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Il Tempo Ritrovato: Historic Italian Convent Acquires a Colorful Second Life!

Adaptive reuse of structures is all about giving the old and discarded buildings a sparkling new lease on life while capturing their remarkable past and unique personality. Located in the loevely city of Brescia, Italy, Il Tempo Ritrovato is a vivacious and brilliant modern home laced with eclectic beauty and vintage charm! This ingenious residence was once a convent that was carefully restored and converted into its present glorious form by the creative folks at Claudia Pelizzari Interior Design.

Stylish living room with colorful accent decor

Bringing the past and the present together in a truly captivating fashion, the house uses decor in diverse styles ranging from contemporary and Asian to midcentury, vintage and even salvaged! It is this imaginative approach towards eclectic design that turns a seemingly mundane, old structure into an inviting, fun and exciting home that showcases the personality of its own and their wide art collection. Classics such as the Eames lounger and the Artemide Nesso lamp in the living room and Tulip tables and chairs in the dining room ensure that everything looks both curated and classy despite the invigorating mash up of styles.

Chaise lounge and table lamp give the room a midcentury twist

Contemporary and classic styles meet inside the cool Italian home

Game room combined with the family area

Iconic Nesso table lamp steals the show in the living room

Luxurious Eames Lounger gives the living room a stylish overhaul

Inspired details and curated accessories add color to the eclectic Italian home

Sleek bookcases and snazzy accents in the living room

Antique cabinet next to the pool table in the family room

Craft a fun family zone with a pool table

Wooden framed glass doors stand in contrast to the white contemporary walls even as brilliant pendants and oversized floor lamps bring both color and sculptural pattern into the dining room and bedrooms. The kitchen with a wine storage facility and a full pantry also serves as a cozy social zone for the entire family, while a private courtyard with a sunken lounge easily doubles as a Zen-inspired meditative nook.

Kitchen with wine storage and pantry above

Tulip dining tables and chairs take up very little space

Vintage details shape the Italian kitchen and dining area

Stone sink and wooden cabinets along with the timeless Tulip chairs in the kitchen

Formal dining area gets a colorful, fun twist inside this eclectic Italian home

Exquisite use of large floor lamp and pendants in the stunning dining room

A touch of purpe charm on the inside of the dining room wall cabinet

Outdoor sunken lounge surrounded by natural greenery and vintage decor

Lovely private garden inside urban Italian home

Zen-style meditation nook and sunken lounge combined into one

Whitewashed brick walls, exposed concrete backdrops and glossy contemporary surfaces come together to give this transformed Italian convent a style of its own. And that is a style that seems to celebrate life in an unabashed, cheerful fashion while embracing the past and looking towards the future…

Adding the exposed concrete wall to the eclectic bedroom in style

Chairs pillows, bedding and wall art bring color to the modern bedroom

Bedside gnome lighting is perfect for thos who love the uncanny

Kids' bedroom design with plenty of color

Floor plan of the revamped Italian home

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