the breathtaking bathroom floor ideas to consider. They create a relaxing atmosphere. The best thing about them is their ability to increase any home’s real estate value. Likewise, ceramics and porcelain are go-to materials for aesthetic and cost-efficient flooring needs.

Extravagant Marble

White bathroom with marble floor and white arcs
Photo Credit: Unsplash/Zalfa Imani

When we say stone and luxury, we definitely stan the marvelous marbles. It is elegant and bathed in the intricate pattern of intertwining vines and swirls. Pair it with white and neutral walls and turn your bathroom into a space fit for a king.

Impervious Granite

White bathtub in front of closed window
Photo Credit: Pxhere

The real and natural marbles tend to scratch over time. But you can still achieve its sophisticated appeal with the scratch-resistant granite. The standout feature of this granite restroom makes it one of the most breathtaking bathroom floor ideas to try on.

Beautiful Marble

White bathroom with marble floor and walls
Photo Credit: Pexels/Vecislavas Popa

Elegance in white best describes this marble toilet. The subtle patterns that drape the wall and floor define cleanliness and neatness. Notice the tiny geometric patterns of the ceramic tile on the shower room. It breaks the monotony and adds texture to the entire space.

Ceramic Mosaic

Colorful tree painting on top of white bath tub
Photo Credit: Pxhere

The fine-veined patterns of this ceramic bathroom floor are neither too cluttered nor too loud. It preserves the stately feel and relaxing ambiance of the room. Incorporating it in the wall adds a visual variety and perfects the look.

Unique Geometry

There’s no need to linger on the clinical white of the bathroom floors. Sometimes, adding a personal touch will lend your bathroom a sense of harmony and balance. These feelings are exactly what you need as you spend time in your private repose.

Neo-Classical Bathroom Floor

Photo Credit: Pxhere

The burst of gold and earth tones boasts of royalty and luxury in this deluxe bathroom. But the geometric square pattern on the floor keeps it grounded and balanced. It makes the room appear less overstated and more cohesive.

Bold Checkerboard

Photo Credit: Pxhere

Giving that illusion of space to a narrow bathroom is possible through the use of checkered tiles. This unique bathroom floor dispels the classic monochrome of the checkerboard idea. Instead, it incorporates the gradient of turquoise to make a bold and unique statement.

Hexagon Terracotta

White and brown bath tub on top of elevated tile floor
Photo Credit: Unsplash/Yann Maignan

The Parisian bathtub makes a standout focal point with the low-key terracotta bathroom floor. The hexagon pattern and cluttered texture draw the eyes on the wall. It bridges the span of an era with its nostalgic and modern combination. So, it exudes that feeling of stepping back in time while grounded on the present.

Idyllic Bathroom Floors

Speaking of bridging eras, this list is incomplete without the relaxing rustic material options. In achieving a gorgeous and bucolic feel, incorporating real hardwood is not necessary. Engineered hardwood ones will still do the job without the anticipation of damages.

Here are some unconventional materials to make into breathtaking bathroom floor ideas:

Wood All Over Bathroom

Wood bathroom walls and floor with white tub, white sink and white toilet
Photo Credit: Pxhere

Hardwood bathrooms in most log cottages design is always a breath of fresh air. Like the timber sidings, log ceiling, and wooden plank floors of this restroom that knits the look together. The splash of modern white bathroom fixtures breaks the monotony and makes it appear more coordinated.

Paved Cobblestone

Old bathroom with sunroof ceiling
Photo Credit: Pexels/Eneida Nieves

Bring the outdoors into your bathroom and perfect the low-profile rustic bathroom. The geometric cobblestone pattern of this bathroom floor draws attention off from the bare wall. There is an almost-ancient feel to it that is balanced by the modern fixtures.

Creative Patchwork Floor

Vintage bathroom with patchwork tiles
Photo Credit: Pxhere

Most homes are embracing the trendy patchwork tiles in their countertops. But this bathroom takes the risk and laid the classic collage into its flooring. The result is a unique and mesmerizing rustic appeal with the everyday life realism art engraved on the floor.

The Versatility of Bath Rugs

Red patterned rug in an all white bathroom with potted plants
Photo Credit: Unsplash/Ryan Christodoulou

Regardless of your bathroom space, you can still bring in some element of design through bathroom rugs. Bath rugs take the boredom out of an achromatic environment like this white bathroom to create a focal interest. When you happen to have a slippery bathroom tile, they are also excellent cover up to negate the hazard.

The Simplicity of Minimalist Bathrooms

Who doesn’t love the tranquility of the smooth and laid-back environment of the bathroom? Seamless tiles, monochromatic colors, and simple motifs are still plush and luxurious. Here are the breathtaking bathroom floor ideas for the classic minimalist.

Illusory Space for Bathroom

Grey tub on stones with glass doors and wooden walls
Photo Credit: Pexels/Quang Nguyen Vin

We cannot call this bathroom small. But the bulky bathtub, vinyl wood walls, and decorative pebbles already deprive it of ample space. Yet the wide, contrasting floor tiles upturn its ambiance to convey an airy feeling. Wide tiles are important, especially in a small bathroom, to expand its usual dimension.

Subdued Hue


Neutral colored bathroom with frames and striped wall
Photo Credit: Pexels/Deeana Creates

It’s caramel all over with this minimalist bathroom. The plank floor strips act as a unifying part to piece together harmony and balance. It’s always easy to pin down the charm that classic bathrooms like this always convey.


In updating your bathroom, the floor tile is the very first consideration. It sets the overall mood of the room. It is the defining point to make you love or hate this little space. But with the breathtaking bathroom floor ideas, we hope it is love that you will find.

Aesthetics and ambiance aside, the right material will also do so much to appraise your home’s value. It is one of the major reasons why you should also invest in materials that last. Besides, this is where your day will start and the place in the home where your day usually ends.

Ann Marie Bantigue

I write for decoist.

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