Decorating with Iron Art

Wall Iron Art

Iron has long been a popular material for building – from structural foundations and outdoor furniture to intricate interior pieces, this durable and beautiful metal is a favorite among art admirers from all corners of the world. Additionally, because it is such a versatile metal, it can be assimilated into any pre-existing design. If you want to add a new dimension to your interior (or…

Spring Cleaning Tips & Ideas: From Top to Bottom

spring cleaning

Remember when mom used to tell you your bedroom had to be spick and span and every nook and cranny had to be cleaned? In two hours? Well maybe mom isn’t hovering over your shoulder anymore fastidiously watching whether or not you are stuffing more junk under your bed, but it’s that time of the year again. When the trees are full of lush green…

20 Chic Acrylic Coffee Tables

acrylic coffee tables

Clear acrylic furniture is prized for its style, as well as its ability to be a strong presence in a room while maintaining a light and airy quality. In fact, acrylic furnishings have become ideal pieces for small interiors. An acrylic coffee table craze has emerged in recent years, as these see-through finds are perfect for the center of a room where space is tight….

Sliding House in Canada Charms With Wooden Interiors

Sliding House in Canada wooden living area 2

It is truly a spell-binding sight while looking from outside- a sliding house on a hillside. It is more enticing if you spare a look into its interiors. Designed and completed by the creative folks from MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects, the Sliding House is situated in Halifax, in the renowned Nova Scotia province in Canada. From the outside, it gives an impression of a huge block…

Eco-Friendly House by Patrice Bideau in France

An avant-garde garden design united with a lovely swimming pool can be an enchanting sight to behold. This astounding property with a magnificent house constructed to its north-west area, has a vegetable garden to its east. Altogether it forms a humble set of architectural marvels along with which have incorporated some captivating ideas that ensure eco-friendliness. Situated in Baden,France, the building has been designed by…

Repurposing and Rejuvenating Furniture with Appliqués

rejuvenated trunk coffee table with appliques

An old wooden chair, a hand-me-down vanity, a plain living room bureau – all of these items may seem to be disposable eyesores, but with a little touching up they can quickly become your new favorite piece. Thanks to sites such as Pinterest (check us out), homeowners are developing a taste for DIY furniture repurposing and homemade décor. Just a few minor changes can transform…

Curved Cliff House by Mark Dziewulski Architects: Romantic to the Core

Cliff House by Mark Dziewulski Architect - Decoist 1

Curves are the most romantic things in this world. Agree? That stands true for the gadgets we use and the houses we live in. Curves have a positive role to play in creating a good mood. The magnificent curved cliff house located on the banks of Lake Tahoe isn’t any exception. Situated on natural tough terrain, the architecture of curved cliff house alone is a…

The DIY Toolbox: Must Have Tools for Your Projects

DIY Tools

If you are anything like me, when it comes time to hang up a picture frame or some other wall art ornamentation you’ll use anything within reach that has pounding capabilities and potential. I’ve even used wooden-heeled clogs to drive a nail in the wall. It’s habits like these however that can turn any DIY project into a hole-in-the-wall bruised thumb experience. Every home owner…

25 Modern Rug Finds to Enhance Your Space

modern rugs collage

Rugs add dimension and color to a home. Often the cure for a hard floor, they have the power to unite a variety of decor elements in a room. Rugs also bring texture and pattern to your interior. When choosing a rug, consider the needs of your space. Are there specific colors and sizes you are after? Will the rug tie together certain hues and…

Beach Hotel on the Eastern Coast of Mauritius is All About Luxury

Long Beach Hotel - Mauritius - contemporary exterior

Keith Interior Design has successfully implemented their design in the interior of this contemporary Long Beach Hotel on the Eastern coast of Mauritius. The design for this spectacular hotel has been devised by the famous Staunch Vorster Architects. Walls, both indoor and outdoor, get a superfluous whitish shade, which makes the residence as well as rooms appear larger than they actually are. The hotel has an…

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