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60 Smart Solutions for How to Hide Washer and Dryer in Your Home

Let’s face it — it’s hard to make a washer and dryer look nice. Unless you have the space for a big, fancy laundry room and the budget for some very high-end appliances, those awkward and box-like machines you throw your clothes into all the time rarely look outstanding in any situation. The solution? Cover them up as best you can. But you might be asking yourself, how can I hide my washer and dryer aesthetically?

Not every house comes equipped with a dream laundry room full of space, so if you don’t have a laundry room or you’re trying to hide a washer and dryer in another space in your home, you may be stuck for ideas and inspiration. I mean, let’s be real — a washer and dryer are not small things to cover up.

Hiding a washing machine and dryer from sight can help preserve the elegance of your space. Here are a few ideas you may want to consider not just for the laundry but anywhere else you might store your washer and dryer too.

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Washer & Dryer Cabinet Enclosures to the Rescue

Cabinets can fully hide your washer and dryer in any kitchen or laundry room so that they’re completely out of sight. Unfortunately, remodeling your cabinetry to fit your appliances can be both costly and time-consuming. It’s well worth it, though, if you can’t stand looking at those things. Check out these gorgeous washer and dryer cabinet enclosures from Lacquered Life and HomeTalk.

Custom cabinets with countertops to hide washer and dryer
Washer and dryer are hidden in a kitchen hutch

Placing your laundry center in the kitchen makes it simple to do a quick load of wash while preparing a meal or cleaning up.
Blend your laundry area with your kitchen by hiding it behind a set of doors. Here, a bright red washer and dryer set matches the kitchen’s color scheme even when the doors are open.

Here’s one that looks like cabinets on the outside and opens up to reveal virtually a full-sized closet with a laundry station and built-in storage on the inside of the doors.

Large cabinets hiding laundry with extra functional doors for extra storage

Now, this is a serious workhorse!  This extra deep closet hides a pair of appliances raised a step — similar to toe kick drawers used in kitchens — making it more manageable to reach into when adding or removing the laundry.  The counter presents a space for folding.  No space is left unused, as the door interiors feature multiple shelves and hooks for cleaning supplies.  A single, high shelf makes room for the mop bucket and more.  If this washer and dryer were stacked, there would be room to store a vacuum, pet food, or shelves for bulk paper products.

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Stylish Sliding Doors To Hide Your Washer and Dryer

Cabinets may be both stylish and functional, but so are sliding doors! Barn doors, in particular, will certainly bring an interesting look to your home if you can use them with a sizeable closet or storage area. Have a look at these beautiful barn doors featured on The Kitchn and Tidbits and Wine.

White barn doors to hide laundry appliances and other storage
Beautiful blue barn door that hides a washer and dryer

Another sliding door example here takes a different approach with custom-built boxes that fit the washer and dryer. Perfect if you don’t have anywhere to install barn doors!

Custom wood box with sliding doors to conceal washer and dryer
Stacked washer and dryer hidden behind a black barn door on rails in a cottage basement boasting green cabinets and light oak wood floors.
Photo Credit: Mindy Gayer
White hallway with blue barn doors on rails opening into a laundry closet featuring a silver front load washer and dryer. A black iron geometric lantern illuminates the hallway above blond hardwood floors.
Photo Credit: M House Development

The Versatility of Closet Space

Do you have a regular closet you could spare? If you can find a place to store all your stuff somewhere else, you might be surprised at how well your washer and dryer could fit in there (as long as you can get all the water and wiring hooked up). These spacious closets featured on Villa Decor and Remodelista show how you can turn them into small laundry stations that can be tucked away behind doors.

Washer and dryer hidden in a closet with beautiful dark wooden doors
Small laundry nook concealed in large closet

Even single-sized closets can be used to fit smaller washer and dryer appliances. HGTV shows an entryway or mudroom where some shelving and hooks on the wall replace the closet so the washer and dryer can be stored there instead. This stacked washer and dryer enclosure are perfect for those tight on space.

