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Choosing The Best Style Of Kitchen Sink For Your Home

The kitchen is one of the most essential and functional parts of a home; it is often used than other areas of the house. The sink is one of the essential items in the kitchen as it serves various purposes in the home while also affecting your quality of life.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best kitchen sink; when done right, these factors ensure you do not suffer from chronic back pain, messy counters, broken dishes, or dripping sink.

What to consider when choosing the best style of kitchen sink

Depth of sink/bowl

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When it comes to the depth of your kitchen bowl, you can decide to either go shallow, deep, or a combination of both.

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Shallow sink

This type of sink is appropriate for people who are 5 feet, 4 inches, and below, or people who are 6 feet, 2 inches, and above. A shallow sink for people of these heights means they don’t have to stretch or hunch over while using the sink – the depth will be perfect for their height.

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The shallow depth is also appropriate if you want to install a garbage disposal or you tend to wash small items more often.

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Deep sink

You can go deep if you are the type who tends to dirty many dishes when cooking; the extra room will give you a place to keep all the dirty dishes without your kitchen looking like a war zone. Also, if you tend to wash large items – like pans or cutting boards – a deep sink is most appropriate.

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Countertop height

The countertop can affect the comfort of the sink for both a short and a tall user. The countertop can be reduced and made accessible for shorter people or people in a wheelchair. The countertop can also be raised for the comfort of taller users.

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Sink materials

Purchasing a sink in the right material determines the look and durability of your sink. The sink material is tested when it comes to scrubbing and cleaning the sink as you would a material that will remain intact after applying chemicals used in kitchen cleaning.

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When choosing the best kitchen sink, aesthetics is just as important as maintenance. Some of the best sink materials are stainless steel, porcelain, copper, granite composite, cast iron, fireclay, and native stone.

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Drain placement

To determine the best drain placement, consider the location of the plumbing in existence and the amount of work you might need to do. There are various drainage placement options to consider, such as off-center drain, centered drain, or the rear drain.

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Sink installation

When choosing a sink, you should also consider the type of installation you want; the installation determines the look and style. Once you know the style and look you want, choosing a sink becomes easier.

Some of the options available for your sink installations are drop-in sinks, farmhouse sinks, flush-mount sinks, integrated sinks, under-mount sinks, and bar sinks.

Kitchen sink with pendant light overhead
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Cantina Polished Copper Bar & Kitchen Prep Sink
Farmhouse Sinks

A sink is one of the essential items in the kitchen; getting it right when purchasing will determine if you will enjoy doing dishes in your home or if you will spend more money fixing and changing your sink.

Judith Ejike

I write for decoist.

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