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Hot Bathroom Trends for 2021: Color, Pattern and a Hint of Luxury

As we progress through 2021, we are still hunting around for the top trends that will shape homes in 2021 and well into 2022. In some rooms, the overall scenario seems to present itself in a clear manner. In other spaces, the general direction of trends takes a more ‘wait and watch’ approach with bathrooms seemingly falling in the latter category this time around. For a few years now, home bathrooms are going down the route of spa-inspired settings where luxury is becoming more and more essential. It is all about relaxation, rest and rejuvenation while ensuring that you feel comfortable (if not pampered) all the time.

Natural greenery adds to tropical style of this relaxing contemporary bathroom [From: TK Interior Design & Consulting]

This common theme is set to continue once again with the bets bathrooms embracing lavish finishes, a dash of energy, some natural goodness and pattern that feels understated. There is something in here for everyone and the search for a brighter bathroom finds a solution with spaces that are white, easy-on-the-eyes and filled with ample natural light. Cutting across styles and sizes, this is a look at the top bathroom design trends for the year ahead.

Soak in Tropical Luxury

It might not be one of the first styles you turn o in the modern bathroom, but tropical is going to be more popular than ever before in 2021. You can combine splashes of tropical brilliance with styles like modern, Scandinavian and coastal with ease or go all the way with the vibrant tropical look itself. It is easy to bring a bit of tropical touch to the neutral bathroom in white with indoor plants, leafy motifs that are not too overpowering and a hint of woodsy elegance brought in by the vanity. Smart natural lighting and a bit of beachy blue vibe should complete your dream tropical bathroom…

Open and elegant tropical bathroom in San Francisco home is a world in itself
Pebbles, a hint of greenery and natural finishes bring tropical style to the neutral bathroom
Space-savvy and stylish tropical bathroom with a lovely soaking tub
Bring the serene rejuvenation of a tropical getaway home with a bathroom that embraces the style [From: Spaces808]

Marble Makes it Special!

It is easy to fall in love with a bathroom that is draped in marble – the sheer opulence of such a space sweeps you off of your feet almost instantly. Be it that classic Calcutta Marble in white r a marble backsplash in black just above the vanity in the bathroom, you just cannot go wrong with marble in the spa-inspired bathroom. Marble finishes cut across styles with ease and with metallic accents in brass the impact of marble is only amplified. Be it marble floors, marble shower walls or just a tiny bit of marble goodness brought in by the vanity countertop, if you want luxury, this is the stone for 2021 in the bathrooms.

Dark finishes and brass fixtures stand in contrast to the polished marble surfaces in the bathroom [From: KALLUMS Bathrooms]
Fabulous, spa-styled bathroom with marble flooring and countertops
Sleek and stylish contemporary vanity in black stands in contrast to the white marble backdrop [From: Urban Kitchens and Joinery]
Sweeping contemporary bathroom next to the master bedroom with wooden vanity and marble flooring
Add a marble countertop to the floating wooden vanity in the contemporary bathroom

Pattern with Modernity

We went through a little trend in between when bathrooms moved away from being completely neutral spaces and started embracing much more colorful patterns inspired by a midcentury modern look. But that trend now once again is on its way out with bathrooms of the day finding pattern in the form of simpler geometric prints and hexagonal tiles that feel much more understated. Use tiles to add this pattern to the bathroom instead of wallpaper and simple, straight lines are preferred over much more ornate designs. Time to turn down the overload of pattern!

Exquisite and innovative use of fashion in the modern minimal bathroom with spa-inspired look [From: Eat. Bathe. Live.]
Hexagonal floor tiles bring pattern to this modern bathroom in white and gray [From: Tamara Marie Designs]
Modern tropical style bathroom with dashing green tiles in herringbone [From: Debra DeLorenzo Interiors]
Contemporary bathroom with hexagonal wall tiles in different shades of green and a smashing pink vanity [From: Weespaces]
Dashing use of yellow lines in a minimalist manner steal the show in this dark gray bathroom [From: DOTTO Interiorismo]

A Dash of Black Thrown into the Mix

Yes, blue is as popular as ever in the bathroom and will continue to be so. But if you are looking for something different in the bathroom that blends an air of luxury with sophistication, then black accents and finishes come to your rescue. Considering the extensive way in which white is used in modern bathrooms along with other light colors and pastel hues, it makes sense to use black in order to anchor the space and give it a more refined appeal. Time to bring black back into the bathroom this season!

Small hexagonal tiles in black steal the show in this modern bathroom in neutral hues [From: HBC Homes]
Traditional bathtub brings a black focal point to this eclectic bathroom in green and white [From: Fraher and Findlay]
Custom vanity in black makes the biggest impact in this modern bathroom [From: Wigwam Design by Fiona Barry]
Modern industrial bathroom with a brick wall backdrop and lovely black accents [From: Lux Interiors]
Natural stone brings shades of dark gray and black to this contemporary bathroom

Sherry Nothingam

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