Stacked washer and dryer in entryway closet

Hide Your Laundry Appliances with a Curtain

Well, if you can’t move the things to be hidden away in any cabinets, nooks, or closets, then you’ll just have to work with them as they are. Curtains are cheap enough to buy and easy enough to install to hide them. Best of all, you can pick out whatever pattern or color you want! Check out this cool laundry room from Tile Shop that takes the curtain idea a step further by installing a wooden counter on top of the appliances too.

Washer and dryer hidden with a simple curtain

Love the look of your well-decorated living room? Recreate a similar arrangement in your laundry space by decorating it. Don’t just leave it bare or functional. Be sure to add your own personality to the space.

Here’s another great example of the curtain and counter idea from Birmingham Home and Garden.

Curtain rod and curtain with a great pattern that hides unsightly laundry appliances

If your appliances are tucked away in some kind of corner or area that doesn’t have any doors, a full-length curtain will do the trick, just like this beautiful example from HGTV.

Washer and dryer hidden behind a great looking curtain

A full-length curtain works perfectly for appliances that are stacked on top of each other. Lane McNab shows a great yellow paisley curtain that was picked out to hide the washer and dryer here.

Stacked washer and dryer hidden by a yellow paisley curtain

How about a Scandinavian laundry room? This one from Delikatissen uses a simple, plain white sheet to cover those appliances to support the clean, minimal look.

Crisp, clean laundry room with a white sheet to hide washer and dryer

And of course, for those of you who are maybe renting and have no choice but to leave your washer and dryer in an awkward place, here’s a bit of inspiration for you. This example from The Chive has appliances under the stairs, and there’s still a way to conceal it conveniently with a great-looking curtain.

Washer under stairs hidden by a curtain

A simple striped curtain blends so nicely with this modern farmhouse space and hides the washer and dryer in the most appealing way. If you don’t want an overwhelming curtain, keeping it something simple like this will add decor without overpowering the space.

Short beige stripe curtains hid a white front load washer and dryer with a vintage style. Shiplap walls invite a cottage appeal along with a white floating shelf above the washer and dryer set.
Photo Credit: Mark Ashby

This long brown curtain blends seamlessly and even looks like an extension of the rich wood door that it is next to.

Cottage laundry room features stacked red washer and dryer enclosed with gray cabinets hidden behind brown and red curtains next to a closet fitted with wood double doors. Laundry room with work space boasts a desk situated under cabinets atop a chevron rug next to a laundry folding station under window.
Photo Credit: Jessica Bradley Interiors

An uncomplicated curtain is ideal for hiding a washer and dryer in the kitchen. Plus, the extra space that this curtain leaves in the laundry room creates hidden storage space for clean laundry or detergent.

Separated from the kitchen by a gray curtain hung from a doorway, a modern laundry room boasts a stacked silver front loading washer and dryer positioned beside a stainless steel industrial shelving unit.
Photo Credit: 22 Interiors

If you want something that is a little more cottage chic, you can try adding a ruffled curtain or something with a little more detail.

Vintage laundry room with skirted table, white washer, concrete countertop, ivory shelves and blue walls paint color.
Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Reveal Just a Hint

You don’t need to always box yourself in with plain cabinetry. This designer chose a grid grill pattern door that just offers a hint of what’s behind them. It keeps this space more light and allows for the cabinetry to not be so clunky and heavy looking — plus, the charming blue color really lightens up the space.

A stacked washer and dryer are hidden behind blue lattice doors located under stacked blue upper cabinets in a beautiful blue laundry room.
Photo Credit: McCann Design Group

Add a Work Station

If a dedicated office and laundry area don’t work for your home, combine the two in one space. Punch up the look with cheery cabinetry colors and bright artwork. The beautiful color of this cabinetry is enough to make anyone swoon. When the cabinet doors are closed, no one will even know that there was laundry hidden behind.

A stacked white front loading washer and dryer is hidden in floor-to-ceiling mint-green cabinets. Beside the cabinets, a hairpin stool sits on black and white cement floor tiles at a mint-green built-in desk fixed beneath stacked white shelves.
Photo Credit: 22 Interiors

Also, notice how much storage one of these cabinets can hold if designed properly. There is no need to sacrifice function and practicality if you are short on space. You just need to be wise about how you design your cabinetry.

