Sofa Style: 20 Chic Seating Ideas

chic sofa designs

A sofa is more than just a place to sit. It’s one of the largest pieces of furniture in your house! It can help set the tone of the entire room, which is why people spend so much time selecting just the right piece. Should you stick with a neutral and add color with accent pillows? Should you go bold with a bright statement sofa?…

Art Glass Windows for an Elegant Touch

beautiful blue stained glass bevel windows

There’s something special about the way the sun shines through a stained glass windows, casting glowing patches of color across the surface of the home within. Whether you’re looking from the interior or the exterior, stained glass makes quite a statement – and it has for many centuries. In fact, stained glass is an art form that dates back as far as the 7th century,…

Floored: When Wood Meets Wall and How to Install It

chic wooden wall in bedroom

Vertical. Horizontal. Slanted. Our walls are begging for more than chair railings, wainscoting or just a triple coat of paint. No, they want to mix it up and create fluidity by designating one accent wall to carry the precious weight of wood flooring in vertical, horizontal or slanted styles. In this way we can redefine the term floor to ceiling. Taking an ordinary wall we…

Beach House Blues: Five Essentials to Creating the Seascape at Home

beach inspired colorful kitchen design

The sound of the waves battling as they rise higher and higher competing for the right to wash ashore the glass bottles whose corks safely encapsulate the love letters that have traveled the distance of time and space. The seagulls spreading their wings wide, calling out their celebratory songs as they flock united, prepared to sweep down to the stray pieces of litter that shame…

Five Relaxing Spas that Will Soothe Your Mind and Soul

relaxing spas designs

Returning home from a stressful day at the office or a weekend of helping a friend with a lot of heavy furniture move, slipping into a relaxing spa is just the thing to relax those tight and sore muscles.  While just about any spa would do that chore, a luxurious one that is candy for the eyes relaxes the mind and helps you unwind. Imagine…

Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna, Where Inspiration Meets Innovation

Microsoft is known for revolutionary and innovative ideas in their line of business and irrespective of whether you like them or not, there is no denying the impact that they have had on the IT and software industry. And to accomplish all that you do need to have a motivated staff and recent studies have suggested that and innovative and ‘out-of-the-box’ workplace can really help…

The Party Table: 25 Entertaining Themes for Your Next Event

dining table party setups

Are you hosting a dinner party, throwing a birthday bash or creating the perfect atmosphere for a gathering of friends? It’s not always easy to find tasteful decorating themes that aren’t too…well…theme-y! Today our goal is to inspire you with these fun yet classy entertaining motifs. From party tables that make a big statement to subtle spreads with a touch of festivity, the ideas below…

Selecting High Quality Slip Covers

Table top large glass containers

Regardless of how much time, effort and expense you put in to creating the perfect design in your home, it can all be for nothing if you allow your furniture to succumb to wear and tear. Indeed, flawless, pristine furniture is one of the most important elements in any successful interior design. In order to avoid damage due to children, pets or the experiences of…

Make Your Room Pop with Purple

minimalist living room with purple modular sofa

In ancient times, purple was a color that symbolized royalty, luxury, elegance and sophistication, and sometimes even magic and mystery. While this rich hue still retains much of its original symbolism, it has recently re-emerged as an “it” color in home décor as a fun and flavorful color often used to add excitement to any space. There are many different shades and tints of purple,…

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