The 10 Best Party Decorations for Festive Entertaining

Vintage-inspired party straws

Greetings, my fellow entertainers! And yes, there’s more than one way to entertain! We at Decoist are particularly fond of the hosting kind, whether it be a cozy dinner with friends or a large party for a loved one. Did you catch our last post on unique party decor? That’s right–we love to spotlight party themes and decorations that are a little bit out of…

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Forecasted Trends for 2014

Fractal Lighting Fixture

Yesterday I shared with you all of the trends to expect for the rest of the year as presented by Bill Indursky of V&M at the wonderful Design Camp in Seattle.  But why stop at 2013? Let’s look at 2014 to see where the world of interior design is headed! Neoclassical But Hip The beginning of 2014 will bring us the trend that Bill calls…

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Shades of Blue for a Powerful Interior

Turquoise accents in a modern eclectic bedroom

Calm. Peaceful. Trustworthy. Reliable. Soothing. All of these words describe today’s featured color–blue! First I’ll let you in on a little secret: growing up I much preferred green to blue. In fact, time after time I would pass up blue clothing and accessories for verdant shades such as lime, jade and emerald. But as time went on, I realized the undeniable power of blue, and the…

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30 Modern Curtains to Adorn Your Sliding Glass Doors in Style

Modern bedroom with a stunning view thanks to sliding glass doors

Modern architecture is as much about the view outside as it is about the gorgeous interiors indoors. With the many endless sights and sounds of the world becoming an integral part of residences and villas across the globe, the use of glass is definitely on the up. Glass and stone are being used extravagantly and exquisitely to bring in contemporary class. Sliding glass doors have…

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Forecasted Design Trends for 2013

Beige and White Living Room

I was lucky enough to attend Design Camp in Seattle last week, a two-day seminar created and hosted by designers Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis. Besides being a total blast, the seminar was packed with valuable information, including which trends you should be on the lookout for in 2013. Get ready for some ahead-of-the-curve spaces and up-and-coming trends for the rest of the year! Organic…

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Shades of Green for the Modern Home

Mint green dining room accents

It’s no secret that green is a natural fit for spring! As part of our spring color series, we at Decoist are profiling a range of powerful hues, and today we head into verdant territory with a slew of green shades for your interior. This isn’t the first time we’ve focused on the color green. But it IS the first time we’ve featured this shade…

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Natural Textures Meet Contemporary Interiors At The Olive Exclusive Hotel In Namibia

Modern designers are opting for structures that effortlessly blend with the natural setting around them. The Olive Exclusive boutique hotel in Windhoek, Namibia is a beautiful and bold example of ways in which one can invite natural goodness indoors without compromising on a chic and stylish appearance. With eco-consciousness and green initiatives on the up, designs that bring in natural textures and freshness are bound…

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Stylish C House In Santa Cruz Sports Stunning Interiors With An Airy Appeal

elevated house design

C House by Sommet & Asociados in Santa Cruz, Bolivia is a gorgeous modern residence that combines an open living plan with adequate privacy when needed. Spotted on ArchDaily, the sleek and chic home located in the beautiful locality of Urubó Hills, allows its residents to take in the lovely surroundings as they are draped in contemporary goodness. Smart and balanced use of wood, glass…

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DIY Accent Pillows to Update Your Home

Blue and white striped pillow made out of rug

When it comes to transforming your home, small details can make the difference between average and stunning spaces. One of the easiest ways to change up a room is with accent pillows. Whether for a much needed update or just a quick switch for spring, pillows can help complete your vision of a pulled-together, posh environment. Simply toss a pillow on the couch or in…

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How to Implement the Ombré Home Painting Technique

ombre wall painting - home exterior

Over the past couple of years, the term “ombré” has been showing up everywhere – specifically in reference to a popular hair dying style in which hair color fades from one color into the next as it flows from root to tip. We’ve also seen ombré used to describe nail art, fabrics and much more. Lately, however, we’ve also seen a new way to use…

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