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Top Bedroom Trends Making Waves in 2016

If there is one room in your home that should truly reflect your taste, personal style and surround you in a world of uncompromising comfort, then it is the bedroom. This is your personal sanctuary that allows you to rest, rejuvenate and introspect, and often it is the room in which many of us spend most of our time at home! And with each passing year, it seems homeowners across the planet are veering more and more towards this idea of a reclusive and comfortable personal hub when it comes to designing and decorating their bedrooms. And as the first two months of 2016 rush past us, we take a look at the top trends that will shape bedrooms in the months ahead.

Your bedroom must be a blend of current trends and timeless pieces that fit into your personal style and the overall theme of your bedroom. While trends can often define some of the minor details in the room, only adopt what you absolutely love when ushering in significant changes. At the end of the day, it is as much about comfort as it is about style and a fashionable ambiance.

Scandinavian Simplicity

If you are looking to give your bedroom a quick style makeover, then 2016 is a good time to consider going down the Nordic path. Scandinavian-inspired décor, accessories, bedside tables and even fabulous bed frames are currently on top of the trends chart, and this is a style that will also help you in creating a more organized bedroom. Almost every decorating trend plays into the Scandinavian-inspired setting, including hues such as gray and off-white, warm wooden accents and a love for interiors drenched in a flood of natural light! And the best part is that even your affordable IKEA bedroom finds complement this soothing style.

Shades of white and gray dominate the Scandinavian bedroom [Design: Reed Design Group]
Brick walls add textural charm to the Scandinavian bedroom [Design: Jensen C. Vasil Architect]
Modern Scandinavian bedroom is both inviting and minimal [Design: Incorporated]
Simplicity is an innate part of the Scandinavian-inspired bedroom [Design: Urban Angles]
Open bookshelf doubles as a lovely display in the bedroom [From: Holly Marder / Avenue Lifestyle]

Reclaimed Wood

Eco-conscious homeowners have shaped quite a few design trends in the last decade, and that green wave is steaming ahead with another cool addition to its ever-growing arsenal – reclaimed wood. Both an economic and eco-savvy option, reclaimed wood accent walls bring textural beauty to contemporary bedrooms that are dominated by glass, stone and concrete. Of course, these stunning accent walls seamlessly blend in with any bedroom style, and you can even expand the use of reclaimed timber in the bedroom with a custom bed, side tables or even ceiling inserts crafted from this upcycled delight.

Cozy beach style bedroom with a striking accent wall in wood [Design: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design]
Reclaimed wood accent wall with chevron pattern is an absolute showstopper [Design: Studio Revolution]
Beautiful bedroom combines rustic and modern touches with ease [Design: Mindful Designs, Inc.]
Reclaimed wooden platform bed for the modern rustic bedroom [Design: Devall Designs & Home]
Urbane bedroom with reclaimed wood accent wall and organic bedding in gray [Design: Groundswell Design Group]

Nifty Custom Headboards

Whether you love the opulence of a dashing, tufted headboard or prefer something far more innovative like a cool wooden headboard, a custom creation manages to lift the style quotient of your bedroom instantly. Contrary to popular belief, custom headboards do not pull any more heavily on your purse strings than those readily available in the store, and designers vouch that they are often a lot cheaper than their readymade counterparts. You will get precisely what you want both in terms of size and style with these bespoke headboards, and those who fancy their DIY skills can also try crafting one at home!

DIY pallet headboard for the shabby chic bedroom [From: Going Home To Roost / Bonnie Forkner]
Gorgeous headboard adds color to the vivacious bedroom [From: Patricia Halpin Interiors / Philip Castleton Photography]
L-shaped custom headboard offers a space-savvy solution [Design: Carla Aston Interior Design / Photography: Miro Dvorscak]
Create your own custom headboard! [Design: Simone Alisa]
Comfy custom headboard adds a dash of opulence to the bedroom [Design: Robin Pelissier Interior Design & Robin’s Nest]

Classy Wallpaper

The story of wallpaper across the last few decades is truly amazing for anyone who even remotely follows the world of design. Once a shining star in the decorating landscape, it was quickly branded as an outcast, with people running around trying to remove old wallpaper from their living room and bedroom walls. But that tide quickly turned, and 2015 saw the revival of wallpaper, with designers once again using it to usher in color and contrast. If you always wanted to try out wallpaper in the bedroom, then this spring is the perfect time to get started.

Farmhouse style bedroom with custom bed and striking wallpaper [From: Maison Maison Interior Design]
Wallpaper in neutral colors is perfect for a bedroom that needs only pattern [Design: D’Cruz Design Group, Sydney]

Pick vibrant patterns that reflect the pleasant scenery outside, or go with an understated wallpaper that adds pattern without disturbing the color scheme of the bedroom. Those still unsure about embracing wallpaper fully can start off by using it for smaller sections in the bedroom before moving on to a full-fledged accent wall. A world of enthralling colors, exciting patterns and unique prints awaits!

Rosey Posey Trellis Wallpaper steals the show in this contemporary bedroom [From: Arent & Pyke]
Wallpaper defines the color scheme of this bedroom with dark ceiling [Design: Fiddlehead Design Group]
Clever use of wallpaper brings hotel room inspired ambiance to the modern bedroom [From: Hoi Ning Wong]

A Home Within Your Home!

The modern master bedroom is not just a place to tuck in and get some sleep. It is evolving into a ‘home within a home’ that offers pretty much everything you need without ever having to venture beyond the room’s confines! Some might want to combine the home office with the bedroom, while others only need a small desk along with a luxurious bathtub and a wall-mounted TV to create a fascinating getaway right at home. You might choose to add a small home bar to make sure that your next weekend feels like a wonderful vacation filled with quality ‘me time’.

Turning the modern bedroom into a home within a home [Design: Dayka Robinson Designs]
Transform the bedroom into a relaxing personal retreat [Design: ZAK Architecture]
Stunning master bedroom with a subtle Asian flavor [Design: Webb & Brown-Neaves]
Space is barely a constraint in the creative modern bedroom! [Design: West Chin Architects & Interior Designers]
Blurring the line between the bathroom and the bedroom [Design: O plus L]

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