Defining Elements Of The Modern Rustic Home

cow skin

Modern Rustic is such a buzz term. Everyone seems to be embracing rustic charm and warmth with modern amenities. Personally, I LOVE this style! I am a sucker for character and modern interiors, so why not combine the two? [from Carney Logan Burke Architects] The key to a modern rustic space is an open floor plan, modern furniture, and preserved and exposed natural architectural elements….

Modern Renovation Of A Historic Apartment Brings Home Sweeping Sea Views

Splendid views of the Mediterranean Sea from the renovated Historic Israeli Apartment

Simplicity and minimalism are popular themes among young homeowners who wish to live in homes that are as ergonomic as possible. But this brilliant apartment in Jaffa’s Old City in Tel Aviv, Israel captures your attention with the seamless integration of contemporary design with the historic past of the building. The Old City of Jaffa is a maze of streets that has changed little over…

When Pianos Aren’t Just Black Boxes Meant To Give Us Great Tunes!

Iconic Egg Chair with PH Grand Piano and owner of the company Flemming Lindeløv

It was just a few days back that we featured some beautiful interiors that embraced the piano and made it an integral part of the room’s design. While the focus then was on effortlessly combining the piano with interior design, the grand piano on display today elevates your home’s ambiance to a whole new level. The PH Grand Piano comes with a rich heritage and…

Interior Design Trend: A New Take On Natural Materials

Colorful modern living room

We at Decoist love profiling changing styles and new trends. The Hollywood Regency living room below is a testament to the fact that season after season, this style was all the rage, with “glossy” being the word of choice. In fact, a few years ago, the upscale ideal for interior design consisted of repetitive geometric patterns, lacquered furniture, elegant flourishes and an abundance of shiny surfaces. [from DKOR…

Hand-painted Ceiling Murals That Mimic The Clouds


Appearances can be deceiving, but in the case of interior decor, they can be a good thing. We’ve all seen what can be done to walls and ceilings to remedy a mundane atmosphere – but do you really know the cure to such a decor ailment? If you don’t, here is one style option you can’t say no to! Enchanted with puffs of white clouds,…

Home Will Never Be The Same Again: It Just Got SMARTER!

Smart 10-inch interface for the Dual-Fuel Range

Futuristic modern homes are no longer relegated to CAD renditions and ingenious Hollywood sets thanks to the large technological advancements that are happening each year. The last fortnight saw some exciting developments take place around the 3D printer technology that promises to deliver an entire house in just 24 hours! Just a week we back, we also showcased some staggering gadgets and smart home technology…

Transparent Wire Walls That Define Spaces With Style

basmasi 1

Recently, I wrote an article on modern wire furniture accents for your home. Wire accents are incredibly in style right now, and while I was researching for the article, I found that people are not just loving wire furniture; several homes are incorporating wire into the architecture of their space. You can make your space look great by using wire as a transparent wall or…

Traditional Toronto Residence Embraces A Sleek And Minimal Renovation

Bubble chair combined with lovely wall art in the backdrop

Renovations that adopt a minimalist style are often a touch more difficult to conjure up and execute than other modern makeovers. They not only require a maximization of the available space, but also need a few creative design solutions and cabinets that tick away the unnecessary. This Toronto residence renovation was carried out by interior designer and artist Catlin Stothers. Converting this traditional three-story home…

Organic And Sculptural Scando Oak Collection Offers Intricate Visual Contrast

Scando Oak Collection from Domus Arte

We are indeed featuring some of the hot design trends of the year in the first month of 2014, so that avid Decoist readers and even casual design followers can pick and choose the styles and themes that they like the most. It is a wonderful time for redecorating and giving your home an entirely new look. It was just earlier today that Kate introduced…

What Is That Dinner Plate Doing On The Wall?


When it comes to decorations and objects that make the home unique, nothing is too peculiar or bizarre in the eyes of a designer, especially when some techniques can be squeezed into a conservative budget. I was in complete disbelief when I came across dinner plates that took on a role other than serving meat loaf or broccoli. But after a moment contemplation and some…

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