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Home Indulgence: Luxury Bathroom Features to Turn Your Home into a Spa

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Staying home for prolonged periods of time can be difficult for every one of us. Of course, you can make it a whole lot easier with a house that exactly meet your needs and also wraps you in a bit of luxury! When it comes to productivity and functionality, it is smart home workstations and shared home offices that we turn to. Then there is the ‘must do’ with proper care and cleaning in times of a global pandemic. And you have an array of DIY ideas to dip into to make your weekends a lot more fun. But when it comes to luxury, nothing beats that spa-inspired bathroom with relaxing ambiance.

And don’t fret, we’ve linked budget-friendly products that will let you get the luxurious look and feel you want without the terrifying price tag!

Serene modern rustic bathroom with stone walls and a glass shower area with rainfall shower [From: Thomas Kuoh Photography]

Of course, there are a few feature from the spa-inspired bathroom that are far more popular and trendier than others. And it is these luxurious features that make the biggest impact in your own bathroom as well. The idea here is to combine indulgence with style and practicality to get the very best from every perspective. From the rejuvenating rain shower to the magnetic fireplace and a whole lot more, this is a look at 20 best bathrooms with luxurious features set to make an impact in 2020 –

That Amazing Rainfall Shower

The rain shower is not a revolutionary idea, but it is something that is bound to improve the luxury quotient of your bathroom almost instantly. Rainfall showerheads can be placed pretty much anywhere and combining it with a body sprayer is the perfect way to rejuvenate after a long, hard day. The rainfall showerhead is much larger than your usual shower head and you can add a thermostatic control unit for a constantly hot or cold shower at a temperature you like. It is definitely time to replace your old showerhead with a rainfall shower this season!

If you have a traditional shower consider picking up this modern, square rainfall shower head with a 12-inch arm. For a more traditional look, this rainfall showerhead is round and features an 11-inch arm. Finally, if you’re lucky enough to have a shower that can have an overhead showerhead, then this stainless steel rainfall showerhead has a 12-inch diameter to make you feel entirely engulfed in your warm, refreshing shower.

Polished bathroom in charcoal gray with rainfall shower and lovely lighting
Trendy and stylish bathroom with twin rainfall showerheads and a freestanding bathtub [From: Eastwood Development]
Beautiful beach style bathroom in blue, gray and white with luxurious shower area
Finding the right spot for your rainfall showerhead in the bathroom [From: Hufft]
Modern bathroom of New York home in gray and wood with freestanding bathtub and rainfall shower [From: Bates Masi Architects]

Soak and Refresh in an Awesome Tub

Those who might have just stepped into the world of interior design and decorating might feel that the freestanding tub is all too common in the bathroom, but that was not the case a decade ago. If you love the freestanding bathtub, then try out the luxurious soaking tub this season. These tubs are usually deeper than your normal bathtubs and they offer a fabulous dip that promises to ease away all your woes. From freestanding bathtub with contemporary style in white to classic and vintage claw-foot tubs, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Now we understand that you can’t just swap out a regular bathtub for a clawfoot, freestanding bathtub without making a major renovation decision. You can still reinvigorate your current bathtub experience. Even adding this bamboo bathtub caddy will allow you to enjoy a glass of wine, read a book, and relax with a spa-like experience.

Flooring adds contrast to the bathroom in wood and white is an absolute showstopper [From: McCulley Design Lab]
Metallic glitter comes to this bathroom with this dashing bathtub
Modern minimal bathroom with industrial flair and a polished freestanding bathtub [From: SQUARE. DESIGN]
Use the bathtub to add much more than just color to the bathroom
Bathtub adds both color and style to this contemporary bathroom
Bathtub adds both color and style to this contemporary bathroom [From: Studio Cooke John]
Contemporary bathroom in white with wooden vanity and standalone bathtub at the end [From: Splendid Home Design]
Fabulous Tuscan bathroom with a bathtub that complements its style [From: Mark Sullivan Fine Custom Homes]

Energize the Space with a Fireplace

Fireplace in the bathroom is another cool feature that you should definitely try in 2020. Bathroom fireplace can become an instant focal point in a neutral space where it is generally white, grays and light blues that hold sway. Place it not too far away from your soaking tub and you have a magical setting that is perfect for a relaxing or romantic evening. Modern gas fireplaces are pretty easy to install and they can be incorporated into the tiniest of bathrooms with ease. The beauty of a flickering fireplace is just something you cannot describe in here and it is sure to turn even the most mundane master bathroom into an absolute showstopper!

Once again, adding a wall fireplace requires a major construction decision and can cost a lot. Thankfully, you can pick up this Duraflame 3D Infared fireplace that is electric and completely portable for less than $200!

Hard to imagine a more opulent bathroom with fireplace than this!
Slim and smart modern fireplace can fit into even the smallest of bathrooms
Soaking tub next to the fireplace inside this modern classic bathroom is the perfect place to relax after a long day [From: A Collaborative Design Group]
Two-sided fireplace is perfect for the master bedroom with bedroom on one side and bathroom on the other[From: Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs]
Complete your grand spa-inspired bathroom with a beautiful fireplace [From: Peter Salerno]
Fireplace becomes the focal point in this monochromatic, neutral bathroom [From: Lucash Montgomery builders]
Gorgeous rustic bathroom with a stone wall, fireplace and a lovely tub in white [From: Peace Design]
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