18 Bedside Nightstands Styled Just Right

plant nightstand 3

Your bedside nightstand is one of those pieces of furniture that serves a lot of function. If you’ve got a small one, it can quickly turn into a frustrating problem if you want to use it to store your books, glasses, nighttime cosmetics, jewelry, medication, your alarm clock, a light fixture, and anything else you might need on a daily basis when you wake up…

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10 DIY Projects with Marble Style

DIY marble table from Stylizmo

Oh how we love marble here at Decoist! As proclaimed in our post on the versatility of marble contact paper, marble accents make a strong modern statement. Today we’ve got the DIY projects to prove it! In fact, the projects below show that you can create the “marble look” on a budget, whether you’re working with marble tiles or simulating a marble aesthetic with clay or…

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50 Gorgeous Industrial Pendant Lighting Ideas

Unique industrial pendants bring dreamy charm to the small dining space [From: Hennepin Made]

They say that the best inventions are those that are born out of sheer necessity, and the truth is not all that different, even in the world of interior design. Each era and time period across centuries has produced distinct styles that have been rehashed and revamped over time by innovative designers to create refreshing and captivating interiors. One such style that is currently topping…

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DIY: A Quick and Easy Hexagon Cork-Board

DIY hexagon cork-boards

Hey friends! Office organization is important, but let’s face it – it can be a bit boring! Having an inspiration board or just something to pin important information to is key to being organized if you’re a visual person like me, but I’m not a huge fan of the rectangular option out in the world, so I decided to make my own hexagon cork-boards! They’re…

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8 Independent Coffee Shops Serving Good Coffee and Design

Workshop II

Having good coffee served in a great independent coffee shop is a real boon. Such establishments place a firm emphasis on the coffee – it is rightfully the star attraction – and ensure it’s ably supported by everything from good interior design to branding and furnishings to tableware. Proprietors will carefully consider ambience, presentation and customer care, ensuring an experience that is as delicious as it is memorable. The following…

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Modern Summer Entertaining Ideas

Fruit juice in glass pitchers from CB2

Whether you’re looking for general summer party ideas or you’re planning this year’s 4th of July party, today’s post takes a fresh, modern approach to entertaining. Below you will find eye-catching decor and colorful food, all with a vibrant twist. Call it unique entertaining made easy! Ready for a closer look?… Summer Party Decor Let’s start with the decor, which creates a festive party atmosphere. This…

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Festive Red, White and Blue Tablescape Ideas for a Sizzling 4th of July!

Pottery Barn Red White and Blue Tablescape with Star plates

Independence Day is right around the corner, and many of us will be practicing our freedom of creativity by hosting fun-filled red, white and blue bashes. If you’re looking for some patriotic tablescape ideas that will elevate your 4th of July festivities to the next level, we have a few unique ones that will have your guests oohing and aahing. From layered drinks that double…

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10 Desk Lights to Uplift a Workspace

Stylish and sturdy Studioilse w084t2

How often do we really think about the make-up and cultivation of our working environments? A workspace needs to be many things to many people and through design should aim to accommodate an array of working preferences. Yet we are time and again fettered by convention and a lack of imagination. Good design in a workspace will augment our creative vision, bolstering expression, passion, communication and…

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Rooftop Garden and Entry Rolled into One: Dramatic Cliff Dwelling in Austin

Contemporary rooftop deck overlooking Lake Austin

We are often bound by the traditions and conventions that surround us, and the world of interior design is no different. The idea of an entrance being located on the lower level of the house leading into the ground floor living area is something that seems a constant in most homes across the world. Of course, the reason it has become the standard practice is…

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Modern Home Decor and Furniture from Crowdy House

Hexagonal wall storage system by Formabilio

Today at Decoist we’re featuring 15 unique finds from Crowdy House, an online marketplace that enables designers and makers to premiere their products and sell them directly to consumers. As stated on the Crowdy House website, “Direct from the designer means the best price for you, a better profit for them and truly authentic design with a story.” Products are offered for a limited time,…

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