Let The Good Times Roll At the Dazzling Hard Rock Hotel In Palm Springs!

Entrance to the Hard Rock hotel in Palm Springs

Looking for a fabulous hangout in Palm Springs where you can “Rock n’ Roll” all night long? Designed to bring a hint of the Las Vegas night life along with a dash of glitz and the glamour, the Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs has acquired a whole new ambiance. Brought to life with vivacious hues and sparkling decor by Mister Important Design, the interior…

DIY Chalk Walls For Any Artistic Living Space


Good style can take on many forms. If you enjoy multi-chromatic schemes, you will find eclectic decor to satisfy your hunger for animation. If you take comfort in casual settings, you will argue cottage-style homes are more inviting. If you are sweeped away by the simplicity of modern designs, you will leap into minimalistic decor like a lion furiously securing its next succulent lamb. But…

5 Easy Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Rug with a large diamond pattern

As a companion piece to our recent living room makeover post, today we highlight 5 easy bedroom makeover ideas. It’s a new year, and even though there are still some cold weeks ahead, spring is on the way. As seasons change and fresh starts are among us, design lovers often look to the home–are there rooms that need a little lift? Are there items that…

Spacious Interior Meets Serene Ambiance At This Chic Contemporary House

Interior of the Modern Israeli House

While living in a big city often has its perks, there comes a time when all of us would love to get away from the unending rush and the taxing lifestyle. This stylish modern house was designed by architect Sharon Weiser to serve the needs of a family that decided to move away from the constant hustle and bustle of life in Tel Aviv. While…

Retro Living Room Ideas And Decor Inspirations For The Modern Home

Fabulous living room with a cool collection of vases

Retro-inspired interiors and living spaces have made a bit of comeback in the last year or so. With bold colors like purple and violet being touted as the hottest colors of 2014. and gold and silver accents being featured in top interior design trends of the year ahead, now is the time to introduce a hint of retro charm into your living room. While most…

Amazing And Modern Geodesic Dome Homes

clear springs 6

Have you ever seen a dome home? Some of them can look a little whacky, and others are just amazing! We are going to focus on the best and the most beautiful of the geodesic dome homes. Whether or not you can get down with the design, there are some serious advantages to living in this alternative structure. They are eco-friendly and nearly indestructible. [from…

Incredible Beach House In California Brings The Ocean Indoors!

Rockledge Residence in California

Contemporary residences are increasingly becoming all about a seamless integration of the interiors with the natural exterior. Located on a rocky coastal strip in Laguna Beach, California, the Rockledge Residence offers amazing ocean views while its lavish interiors extend outdoors thanks to the breathtaking patio and pool deck. Virtually bringing the ocean indoors with the extensive use of glass walls and windows, every room in…

21 Fabulous Modern Homes Showcasing Elegant Pianos

Elegant Pianos in Wonderful Homes (2)

Sophistication and elegance is a killer combination for any dream home, but the way these defining traits are put into play in each home differs. Some people choose to display their passions, and others love the sound on a piano’s strings so much that this large musical instrument occupies a carefully selected place in the home. There are many examples of how and where to…

Stay Warm This Winter in a Tropical Bedroom

Bedroom with tropical style

I’m in the midst of bedroom-makeover brainstorming. And just as I was about to purchase a modern zigzag comforter at a great price this week, I got cold feet. Why? I couldn’t help but feel like I needed to go tropical in my sleeping space instead! Maybe it was all those episodes of The Golden Girls I watched as a kid… What’s so great about tropical motifs?…

Smart Homes to Conquer the World: 10 Ways the Future Sounds Great

sony's 4k ultra short throw projector for the contemporary home

Each day we bring to you fascinating new designs, inspiring homes and innovative ideas from the world of architecture and interior design. Yet, there are a few fleeting moments when we all ponder not just the current trends and fashionable ideas, but also what the future holds for all of us design aficionados. The idea of a home that is capable of interacting with its…

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