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Y House: Trendy Mediterranean Retreat with Modern Sophistication

Nestled on the Northern edge of the picturesque Bodrum peninsula, Golkoy is a place where the Mediterranean showcases its unabated beauty and exquisite charm in all its splendor! A fabulous family home in this scenic landscape is often expected to be a dreamy getaway that epitomizes the very best in terms of local architecture and style. But the Y House took a completely different approach, as its initial design gave it a refined, contemporary appeal that seemed more in tune with concrete jungles than a sleepy coastal town in Turkey. This is precisely why the homeowners brought in the resourceful folks at Ofist to give this trendy home a more classic Mediterranean vibe.

View of the distant coastline from the pool area of Y House

The resulting home is a fusion of the very best from both design philosophies, as timeless architectural features are combined with trendy, modern overtones. Textured plastered walls, false ceilings that showcase the warmth of wood, and iron and stone features were added to the modern interior to give it a more traditional sheen. A neutral color scheme and fashionable pendant lights ensure that the Y House still remains largely modern, while it is the cool outdoor dining area, pool deck and covered pavilion that usher in a more relaxing and authentic local flavor.

Gorgeous white drapes, large windows and doors that let in ample natural light and a distant coastline that is always in view add to the Mediterranean makeover of this Turkish home.

Al fresco dining at the refined modern home in Golkoy

Bedroom balcony of the Y House overlooking the Mediterranean coastline

Custom couch and bookshelves add to the uniquness of the Y House in Turkey

Greenery becomes an integral part of the gorgeous Mediterranean modern home

Light blues, white and gray reflect the colors of the Mediterranean

Sliding glass walls delineate the living area from the dining room

Stone walls add textural beauty to the contemporary interior

Cabinets with glass-front doors and large windows give the interior a spacious appeal

Open kitchen in white and gray with stainless steel and wooden worktops

Wishbone chairs at the dining table add timeless charm to the dreamy interior

With just one ‘mood board’ they had prepared (as they phrase it in their fashion business), we knew what they had in mind and their expectations. During all the design process it was also interesting to feel the difference between the fast consuming fashion design and the long lead architectural design. It was exciting to connect the trendy pieces, colors, ideas with our more settled approaches…

Stunning use of cascading chandelier at the staircase

Top level of the Y House opens up to the stunning sea view outside

Cheerful and modern Mediterranean bedroom design

Luxurious master bedroom at the elegant Y House

Large glass doors connect the bedroom with the deck space outside

Sophisticated Mediterranean styled bedroom with sea view

Stone accent wall and woodsy bed for the Mediterranean bedroom

Stylish stone accent wall in the Mediterranean bathroom

Kids' bedroom with colorful lighting and bedding

Open shelf and workspace inside the kids' bedroom

Small bedroom workspace with lovely pendant lighting

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