Pull-out shelving makes storing things perfectly and makes them easier to retrieve when needed.

Well-appointed mint-green contemporary laundry room and pantry combo features pantry shelves and pull out drawers hidden beside a stacked washer and dryer and behind mint green cabinet doors. Black and white cement floor tiles lead to a hairpin stool placed at a mint-green built-in desk mounted beneath styled white floating shelves.
Photo Credit: 22 Interiors

Discreet Kitchen Washer and Dryers

cottage laundry room features a vintage white porcelain sink next to a cabinet concealing a washer and dryer placed under windows.
Photo Credit: Crisp Architects

Choosing how to hide a washer and dryer in the kitchen is a design and function decision. The laundry in this kitchen sits just below the countertop, behind a set of cabinet doors. When closed, no one will even know that the appliances are there. The countertop is ideal for folding or sorting clothing fresh out of the dryer.

cottage laundry room features a vintage white porcelain sink next to a cabinet concealing a washer and dryer in cabinet with fold in doors placed under windows.
Photo Credit: Crisp Architects

Go Compact

If you’re tight on space, you can get a compact washer or dryer that will fit quite nicely into a smaller cupboard.

Dream walk-in closet features washer dryer combo hidden within built-in white cabinets with glass front uppers, accented with mercury glass pulls alongside a pair of seagrass laundry hampers.
Photo Credit: ME Beck

High Gloss and Tons of Style

If you’re hiding your laundry behind a set of doors, don’t forget to do up the inside of the cupboard or closet as well. There’s no reason why you can’t make that look pretty, too.

These high gloss black doors are stunning for this space and are a great contrast to the pretty interior of this laundry closet.

Glossy black double doors open to reveal cabinets suspended over Hermes Fil d'Argent Wallpaper enclosed front load silver washer and dryer topped with white marble.
Photo Credit: Mel Wright Design

Simple Bi-Fold

If you want to hide your washer and dryer behind a set of cupboard doors but one something a little unique, try small bi-fold doors. These will add some character and are a shake-up from the traditional cabinet door style.

Country laundry room features a concealed washer and dryer hidden behind folding doors under a shelf filled with art and a two tone pitcher filled with flowers situated across from a built-in bench lined with vertical paneling.
Photo Credit: Elms Interiors

Slim Doors

These tall, slim doors hide a washer and dryer and create vertical height that elongates this space and makes it appear like a super tall room.

Laundry room features hidden stacked washer and dryer concealed behind bi-fold cabinet doors across from a gray built-in desk flanked by tall gray built-in cabinets adorned with long brass pulls.
Photo Credit: Studio McGee

Stunning Silhouette

While this washer and dryer are not completely hidden, as you can see their stunning silhouette behind this sheer-looking cabinet door, it creates visual interest in the room and adds a light and airy vibe.

Gorgeous kitchen with ceiling height pantry cabinets flanking a hidden stacked washer and dryer concealed behind mesh front doors. The multi functional room features an arch top lantern pendant, hung above a linen bench atop an Ikea Alvine Ruta Rug.
Photo Credit: HGTV
Kitchen features taupe cabinets paired with granite countertops and subway tile backsplash. Kitchen with stacked washer and dryer hidden behind cabinet doors next to French door refrigerator.
Photo Credit: Twin Companies
A hallway closet laundry room boasts a white sliding door with oil rubbed bronze hardware and a stacked white front loading washer and dryer fixed beside built-in oak shelves.
Photo Credit: Raili Ca Design

A Beautiful Glass Pocket Door

If you have a small laundry room and you want to conceal it behind something beautiful, try a gorgeous pocket door in a sweet spring-like color.

Blue sliding door with glass panels opens to a blue laundry room featuring an enclosed white front loading washer and dryer placed on light gray floor tiles under blue cabinets mounted against a red brick backsplash.
Photo Credit: Brooke Wagner Design

Keep It Simple

Sometimes less is more, and this laundry setup is proof. Minimalist closed cabinetry frames this home’s compact washer and dryer keeping it hidden in the kitchen and out of sight.

