Dice Cube Furnishings And Game Rooms For A Fun-Filled Home


What comes to mind when you see a pair of dice? Not home decor, I’m sure. Today’s post may seem a bit off tangent, but I’m sure you will enjoy it nonetheless. Instead of featuring topics like acrylic coffee tables and living room makeover tips, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to show you some Vegas-inspired furnishings and home designs that…

5 Awesome Kitchen Styles With Modern Flair

Grey in the kitchen is one of the hottest color trends of the year

Picking the right style for the kitchen can be a challenging task even for the best of design experts at times. Designing a perfect kitchen is all about bringing together form and function in an effortless and almost organic manner. This is obviously easier said than done! That’s precisely why we have decided to help you out by taking a closer look at five popular…

The Power Of Pastels: Stylish New Finds In Soft Hues

Decor in shades of yellow and pink

While pastels are known for their soothing effect, they are typically seen as soft and subtle rather than striking and edgy. But this season, pastels have experienced a revival of sorts. Have you noticed the prevalence of soft hues in the spring collections?! Somehow the refreshing nature of these easy-on-the-eyes shades has veered into hip territory. The twist: interesting choices, such as combining pastels with…

Distinctive Facade And A Dazzling Interior Shape The Thorncrest House

Thorncrest House by Altius Architecture in Ontario

With most modern houses adopting a similar approach to design, architects now have to turn toward new materials and innovative finishes to give every home a distinct look. This task becomes even more challenging when one is conceptualizing a gorgeous private residence that embraces the contemporary trend of clean and well-defined straight lines. The ingenious folks at Altius Architecture decided to overcome this conundrum by…

Elegant Chilean Residence Draped In A Lovely Cloak Of Green

Casa Cantagua in Chile

Stylish, inviting and tranquil, Casa Cantagua is a beautiful modern residence located in Zapallar, Valparaíso, Chile. Drawing you in with its seemingly rustic exterior and the charming scenery that surrounds the building, this gorgeous home is set on a perfect vantage point that allows the homeowners to take in sweeping views of the adjacent woods and the beautiful coastline in the distance. Designed by Raimundo…

Tabletop and Indoor Topiaries For An Added Charm


If you have been following our wonderful decor blog religiously, then you must have noticed a heavy focus on how to manipulate indoor plants and what green DIY projects are good for this season left and right! Here at Decoist, we are crazy about homes that rake in sustainable elements, as well as new ideas that merge sustainable practicality with elegant designs. While decorating our…

Inspiring Interior Design Tips From Some Of Our Favorite Experts

Nate Berkus in his New York City apartment

The art of interior design…or is it a science?! When it’s done well, some call it pure magic. Yet the industry’s top experts don’t elevate interior design to an unattainable level. They bring it down to earth, making it accessible to everyone who has a desire to beautify their homes. In fact, we proudly feature a few of these very experts and designers in today’s…

Accent Lamp Ideas That Usher In Bold Color And Cool Contrast!

Turquoise lamps blend in with the feathery theme of the room

We always tend to talk about how accent colors have made an astounding comeback in the last decade or two, thanks to both homeowners and designers gravitating toward the use of cool neutral shades. But most often, our search for brilliant accent hues starts and ends with paint. We generally tend to relegate ourselves to the use of an accent wall to usher in a…

Spectacular Views And Urbane Style Shape Gorgeous New York City Apartment

Mid-Century  Modern Decor inside New York City Penthouse Apartment

Part of the exclusive Milan Condominium in New York City, Penthouse B is a fabulous apartment that offers you a perfect vantage point to take in the many sights and sounds of NYC as you marvel at its iconic skyline. But it’s not just a bird’s-eye view of the city and the beautiful East River that draw you to this trendy penthouse apartment. Located on…

Exclusive Minimalist Bathroom With Sleek Design And Striking Aesthetics

Minimalist Rivo Bathroom with Cool Floating Vanities

Modern design is indeed all about sleek, straight lines that usher in lovely definition along with a sense of sophistication. The stunning Rivo from Scavolini fits this billing perfectly, as it brings together minimal form and effortless functionality to offer you a practical and beautiful bathroom. Combining several modular units that can be interchanged to suit your own individual needs and the space constraints of…

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