Glass Cabinets for a Chic Display

beautiful glass cabinets

Glass cabinets are for those who want their furnishings to have a voice! Why else would you select a piece with glass doors? If you want to conceal items, you purchase an opaque cabinet. When you want a piece to show off its contents, you go with the transparent doors… And just what do you put inside of your display cabinet? Whatever you want to…

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Casa Kolonihagen: Contemporary Nordic Architecture For a Summer Retreat

scandinavian villa in norway

Casa Kolonihagen by Tommie Wilhelmsen is located on a beautiful green plot in Stavanger, Norway and it showcases everything we love about modern Nordic style. Simplicity is one of the key elements in the design of this gorgeous holiday retreat. The idea was to create a flowing interface between the compact and sleek interiors and the vibrant surroundings. The result is a getaway that is…

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27 Round Beds That Will Spice Up Your Bedroom

Simple and elegant way to use the circle bed in a modern home

We are often too concerned about the set design principles and form factor. Innovation is not just about taking the current design several steps forward, At times it is about changing existing perceptions with a whole new trend. Circle or round beds might not be a décor idea that is earth shattering and brand new. Yet, very few homes seem to have embraced this circular…

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Tree House Plans to Build for Your Kids

Deluxe tree house

With the weather getting warmer, DIY fever is hitting household after household! What spring projects are you pondering? Perhaps you’ve begun planning your spring garden, or maybe you’ve started a little bit of spring cleaning… What about some spring building? Today we feature 10 tree house plans that put the style in family project time. And what better way to spend time with the kids…

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Washington Park Hilltop Residence Incorporates Fluid Form With Contemporary Charm!

Lake Washington views home

Some of the most sought after features in a modern residence are clean and well defined form, ergonomic interiors and a view to die for from its vast confines. Designed with a sense of ‘flowing philosophy’ by Stuart Silk Architects, the Washington Park Hilltop Residence tries to amalgamate both varied styles and visual textures into one beautiful home. The unabated views of Washington Lake, Mt….

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29 Hanging Bed Design Ideas to Swing in the Good Times

Simple Barnwood hanging bed for outdoors

We are fascinated by elements that are not part of our natural habitat. While some of us tend to spend a disproportionate amount of time on the beaches and surfing the waves, others are obsessed with taking to the skies. Flying has always been one of our dreams and watching the many cartoons growing up on Saturday mornings, some of us assumed individual jet packs…

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Modern Apartment With Classic Details in Stockholm’s Gamla Stan

For those of you who don’t know it, Gamla Stan is the Old Town part of the historic city of Stockholm. Stills sporting the cobbled streets, narrow alleys and large squares, this area carries much of the ‘old world’ charm, along with it. Located in the heart of this traditional setting is this beautiful and vibrant modern apartment space that blends in the local architecture…

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Upcycled Silos Turned Homes

Silo House living room

There’s no denying that recycling helps the planet. So it’s no surprise that recycled (or upcycled) homes are the ultimate in sustainable living! Today we feature upcycled silos that have been transformed into amazing dwellings. It’s interesting that a container used to store grain can later be used to house people. Sound too surprising to believe? The pictures below are the proof… But don’t think…

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Magical Kids Bedrooms That Will Inspire Your Renovations

Beautiful machinery inspired kids bedroom

Bring the magic and wonder to a child’s bedroom near you with some fairy dust otherwise known as sweat, a tool belt and imagination and give your kids a place where dreams can come true. Willy kids bedroom by AltaModa / Imagine Living It’s bedtime and as happens in any household where your children have a strictly adhered to bedtime, there ensues many antics in…

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Things to Consider Before Adding on a Porch

stunning porch decor with stone

One thing many homeowners neglect to consider when investing in a property is the importance of a porch. Often, your outdoor living space is just as important as the indoor one. Although you may not spend as much time on your porch as you do your kitchen or bedroom, it is still an integral piece of your living area. Luckily, however, you can easily build or…

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