Back wall of kitchen cabinetry painted Grant Beige by Benjamin Moore. The back cabinetry includes a wood paneled refrigerator and a stackable washer and dryer hidden behind cabinet doors! The remainder of the kitchen cabinetry is painted Benjamin Moore's Decorator White and features Limestone counters.
Photo Credit: Amoroso Design

A stunning chevron wallpaper on the inside of this closet allows this laundry space to be either hidden or open. Either or is ok with us because this space is completely beautiful!

Wonderfully styled family features a blue velvet curved sofa draped in a blue Hermes Avalon blanket and placed on a beige rug facing black and tan poufs. The family room is finished with a washer and dryer fitted in a closet and enclosed beside white cabinets fitted with a sink and polished nickel gooseneck faucet. A clothing rail is fitted over the sink, beneath a white shelf, and beside a white cabinet.
Photo Credit: A List Interiors

Add Some Relective Light with a Mirror Door

By concealing your washer and dryer with a door with a full-length mirror, you can add more reflective light to your space and make it appear bigger. This is a win-win! Hide your appliances away and make your space appear larger.

Laundry area with stacked washer and dryer hidden behind a custom framed out mirror on a touch latch that when closed looks simply like a floor length mirror. The hidden laundry area in the hallway is framed by gray walls over light hardwood floors topped with a Persian-style rug.
Photo Credit: Qanuk Interiors
A small white laundry room is concealed behind a white barn door on rails. White shaker cabinets are mounted over a white front-loading washer and dryer.
Photo Credit: Marea Clark Interiors

Inset doors hide each appliance here, but notice the board along the floor that suggests a flush toe kick.  This piece would have to be removed to pull out the washer or dryer for service. While we’re on the subject if you decide to enclose your appliances, be sure the water cut-off (and sometimes a natural gas line) is within easy reach in case of a leak.  Cut-offs can be installed in the laundry room sink base cabinet.

fabulous laundry room features white front-load washer and dryer hidden behind shaker cabinets paired with granite countertops and subway tile backsplash.
Photo Credit: Twin Companies

Upstairs Hallway

Another out-of-the-norm laundry space is in an upstairs landing or hallway area.  It’s closer to the bedrooms and bathrooms here than if it were downstairs.  It makes one think that maybe teenagers would be more inclined to wash their own things with a handy set nearby. (A parent can dream!)

An essential safety element for every upstairs laundry space is the installation of a drip pan that includes a water cut-off sensor to catch water leaks and prevent flood damage.

Chic hallway laundry room features a sliding barn door on rails opening to a washer and dryer tucked under a folding table as well as a wall mount drop down drying rack.
Photo Credit: Adam Beasley

Creative Cabinetry

Creative and unique cabinetry not only adds a touch of personality to your space but is a charming way to hide your washer and dryer, all while adding decor and a remarkable look to your home. Adding cabinetry that breaks the mold will create visual interest and some uniqueness. These are the elements that will set your home apart from traditional cookie-cutter homes.

Amazing laundry room with gray scroll trellis wallpaper, Schumacher Manor Gate Wallpaper in Charcoal, and marble basketweave tile laundry room floor. Stacked silver front-load washer and dryer hidden behind gray cabinet doors flanked by gray clover inset panels.
Photo Credit: Hendel Homes
Amazing laundry room with gray scroll trellis wallpaper, Schumacher Manor Gate Wallpaper in Charcoal, and marble basketweave tile laundry room floor. Stacked silver front-load washer and dryer hidden behind gray cabinet doors flanked by gray clover inset panels.
Photo Credit: Hendel Homes

Before you head out to plan how to hide your washer and dryer, here are some helpful Do’s and Don’t’s when planning a laundry area or room.

