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Shining A Spotlight: 34 Gorgeous Track Lighting Ideas For The Contemporary Home

Home owners spend loads of time on picking out the perfect furnishings and choosing the right shades for their dream home, they often tend to leave little time for lighting. Yet, lighting can pretty much make or break the look of any home with ease. The perfect lighting installations can elevate the appeal of your interiors; poor lighting can turn even the most well thought-out rooms into dull and dreary settings. While gorgeous pendant lights and brilliant chandeliers do steal the spotlight, track lighting has an appeal of its own.

Lovely living space with track lighting installations that stands out visually

Track lighting is perfect for modern homes that wish to highlight a particular section of the room or do not have additional space for installations like pendant lights and floor lamps. An ability to provide light with varying intensity and in different angles is what gives track lighting its uniqueness. Here are a few illuminating inspirations every contemporary home owner would love –

Highlight your most prized possessions using innovative track lights

by knowles ps

Cool track lighting installation above the kitchen island is a perfect choice

by Dan Forer

Elegant track lighting installations for spacious and colorful interiors

by Joseph Bergin Architect

Gorgeous track lighting for contemporary bedroom

by Leslie Saul & Associates

Lighting in multiple directions achieved using track lighting in this living space

by Nora Schneider Interior Design

Minimalist interiors with a long gallery wall illuminated by track lighting

by Ian Moore Architects

Pendant lights used as part of track lighting for dining area and the kitchen

by Giulietti Schouten Architects

Perfect way to combine track lighting with a couple of lovely floor lamps

by Ed Ritger Photography

Sloped ceiling and track lighting work perfectly to offer the right illumination

Blend of Form and Functionality

We have always been big on décor, installations and additions that offer a balance between elegant appeal and perfect ergonomics. When it concerns lighting, it is all the more important that you work towards such poise and track lighting is one of the ways which helps greatly in this regard. While some of the rooms in your home can afford to have an odd corner or two that is not all too ‘well lit’, kitchen is simply not one of those. And track lighting combined with recessed lighting, pendant lights and even an odd floor lamp or two can offer the perfect and bright solution.

A perfectly lit home is the one that combines various styles of lighting to eliminate dark corners

by 2fORM Architecture

Asian themed kitchen eliminates any possible dull corners using track lighting
Blue pendant lights combine seamlessly with track lighting to offer multiple layers of illumination

by Chang + Sylligardos Architects

Instead of relying on one type of lighting, it is best to have several layers that combine gracefully to eliminate any dark corners and poorly lit areas. Track lighting is particularly popular in kitchens as it offers greater visibility due to its focused nature. A great asset when getting some of the chores done!

Innovative track lighting installation above the kitchen island
Interesting track lighting for the modern kitchen

by Alan Design Studio

Multiple layers of lighting work beautifully in the kitchen

by De Anza Interior

Pendant rail lighting steals the show here!
Sleek and ergonomic kitchen with a blend of track lighting and pendant lights

by Archipelago Hawaii

Accentuate Your Art Collection!

If there is one specific purpose that track lights are renowned for then it is to showcase something gorgeous and shine the spotlight squarely on it. Track lighting is a wonderful way to bring in a museum-like atmosphere to one of the walls in your living room of the bedroom. Whether it is your favorite art collection, sport memorabilia or even framed family photographs; track lighting set against a pristine white wall draws attention to it with ease.

Accentuate the beauty of particular section of a room with intelligent track lighting
Art work in the dining room highlighted using daft track lighting

by Tobin + Parnes Design Enterprises

Stunning use of track lighting to showcase wall art!

by Jenny Carter

The best part about using track lighting to accentuate a certain area of the room is that you can always alter the look of the space without too much effort. Just replace the old painting with a stunning floor vase or install a new bookcase filled with your favorite titles and the track lighting pretty much continues to draw attention to anything it illuminates!

Modern Condo in white employs track lighting to bring in a light and airy appeal

by Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

Track lighting is an ideal way to light up home libraries and bookshelves
White contemporary setting with track lighting that brings in a museum feel

by Joie Wilson

Warm and relaxing living room employs track lighting for lovely ambiance

by Studio Santalla

Track lighting works beautifully when it comes to showcasing your vehicles in a home garage

by Custer Design Group

Versatile and Vivacious

From your home garage to your home library, track lighting works pretty much everywhere. If there is something that you would like to highlight, then there is simply no better way to do it. Yet, track lights can be used for ambient lighting as well, in relatively smaller spaces. Another advantage that track lighting offers is the way in which the lights can be angled in different directions to offer diverse illumination at various points in the home. By simply changing the angle of the lights one can alter the ambiance inside.

Classy conical glass pendants combined with monorail track lighting for the perfect look

by Giulietti Schouten Architects

Contemporary living room with creative lighting
Stylish track lighting for a small and compact kitchen

by plantation building corp

While track lighting might not be as popular as other types of lighting, it is simply irreplaceable in situations when the lighting installation itself needs to take a backseat with the focus firmly shining down upon something else. A trait that is hard to find in all those grand chandeliers and artistic pendant lights!

Tech Lighting Wall Monorail offers bold and beautiful lighting

by Coupard Architects and Builders

High ceilings present a wonderful opportunity to incorporate Monorail lighting

by Sandvold Blanda Architecture + Interiors

Fabulous track lighting installations give a wavy look to this living space

by MGSarchitecture

Seamless combination of track and recessed lighting for the contemporary home

by Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Simple track lighting for a well ventilated living area

by Ian Moore Architects

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