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Turn Any Room Into a Stunning Work of Art with 3D Epoxy Flooring

Whether you’ve got wood, tile, laminate, or even rubber flooring in your home, it probably won’t ever compare to the mind-blowingly realistic 3D epoxy floors seen in the photos below, offered by the Dubai-based company Imperial Interiors. The flooring incorporates angled images along with multiple translucent layers to achieve the incredible 3D effect. The result? Plants, animals, fish, coral, and even waves that look like they’re popping up from below as you walk into the room!

Oceanic Bathrooms

By far, one of the coolest place to use this type of flooring has to be the bathroom — mainly because of the impressive ocean or coral reef scenes that are such an appropriate fit for this type of room. Any image you want displayed is printed on a very specialized photo printer and then set to the size and pattern of the floor. So no matter how big, small, or awkwardly shaped the room is, it can still work.

Bathroom with angelfish flooring
Bathroom with shoreline flooring
Bathroom with starfish flooring
Bathroom with waves and shoreline flooring
Bathroom with dolphin flooring
Bathroom with turquoise coral reef flooring
Bathroom with sandy shoreline flooring

Tropically Wild Kitchens

The bathroom’s a good start, but there’s so much more you can do if you’re willing to get creative with other rooms in your home. To really embrace this wacky 3D flooring trend, why not take it into the spaces of your home where you spend even more of your time? Check out the kitchen that really kicks the whole design up a notch by using palm trees and a skyline on the cupboards, in addition to the shallow coral reef flooring.

Kitchen with tropical palm trees and coral reef flooring
Kitchen with tropical fish flooring
Kitchen/den with dolphin flooring

Going Wild with Imagery

The possibilities are truly endless with this type of flooring. While water and aquatic life seems to be the popular theme of choice at least in these examples, there’s no reason why anyone couldn’t use other natural forms scenery, city skylines, shapes, or objects to create an entirely unique and eye-popping look in any room. Here are a couple more flooring ideas that take some different routes in terms of color, detail, and overall scenery.

Very shallow and sandy coral reef flooring
Pond with carp flooring
Rocky stream with foliage flooring
Colorful coral reef with tropical fish flooring
Dolphin head poking out of the water flooring

If you’ve got the money and an ambitiously creative style, then why not go for it? With this kind of epic scenery for you to enjoy right inside your own home (and the thermostat cranked up — especially in the winter), you may never feel the need to take another tropical vacation again! [Photos from Aplus]

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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