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8 Best Houseplants For Beginners (Seriously!)

Plants in the home serve different purposes; they can be used for beautification, air purifying, or as a source of nutrients. Whatever might be your reason for deciding to purchase house plants, seeking an expert’s opinion either online or in-person is essential.

What determines if a plant will die or continue to live after your purchase is the type of plant, the environment it will be placed in, the amount of water and sunlight it requires, and other maintenance cultures needed.

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Photo by: OkCredit

As a beginner, the first step to purchasing any plant is to determine if what you want is an indoor plant or an outdoor plant. For a house plant (depending on your schedule), you should pick plants that require little maintenance, lights, and water.

Below are some of the best in houseplants you can begin with as a beginner.

8 Best Plants for a Beginner

1. Snake plant

The snake plant is one of the favorite indoor plants for beginners with its green-on-green bands on sword-like leaves. It is from the same family as the dracaena and liriope. The snake plant is a tough plant that loves lots of sun, but can manage alright without it; they are also not particular about watering.

snake plant sitting atop dresser
Photo by: Pexels

2. Cactus houseplants

If you will most likely forget to water your plant, this houseplant is a great choice as the plant can thieve on its own. The succulents and desert cacti plants come in dozens of varieties that you will easily find at the nursery. These species of plants thrive best with little water, bright lights, and a drained pot.

multiple cactus plants in different size clay pots
Photo by: ftd

3. Spider plant

The spider plant is another beautiful option for beginners as it is not picky about water, temperature, or light. The plant can grow easily in atop columns or baskets with arching leaves. The mature spider plant is a magnificent plant, with the variegated variety being the most common.

Photo by: Shopugc.com

4. English Ivy

The English Ivy plant is another beautiful indoor plant with its thick glossy dark green, white, and yellow leaves, making it suitable as a hanging plant or a plant set on a high shelf.

The plant needs indirect bright light and little water; it also needs well-draining soil and nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Although this plant is beautiful, it is toxic to children and pets – and they are usually drawn to it; the English Ivy is better suited for someone without kids or pets.

Photo by: Mydomaine

5. Peace lily

As a beginner to indoor plants that need an exotic and elegant-looking houseplant, the peace lily gives you that option. The plant is one of the easiest to maintain indoor as it tolerates various lighting conditions and moderate watering.

peace lily on windowsil
Photo by: Pexels

6. Lucky bamboo

The lucky bamboo is one hard plant to kill; it can strive in the harshest of conditions. The plant is a perennial office plant and is suitable as a gift to plant lovers. It requires little maintenance and can grow without supervision.

The plant is believed to enhance the energy in its surroundings and also bring good luck.

lucky bamboo with red tie
Photo by: Nestreeo

7. Jade plant

The jade plant is one beautiful option of a houseplant for beginners; it can grow to the size of a small shrub. The lush green plant is beautiful and requires indirect or partial sunlight.

Photo by: Wellandgood

8. Peperomia

The peperomia are beautiful, ornament-looking plants that come in various sizes, colors, and shapes; they have thick waxy drought-tolerant leaves. For a houseplant beginner, peperomia is ideal because it can withstand a decent amount of neglect.

It requires medium to bright light and watering (only when the top half of the soil drys).

Photo by: Dengarden

Deciding which houseplant to choose can be confusing as there are different beautiful plants to pick from. We hope this article helps you make a good decision!

Judith Ejike

I write for decoist.

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