How to Design a Kitchen for Multiple Chefs

Kitchen with walnut-veneered cabinetry and white furniture

There’s no need to point out the importance of a kitchen – to most, that’s already fairly obvious. You don’t have to be a world-renowned chef to understand the need for a well designed kitchen. In fact, unless you subsist off frozen dinners and take out, you likely spend at least a couple of hours per day in your cuisine. One issue that some homeowners…

South African Mid-century Villa Renovation by Nico Van Der Meulen

stunning south african villa

Renovations are indeed garnering plenty of attention in the past couple of years and that largely is thanks to growing interest in contemporary design and how designers and architects are starting to attract owners with modern structures that are egging them on to get a makeover for their own classic homes. This complete revamp of a 60s house in Johannesburg, South Africa, by the renowned…

Roche Bobois – L’Art de Vivre

Roche Bobois - l'art de vivre

“Roche Bobois would like to teach you the art of living,” that was the initial title for this article. However, after a coffee and a butter croissant, it struck me; I realized that saying it in English would only spoil the charm and the pureness of hearing it in French: L’Art de Vivre. It sounds so complicated, yet so easy. It sounds so sophisticated, yet so simple. Living (a…

Choosing The Perfect Christmas Tree For Your Design Style

christmas tree rustic

Christmas time is officially here and the star of the home is usually the Christmas tree and all its glory. Decorating and design styles vary depending on your interior style and your tree should reflect the same aesthetic style. When guests walk into your home, the Christmas tree is what sets the tone for the rest of the room, so choose a design style you…

Functional Table With Latex Support For a Cozy Siesta in the Classroom

college student table

Taking a little nap in the classroom is something that most of us have done at some point in our schooling and college. For a few of the more lazy ones, it is an experience that is far too familiar and maybe they wish their sterile and tough benches a bit more giving to offer a more comfortable nap. Well, designer Yaroslav Misonzhnikov is the…

Six Secrets to Saving Money While Sprucing up Your Living Space

Beautiful art: tin foil tape for your walls

You have twenty-four hours and a mission that to many would seem overwhelming and perhaps daunting, even-dare I say it -impossible. But thanks to your superior DIY trade skills you can easily spruce up a designated area of your home and make a whole big picture difference with just one trick. Okay, enough of me talking, here’s how you can overcome the accepted mundaneness of…

Classic Amsterdam SH House Gets a Contemporary Makeover in Glass

triangle amsterdam house at night

We have always believed that a makeover or renovation are far more difficult tasks and at times a lot more challenging in terms of creativity, when compared to the design and construction of brand new structures. The fact that you have to work within the existing limitations while trying to derive the maximum output can be demanding indeed and the SH House in Amsterdam, Netherlands…

7 Christmas Decorating Trends for the Holiday Season

Christmas decorating trends

Christmastime is here! That’s right–perhaps you spotted your neighbors hanging their Christmas lights outside this weekend. But what about your indoor decor? Holiday decorations don’t exist in a vacuum. In other words, think of today’s most popular interior design trends, from the handmade look to the neon glow. This year’s Christmas decor reflects these larger design trends, enthusiastically harnessing them, but with a unique holiday…

Minimalist Home Design Blends With The Beautiful Scenery – El Pangue House

el panque sea terrace2

This stunningly modern seaside home by Elton & Leniz Architects enjoys a beautiful scenery of rough nature, cactae and spruce vegetation, crude soil and a steel blue sea. Accordingly, the materials and shapes that went into the design are rather rough and angular, frames of exposed concrete and a wood planking left in a milder, natural finish, two textures that complement themselves wonderfully. Partly embedded…

How to Insulate Doors and Windows For Winter

Windows insulation for winter

Winter is just around the corner here and while some regions are already feeling the effect of it, others are just starting to feel the chill in the air after sunset. Irrespective of where you live, getting ready for winter is indeed a must and it often starts from taking personal care and a change in your wardrobe to ensuring that your home is ready…

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