Do’s Don’t’s
  • DO thoroughly consider location. For ease, on the main floor, anywhere off the kitchen makes sense, as does a mudroom or off the garage. On a second floor, try to position it, so it backs onto a bathroom.
  • DON’T put the laundry too close to sleeping areas. The noise will be bothersome and keep you awake.
  • DO consider where you can tie into existing plumbing. Close to kitchens and washrooms makes sense.
  • DON’T ignore the crucial importance of good ventilation. Laundry generates numerous amounts of heat and moisture, and ventilation to the outside is a must. The ventilation hose should be a rigid metal to decrease lint build-up.
  • DO make sure that your laundry room has a floor drain – which will require a primer line. The primer line will flow water into the C-trap of the drain, creating a seal that keeps sewer gasses from backing up into your home.
  • DON’T think that you have to have an entire room dedicated to laundry. When space is limited, it can be hidden in a closet or cabinet.
  • DO give some thought to whether you want top-loaders or front-loaders. Top loaders used to be the standard, but front loaders are easier to clean, more efficient, and offer more flexibility for placement.
  • DON’T put your machines into sunrooms or additions that aren’t heated. Unless a heat source is added when the washer is installed, you can run the risk of frozen pipes and all the damage that can come with them.

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, here are some more photos that may fill that need:

Gorgeous laundry room with silver front-load washer & dryer hidden behind ivory cabinets, mosaic glass tiles backsplash and striped blue & brown rug.
Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens
Walls painted in Valspar Cream in My Coffee frame white sliding barn doors which open up to reveal a hidden pantry and a stackable front loading washer.
Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy
A Maytag washer and dryer is stacked in this organized closet with folding louvered doors. This humble vertical space features built in towel and linen shelves that creates a practical space saving laundry room.
Photo Credit: Talianko Design Group
Neat cupboard off bathroom with stackable white front loading washer and dryer. Inside the cupboard door hang towel rails with fresh white towels. The bathroom walls are painted a sage green which pairs with tiled floors with a marble basketweave tiled rug.
Photo Credit: Andrew Roby
Chic small laundry nook with white washer & dryer, stainless steel linear tiles backsplash, white cabinets and folding doors.
Photo Credit: At Home in Arkansas
Amazing mudroom features white beadboard ceiling over white shaker cabinets paired with white marble countertops and beadboard backsplash. Cottage mudroom with concealed washer and dryer hidden behind folding doors over white and gray striped rug.
Photo Credit: Sage Design
A modern closet with bi fold doors open to a front load washer and dryer.
Photo Credit: The Block Shop
A stunning plank barn door on rails opens to reveal a small hall laundry room fitted with a stacked white front loading washer and dryer.
Photo Credit: Amanda Webster Design
Kate Marker Interiors - Stoffer Photography - A stacked silver washer and dryer sits on white and gray diamond pattern floor tiles behind black shutter doors and next to white shelves lit by a clear glass flush mount.
Photo Credit: Kate Marker Interiors
Beautiful laundry room features small stacked floating bookshelves flanking double hung window over concealed washer and dryer hidden behind cabinet doors and topped with wood countertop.
Photo Credit: Lacquered Life
Light gray laundry room features light gray cabinets concealing a washer and dryer topped with zinc lined with a green striped wicker basket. A pair of gray striped skirted ottomans stand under windows dressed in a cream and gray roman shade.
Photo Credit: Evars Anderson
Laundry room designed with a white sliding door on an oil rubbed bronze rail showcasing gray cement tiles and stacked front load washer and dryer.
Photo Credit: Hazel and Brown
Double closet doors open to reveal a small and efficient laundry room filled with a Miele washer and dryer tucked under a small shelves, with backs of shelves lined with wallpaper, alongside an iron and folding ironing board lining one of the closet doors.
Photo Credit: Adam Beasley
Laundry room features open display cabinets over concealed washer and dryer hidden behind cabinets paired with thick white quartz countertops and small square sink accented with satin nickel faucet. White laundry room with white folding laundry table and white hampers over concrete floor.
Photo Credit: Kim Timmerman
TerraCotta Properties - Laundry room in kitchen with white stacked front loading washer & dryer enclosed in mesh doors, gray cabinets painted Sherwin Williams Pavestone, granite countertops, built-in banqueete painted gray Sherwin Williams Pavestone, square pedestal dining table and iron lantern.
Photo Credit: Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle
Pocket doors open to small mudroom boasting gray walls framing a window flanked by face to face washer and dryer situated under gray countertop doubling as folding station under shaker cabinets atop oak stained wood floors.
Photo Credit: Sicora Design

Maybe one day, washers and dryers will look a lot nicer than they do now (and be relatively affordable too). For now, these solutions are quite practical and stylish when done right.

