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10 Rooms with Corner Shelving

If you’re hoping to maximize space by utilizing corner shelving at home, let today’s post be your inspiration! Below we feature 10 rooms that make use of corner shelving solutions for storage, display and more. Some of them might surprise you with their affordability, while others will grab your attention with their innovation! Ready for a closer look?

Corner Bookcases

Let’s start with corner shelving that you can purchase to fit into an interior nook. The angled shelves below are part of the BILLY system from IKEA. They work well in corners and have the potential to provide floor-to-ceiling storage in areas such as living spaces. [photo by Mary Prince Photography, design by Jennifer Clapp]

IKEA corner shelving in an eclectic living area

This L-shaped shelving system was mounted on the walls of the room to hold items such as CDs and other small collectibles. Simple, clean-lined and effective! [photo from Lonny]

Hanging corner bookcase creates handy storage

Once again IKEA comes to the rescue, this time in a living room with a small corner space that was just itching for a shelving unit! The perfect sleek, small statement, the shelf below is an ideal place to display decor, plants, and books. Regardless of your interior design challenge, there’s a shelf for your corner, especially when budget-friendly brands such as IKEA are a resource! [photo by A Darling Felicity Photography]

IKEA shelving creates handy corner storage

One more IKEA shelf and we’ll stop, we promise! While this IKEA piece is no longer for sale, it illustrates how a pyramid-like ladder shelf is perfect for the corner, especially when you can paint it to match your dining room table. The white serveware pops against the peachy tone of the paint. [photo by Jennifer Houghton for Maria Killiam]

Dining room with a corner shelf

Don’t hesitate to merge two shelving units to form your own creative corner shelving solution! This eye-catching space is a corner in Michele Michael’s Elephant Ceramics studio. Built-in shelves meet a painted turquoise bookcase to create the ultimate L-shaped storage center for works of art, both finished and in progress. [photo from Lonny]

Two sets of shelves meet to create corner shelving

Custom Shelving Solutions

If you can have a shelving system built to custom-fit your space, the design possibilities are endless. Check out this amazing storage system, which provides floor-to-ceiling shelving in a den featuring a flatscreen TV, many books, and who knows what else behind those sleek doors! [photo from Lonny]

Built-in shelving in a contemporary living room

The recessed corner shelving below creates a clean-lined look in this artful space with white walls. An upscale feel results, largely do to the gallery-like display area formed by this unique custom shelving. [photo from De Mattei Construction]

Built-in corner shelving creates a clean-lined look

It’s funny how something as simple as a triangle can create key storage space for toiletries in a stylish powder room! Thanks to the use of hidden, floating shelf brackets anchored into the studs in the wall, a handy custom shelf is created, and one that perfectly blends with the aesthetic of the room:

Bathroom with corner shelving

This time, stainless steel with a matte finish is the material of choice for the custom shelving! An industrial look results, especially since the shelving holds leather and steel boxes from Jim Zivic. [photo by Bjorg Magnea for David Howell Design]

Custom-made metal corner shelving (photo by Bjorg Magnea)

Last but not least, we showcase wrap-around shelving built out from the wall, a clever solution for working with a protruding corner. The shelving extends well into the hallway, magnifying the storage space in a picture-perfect display of books, photos and objets d’art. [photo by Noah Webb for Tim Clarke Interior Design]

Wrap-around corner shelving in a modern interior

Will you be adding corner shelving to your interior? Do you prefer to purchase a piece that will work at home or have a shelf custom-designed for your space?

Kate Simmons

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