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18 Gleaming Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash Designs

The backsplash is one area of the kitchen that you can really take advantage of to bring some artistic flair to the room. And it doesn’t have to be expensive! Small tiles (or broken pieces of glass or ceramic material in uneven sizes) can be used to create a mosaic work of art that’s as simple or as detailed as you want it to be. If you’re up for a real DIY project, this could be the perfect way to put your creativity to the test. Check out these 18 stunningly gorgeous mosaic kitchen backsplashes for some inspiration.

Randomly Sorted

It’s pretty hard to make a mosaic look bad. If you can randomly place one tile next to the other, then that’s all you really need! This example featured on Tile Home Guide uses a checkerboard style of colored beige and brown tiles.

Kitchen backsplash with different shades of brown and neutral colors

Your tiles don’t all have to be the exact same size. In fact, the more irregular they are, the more interesting you can make your mosaic backsplash really look. Check out this dark blue design from New Mood Design and a lighter one from Mina Brinkey Photography.

Dark blue mosaic tile kitchen backsplash
Light blue and turquoise mosaic tile kitchen backsplash

If you’re a fan of the reflective effect, you can get some tiles (or even pieces of what once was a mirror), and you can recreate this disco-inspired mosaic backsplash featured on Brit.co.

Disco-inspired reflective mosaic backsplash

Abstract Creations

There aren’t really any rules when it comes to mosaic artwork, so feel free to get funky with your ideas. This abstract mosaic from Frank Pitman Designs shows how you can create patterns with different shapes and colors among a more neutrally tiled background.

Creative backsplash design with sublte pops of orange and red

Although it might take quite a bit more initial planning, tiling a design that creates a bigger mosaic picture is often worth it. This colorful backsplash could turn any boring kitchen into a room you’re actually proud of showing off.

Large mosaic backsplash in very bright colors

Glass and ceramic are ideal materials for mosaic backsplashes. They’re durable enough to take the moisture, grease, and food splatter. Here’s another lovely example that was featured on Fine Home Building.

Colorful glass and ceramic mosaic tile backsplash

Circles & Swirls

Abstract design can be fun, but you don’t have to stop there. Circular shapes can bring a real sense of elegance to a backsplash, like this gorgeously subtle blue and neutral colored design from this Finnish blog.

Gorgeous backplash mosaic with blue overlapping circles

This mosaic from Ventan Builds uses brightly colored circles in the backsplash to match the red cabinets. Simply brilliant!

Beautiful backsplash with different colored mosaic circles

If standard circles aren’t your thing, then you might like this swirl design from Decozilla that adds a touch of refinement to the kitchen.

Elegant mosaic backsplash with swirl design

Flower Power

If you have an eye for artistic tile arrangement, you may want to try creating an image for your mosaic. Flowers are a popular option, and for good reason — they look amazing! These two flowery mosaic backsplashes are from The Rese Desjardin Studio.

Mosaic image built into tiled backsplash
Colorful mosaic backsplash featuring flowers

Take a look at this one — a very detailed backsplash above the stove featured on Curbly that not only showcases all sorts of different colors, but other shapes and designs from broken dishes! Incredible.

Amazingly detailed stove backsplash with colorful plates

Now here’s something that would require quite a bit of artistic talent to get right. All those tiny tiles create an impressive arrangement of vases, flowers, leaves, and vines that all work together to make up the image. [Featured on BHG.]

Very detailed mosaic backsplash featuring flowers and vases

Beach Getaways

Aside from flowers, beaches seem to be another popular image choice to recreate for a mosaic backsplash.

Intricate beach mosaic backsplash

Although not quite as detailed as the one above, this next mosaic design from Alicia Friedmann brings a tropical vibe with her beachy backsplash.

Large beach mosiac image for kitchen backsplash

And finally, who wouldn’t want a giant grab in their kitchen?! You have to admit, this realistic looking crab created with all sorts of different colored tiles from New Ravenna looks pretty amazing.

Crab design in mosaic backsplash

Starry Night

Okay, this very last example from Lime Green Ultramarine just had to be included! Talk about transformation. The backsplash almost looks as if it takes inspiration from Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night painting. What a way to add some color to that white cabinetry.

Night sky mosaic backsplash

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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