If you’re looking for more inspiration when it comes to the laundry room, take a look at these articles:

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Can I Install a Washer and Dryer in My Kitchen?

Absolutely! Installing a washer and dryer in your kitchen is a practical solution, especially if you’re short on space. Many modern homes incorporate this design to maximize utility. By integrating these appliances into your kitchen, you can create a seamless workflow for multitasking, such as cooking and doing laundry simultaneously. Plus, with the right design elements, your kitchen can still look stylish and uncluttered.

How Can I Hide a Washer and Dryer in My Kitchen?

Hiding a washer and dryer in your kitchen can be achieved through clever design tricks. Consider installing sliding doors, cabinetry, or even a curtain to keep these appliances out of sight. Custom-built cabinets that match your kitchen decor can make your washer and dryer blend seamlessly with the rest of the room. This way, you maintain the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen while keeping your laundry appliances easily accessible.

What Are Some Storage Solutions Between My Washer and Dryer?

Utilizing the space between your washer and dryer for storage is a smart way to keep your laundry area organized. You can install a narrow shelving unit or a rolling cart to hold detergents, fabric softeners, and other laundry essentials. This not only makes good use of the available space but also keeps everything you need within arm’s reach, making laundry day a breeze.

What Are Some Raised Washer and Dryer Ideas?

Raising your washer and dryer can save you from a lot of bending and lifting, making laundry tasks easier on your back. You can build a custom platform with storage drawers underneath, which provides extra space for storing laundry supplies. Another idea is to purchase pre-made pedestals designed specifically for washers and dryers. Both options elevate your appliances to a more comfortable height and add functional storage space.

Can I Put a Washer and Dryer in My Bathroom?

Yes, you can definitely install a washer and dryer in your bathroom. This setup is particularly popular in smaller homes and apartments where space is at a premium. By placing your laundry appliances in the bathroom, you can keep all water-related tasks in one area. Just ensure that your bathroom has adequate ventilation and plumbing to accommodate the washer and dryer.

Is It Practical to Have Laundry in the Kitchen?

Having laundry in the kitchen is not only practical but also efficient, especially in homes with limited space. This arrangement allows you to multitask effectively, switching between cooking and laundry chores without moving from room to room. With thoughtful design, you can integrate your laundry appliances into the kitchen layout without compromising on style or functionality.

What Are Some Hallway Laundry Room Door Ideas?

When it comes to hallway laundry rooms, the door design can make a big difference. Consider using sliding barn doors or bi-fold doors to save space and add a touch of style. Frosted glass doors can offer a modern look while still concealing your laundry area. Pocket doors are another excellent option, as they slide into the wall and disappear completely when open, maximizing your hallway space.

How Can I Incorporate a Washer Dryer in My Kitchen?

Incorporating a washer dryer in your kitchen requires careful planning to ensure it blends seamlessly with your existing layout. You can opt for stackable units to save space or choose appliances that fit under the counter. Custom cabinetry can hide the washer dryer when not in use, maintaining the kitchen’s aesthetic. Proper ventilation and plumbing are crucial, so consult with a professional to ensure everything is up to code.

What Are Washer Dryer Covers and How Do They Work?

Washer dryer covers are protective accessories designed to shield your appliances from dust, dirt, and potential damage. They come in various materials, including fabric and plastic, and can be custom-fitted to your specific models. These covers are particularly useful if your washer and dryer are located in an area prone to spills or debris, such as a kitchen or bathroom. They also add an extra layer of insulation, which can help reduce noise.

What Are Some Ideas for a Stacked Laundry Closet?

A stacked laundry closet is a great space-saving solution for small homes. You can enhance its functionality by installing shelves or cabinets above and beside the stacked units for storing laundry supplies. Adding a pull-out ironing board or a fold-down table can create a mini laundry station within the closet. Proper lighting and ventilation are also essential to keep the area functional and fresh.

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