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Ingenious DIY Ideas for Reusing K-Cups Around the Home

Anyone who considers themselves to be a big coffee drinker who’s completely in love with their Keurig understands what it means to go through loads of K-cups every week — possibly even every day if multiple people in their household are using them too. The problem with going through so many is that they’re not exactly recyclable, meaning they have nowhere else to go but the trash. The only other alternative is to creative and figure out how you can repurpose them around your home.

From Your Mug to the Garden

The size of K-cups makes them perfect for seedling starters. Rather than going out and buying a kit yourself, just rinse a few of these things, add some soil, and you’re pretty much good to go. Snapguide has the complete set of DIY instructions to doing it right.

If you’ve got a nice, big, bright window in your home for where your K-cup planters can sit and soak up the sun, why not try hanging them from above? Off the Beaten Path shows you how to do it right.

If herb gardening is your thing and you’ve already got some good ones growing, you can keep a few K-cups handy to store your herbs (with some added water) in the freezer after they’re grown and ready to use for cooking. Happy Hooligans recommends them for adding to soups and sauces.

Light It Up!

Using old K-Cups to light up every room might seem strange given their small size, but that’s what makes them so perfect. With a few simple supplies, including string lights and some paper in your favorite color or pattern, you can make your own K-Cup garland to hang almost anywhere. Hey Gorg uses Dixie cups in her DIY guide, but you can just as easily swap those out for K-Cups.

Today’s Creative Life offers a similar garland example for outdoor dining, with painted designs instead of paper glued on to the cups.

If hanging lights aren’t quite your thing, you can take inspiration from The Kim Six Fix with her marquee light project made with K-Cups and pink mini-lights.

Cut Out and Keep shows you how to make a really simple but beautiful lantern.

You’d never guess that these things used to be for coffee. The folks who run Blog De Residuos used crushed Nepresso pods and fastened them to a lamp for a cool and colorful lighting effect.

Teeny Tiny Storage Solutions

Sure, K-Cups are small, and that makes them limited in terms of storage purposes. But Sew Many Ways shows how you can take a regular spinning K-Cup holder to use for easy access of all your little trinkets. They’re really the perfect solution for keeping hair ties, beads, and jewelry organized and ready to use at any moment.

If you’re more interested in getting more crafty, Entirely Smitten has some really adorable ideas for turning your used K-Cups into useful little storage solutions. Design your own little girly trinket box with a frilly pink top, create a cool bug observatory for your kids, or make a cute toadstool pincushion for keeping track of all your sewing pins.

Bath Bomb Concoctions

Ever thought about using K-Cups as a mold? The Good Stuff has a brilliant idea for using them to make your own bath bombs. Make as many as you want to save money on buying them from stores so you can keep them in the bathroom for when you need to wind down, or even give them away as gifts!

You no longer have to feel guilty for drinking so much coffee. If you’re not already hoarding all those K-Cups for your next DIY project, now’s the time to start!

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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