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15 Small Bedrooms Filled with Snazzy Pattern: Small Space Craze!

When it comes to decorating and interior design of small spaces, there are a few rules that almost every one tends to fall back on. These are the basics that allow you to create a more visually spacious and cheerful room despite limited space on offer. Yet, those willing to go beyond these conventional norms get discover a much brighter and fun-filled world that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. And with more people willing to take this plunge, we have seen the birth of a fresh, new trend when it comes to small bedrooms – an infusion of bold pattern.

Nature-centric theme takes over the backdrop in this small bedroom

Pattern-filled small bedrooms are all the craze at the moment with many homeowners willing to break the monochromatic norm. Some bring this pattern into the bedroom using the tried and tested accent wall, some use bedding that is much more cost-effective and others take down the route of a brilliant ceiling to get job done. No matter what your preferred mode is, a pattern-filled bedroom is a must try in 2021. Step in and discover the most audacious and exciting small bedrooms full of pattern

Color and Pattern

There are plenty of different ways in which you can actually usher pattern into the modern bedroom. But we will get to that just a tad bit later down the line. The starting point here is to select a definite path regarding the way in which you would love to add a bit of pattern-filled dazzle to the small bedroom. The more audacious choice sis undoubtedly one that involves multiple colors and a backdrop that is equally captivating. Colorful patterns can be tricky to work with in the small bedroom unless you are downright shooting for a style like eclectic.

Small bedroom with wallpaper for the headboard wall in green is filled with a hint of tropical charm [From: No.54 Interiors]
Bright orange and pattern filled pink wall make an impression in this small bedroom
Colorful bedding, backdrop and pillows drive out any sense of dullness in this small contemporary bedroom
Multi-colored butterflies enliven this tiny bedroom in white! [From: CG1 Design]

Try to find a common element with all the colorful pattern that you add to the bedroom. This could be in the form of the style of artwork that you add to the fabulous gallery wall, the wallpaper in the backdrop with a certain chevron pattern or maybe simple stripes that are repeated all over the room. This creates a more cultivated and visually pleasing small bedroom.

Eclectic small bedroom in Moscow home with fabulous gallery wall and painted walls that usher in ample pattern [From: olga tkacheva]
Bedding, shutters and wall art pieces bring pattern to this small shabby chic bedroom

Going Down the Neutral Path

Adding pattern to the small bedroom does not necessarily mean that you only have colorful options to choose from. Pattern in neutral colors of in hues that are already present in the bedroom make for a more harmonious and yet interesting sleeping space. A chevron-patterned headboard in wood, the classic Woods wallpaper in the backdrop or unassuming stripes in white and gray – there are plenty of ‘neutral’ options to choose from in here.

Super-tiny bedroom in wood with a chevron pattern headboard that does not disturb the color scheme [From: LoftNets]
Wall panels with overlapping hexagon motifs make an impression in this small modern bedroom in gray and white [From: nikki rusanova]
Adding pattern to the wood and white bedroom without disturbing the color scheme [From: Beth Levine Architect]
Bespoke wallpaper with leafy pattern for the headboard wall brings coastal vibe to the small bedroom by Orange Moon Interiors

What Works for You!

So how you wish to introduce pattern into the small bedroom without disturbing its curated ambiance? The choices are aplenty with things as simple as the bedding and wall art that do not demand a tedious makeover to wallpapered headboard walls and custom painted ceiling murals that make a grand visual impact. Keeping rest of the room as neutral as possible not only gives the room a settle look, but it also elevates the impact created by the patterned additions in the room. Drapes with chevron stripes, a chair in the corner with snazzy motifs or just an eclectic accent wall – take your pick and get to work now!

Mirrored wardrobe and dazzling wallpaper along with lighting create a magical small Mediterranean bedroom
Tiny attic bedroom with a pattern-filled accent wall
Wallpaper is an easy way to add pattern to the bedroom without opting for a major makeover [From: utkina darya]
Fabulous wallpapered ceiling that mimics the sky brings color and pattern to this tiny loft bedroom [From: Studio Palomino]

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