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Make A Splash With These Stylish Wood Pool Deck Ideas

Having a swimming pool at home is the epitome of luxury. With a pool, you have access to a leisure activity that many other homeowners do not. Understandably, many pool owners want to make their outdoor living areas as stylish as possible.

There are many ways to do this, including the selection of decking material. There are many materials used to make decks but here, we’ve rounded up some beautiful wood pool deck ideas.

1. Hardwood Deck

Hardwood decking is a great choice for anyone. You can have it installed with a big or small budget since there are so many options to pick from. It will require a bit more maintenance than other wooden decks so if you’re not in for all that upkeep, you should probably make a different choice. The beauty does make the extra effort worth it. Some of your wood options include teak, iroko, balau, garapa, and ipe. They all have their pros and cons so take the time to comparison shop before making a choice.


2. Wooden Deck With A View

Having a pool is nice, but having one with a view is even nicer. You can easily create one with landscaping. If you haven’t yet built your pool deck, you can consider planting trees and shrubs. Some common trees to plant are palm trees or magnolias, while hydrangeas and rose bushes are popular shrubs. If you’ve already built your deck and you lack much ground space, potted plants will look great too. Into a bit of gardening? Grow your own plants from seeds or buy them from a local gardening store. You can also introduce pergolas or gazebos which can be used as privacy screens.


3. Deck With Wicker Furniture

What’s a deck without comfortable chairs for resting? Sometimes, you don’t want to be in the water but the poolside calls to you. Purchasing wicker chairs for your pool deck is a good choice. It’s an easy way to replicate the look of a fancy resort. When purchasing your wicker furniture, you should know that not all types can be used and left outdoors. Since your chairs will be for outdoor use, ensure you buy the ones made with synthetic materials. There are different materials and weaving methods so there are lots of options to pick from. They will look nice and inviting on your wood pool deck.


4. Concrete And Wood Deck

Concrete is one of the most popular choices for a poolside deck. Its popularity as a deck material is due to its durability, even with constant exposure to water, and it is very affordable. Combining it with wood as decking material will reduce your deck cost. It is also great to use the concrete closer to the pool edge to avoid exposing your wood to water excessively. As a bonus, the combination of concrete and wood has a stylish look.


5. Oceanside Themed Sundeck

Miss the beachfront? You can easily get the same feel right in your backyard. Get some chairs and tables for your poolside. The chairs will be useful for you resting while dangling your feet in the water. Opt for a color theme using blues and greens for a beachy vibe. You can also include additional accessories such as large umbrellas.


6. Wood Deck With Wooden Or Concrete Planters

Your wooden or concrete planters can be moveable or built right into your deck. Of course, if you’re not rebuilding your deck, the obvious choice is to get moveable planters. You can’t go wrong with displaying plants and flowers on your pool deck. The hard and industrial look of a concrete planter contrasts beautifully with the greens and soft foliage.


7. Deck Made From Redwood

Have you ever seen redwood under the rays of the sun? It’s so beautiful and is the perfect choice for your relaxation spot. Redwood lumber has great properties, including a natural resistance to decay and pests. If you’re in for a low-maintenance deck, redwood is an obvious choice.


8. Partial Wooden Deck

A full deck surrounding the pool might not be a viable option due to a lack of free space but you can still have a partial deck. A one-sided deck is enough to serve as a relaxation spot by your poolside. You just have to be more careful with your furniture selection because of its small size.


If you’ve been considering adding a pool deck and you were unsure of which material to use, these pictures and tips should help you decide that a wood pool deck is a great choice. Although they are all made of wood, you can see that there are differences in the style and arrangements. There are many different kinds of wood and even when using the same wood, there are variations in hues. You can even combine wood with other decking materials to create a unique look. Some wood needs more maintenance than others but the extra effort is worth it if you like the style.

Emmanuel Ojodun

I write for decoist.

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