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Fiery and Fascinating: 25 Kids’ Bedrooms Wrapped in Shades of Red

The best thing about decorating a kids’ room is the freedom it gives in terms of the colors, patterns and at times styles that one can turn to. Those bright and audacious hues that are perceived to be far too ‘daring’ for the rest of the home often fit right in with a vivacious, cheerful and stylish kids’ bedroom. With the modern trend of creating kids’ spaces that grow along with them, bright accent hues that enliven an otherwise neutral backdrop have become more popular than ever before. With that in mind, we take a look at some of the best kids’ rooms that celebrate red gleefully!

Stylish boys’ bedroom with brilliant use of red as an accent hue [Design: Phabrica – Miami]

Red in the kids’ bedroom is definitely far more welcome than in the adult bedroom where many view it as a risky and gaudy proposition. When used right, red delivers what it is best known for – brilliant visual impact, high energy and plenty of glam. While some rooms benefit from just a pinch of red, others revel in its varied shades and tones. The 25 bedrooms on showcase today will offer you everything ranging from the understated to the expansive. Enjoy!

A Striking Accent Wall

You can try out plenty of colors in the kids’ bedrooms without any of them ever seeming out of place, and 2016 is a great time to add red to this list. Despite being dubbed one of those bright and bold hues that is overpowering, red is surprisingly easy to combine with other bright and light hues. Whenever you talk of adding a dashing color, it is the accent wall that pops up first, and it is no different in the kids’ room. A cool red accent wall complements a wide variety of styles ranging from nautical and minimal to traditional and eclectic. Few accent walls are as energizing and exquisite as those in red!

Baseball themed kids’ bedroom with a striking red accent wall [Design: Deanna’s Interior Designs]
Red works well with almost any color in the kids room when used right [From: Benjamin Moore]
Red and blue are a classic combination in the kids’ room [Design: Heartwood Corp]
Contemporary kids room with an air of refinement [Design: River Birch Construction]
Striking red accent wall is perfect for contemporary spaces [From: 3Di FOCUS]

A Scintillating Ceiling

It is amazing to see how much attention is devoted to walls that surround us, yet in most homes the ceiling goes almost unnoticed. If you have a little one who spends most of his or her time in the crib, then it makes plenty of sense to create a stunning ceiling that he or she would love. Even in kids’ rooms, the ceiling is often underutilized, and red allows you to alter this status quo with ease. From stripes and custom murals to a simple paint job, how you transform the ceiling depends both on the style of the room and your budget constraints.

Colorful circus tent inspired ceiling for the kids’ bedroom [Design: Turner Pocock]
Rug, accent pillows and feature wall add chevron pattern to the stylish kids room [Design: B.Design]

A red ceiling in a room filled with white looks truly stunning, and one can even use a cool pink hue for the ceiling while the remainder of the room carries accents of red. Drapes, cabinets, bedding and rugs can be used to repeat the color and create a sense of visual harmony.

Cheerful and chic kids’ room that wows you with its glam! [Design: BMG Design Studio]
Small kids’ room with ceiling and drapes in red [Design: Manhattan Renovations]

Creative, Custom Bedrooms

Gone are the days when you gave a kid a stick and then just asked him to get creative with it! Toady’s parents seem to plan every little detail about their lives ever so meticulously, and it is no different in the case of their bedrooms. Custom kids’ rooms with elaborate themes and bespoke décor and storage units are indeed an expensive way forward, but the results are equally spectacular. Red is a great color to use in such personalized settings, as it accentuates certain features of the room, fills it with liveliness and induces the right amount of dynamism. From custom beds, bedding and bedside tables to entire collections that sweep you off your feet, the choice on offer here is endless.

Perfect bedroom for your little starlet! [Design: Cardel Homes]
Piccadilly bed from Gautier
Stunning bunk bed becomes the focal point in this Scandinavian style kids’ bedroom [Design: Arkitektfirmaet Kampaps]
Superhero bedroom with framed posters is perfect for kids and teens [Design: Tahar Décor]
Interchangeable accents allow you to add color to the kids’ room easily [Design: Burkhard Heß]

Introduce some Pattern

Decorating the kids’ room involves much more than color alone, and wallpaper is the perfect and often the easiest way to add some pattern along with a gorgeous splash of red. Grasscloth wallcoverings take this a step further by bringing texture, while graffiti and wall murals blend colorful zest with ingenious patterns and inspiring artwork. If the room is filled with too much in terms of pattern, then it is best to tone down the red to minimize visual clutter.

Modern farmhouse style bedroom with red and orange wallpaper and striped rug [Design: Rafe Churchill: Traditional Houses]
Gorgeous wallpaper with classic Vivienne Westwood print steals the show in this cool bedroom [From: Amory Brown]
Mesmerizing accent wall for the small kids’ bedroom [Design: Q Interiors]
Custom decor and wallpaper usher in a cheerful vibe [Design: L’Atelier Natalia Willmott]
A dash of red in girls’ bedroom draped in pink! [Design: Megan Crane Designs]

What’s Your Style?

As we alluded to earlier, red feels right at home when used in a wide variety of styles, and one of the most popular among these in the boys’ bedroom is the beach / coastal style. Of course, the presence of navy blue and red gives these rooms a more nautical appeal, but most kids seem to instantly love this look. Then there is the traditional bedroom filled with curated modern décor, a comfy wooden bed and wonderful lighting that also incorporates red effortlessly. Style is barely a constraint for those looking to embrace the magic of red!

Shutters in the beach style kids’ room instantly draw your attention [Design: Smith Brothers]
Traditional kids’ bedroom with a splash of red
Shades of pink and red enliven contemporary bedroom in white [From: Images Du Jour / Rodolphe Robin]
Black and red teen bedroom with an industrial vibe [Design: Cynthia Prizant – Prizant Design]
Bedding and accent additions give this room a red tinge [Design: DJ Designs]

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