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Energize Your Workspace: 30 Home Offices with Yellow Radiance

Crafting the right environment in the workplace is incredibly important and it often affects both your creativity and work productivity. And if you often carry your work home or tend to work from home entirely, then having a dedicated home office or at least a small, organized workspace is indeed a smart choice. But a home workplace is much more than just putting a desk, chair and a table lamp together. Apart from the obvious functional choices of additional storage units, cabinets and sleek wall-mounted shelves, there is also the aesthetics to take care of.

Beating boredom, dullness and a sense of monotony can make the home office a lot more fun, and this actually helps your work productivity as well. Few colors manage to bring excitement and refreshing cheerfulness like yellow at its glowing best! A splash of yellow in the home office can completely alter the ambiance of the room, and the more neutral the color palette of your home office, the better it is visually. Fun, vivacious and at times mesmerizing, here are 30 inspirations to get you started.

Gorgeous Gray & Cheerful Yellow

We start off with the smashing combination of gray and yellow, which blends a refined elegant backdrop with bright pops of accent hues. Gray is arguably the most popular neutral and has occupied the top spot of the trends chart for awhile now. The home office is a great space to start testing which shade of gray you love the most before taking it to the bedroom and living room. Yet yellow is the color in this combination that brings oomph and sparkle even when used in moderation.

Eclectic home office in gray with pops of yellow [Design: Green Couch Interior Design]
Lovely use of wall art in the modern home office [Design: 2 Ivy Lane]
Gorgeous gallery wall and sitting area in the home office [Design: Tim Barber LTD Architecture & Interior Design]
Interesting use of modern prints to add yellow to the home office [Design: Brookfield Residential]

Amount of yellow you use in the room with gray backdrop can be limited to a small accent pillow on the home office couch, a vase on the desk and that lovely piece of modern art on the wall. Yet, the glow and allure of yellow ensure that the otherwise sterile space seems both engaging and exquisite. This is an approach that never seems to fail in case of modern, contemporary and transitional home offices.

Small home office design in gray and yellow [Design: Williams-Sonoma Home]
Use of lovely vases, decor and throw pillows can add yellow to the home office [Design: Martha O’Hara Interiors]
Lovely balance between traditional and modern styles created by home office décor [Design: Horchow]
Budget home office design with white IKEA floating shelf [Design: K&L Interiors]
Gray creates an elegant and versatile backdrop in the contemporary office space [From: Ross Painting]

Delightful Décor

Easy to incorporate, décor in yellow is the best way to add the color to your home office without opting for a major makeover. The home office provides ample opportunity to add colorful décor in the form of wall-mounted shelves, a work desk, a chair and additional cabinets and storage units. Filing cabinets in glossy yellow are a fun option as well, and they would also ensure that the workspace is far better organized. If you are adding just pops of yellow to a neutral background using décor, then make sure that you repeat the color in the room to give it a more balanced appeal.

Jet black coupled with vivacious yellow in the home office [Design: Abbe Fenimore Studio Ten 25]
Vintage home office desk in yellow [Design: Jeffers Design Group]
Filing cabinets in cheerful yellow steal the show in this home office [Design: Nexus Designs]

Taking a traditional approach to this, drapes are a great way to bring in yellow into the home office and they tend to make a big visual impact. Yellow drapes with geometric pattern are a hip choice and look smashing in a contemporary home office and they also create a more colorful and dynamic setting.

Beach style home office with colorful, yellow chair [Design: The Home]
Even the tiniest home office could use some yellow [Design: John Kraemer & Sons]
Custom wall stencil for the posh home office [Design: Pulp Design Studios]
Bright yellow filing cabinets in yellow from USM for the organized home office [Design: Shirley Meisels]
A simple and easy way to add color to your home office

A Cloak of Coziness!

A home office backdrop clad in a mellow yellow hue is ideal for those who absolutely love the color and are comfortable with moving away from the conventional neutral color scheme. This is also a smart choice for the home office / guest bedroom combination, as the warmth and elegance of yellow shapes an inviting bedroom. Seamlessly blending with traditional, rustic, farmhouse and vintage styles, this matte yellow backdrop appears even more appealing when coupled with the right ambient lighting.

White and yellow home office with unique ceiling and modern style [Design: Positive Space Staging and Design]
Yellow brings a warm, fuzzy glow to the relaxing home office [Design: Echelon Interiors]
Ladder shelves make a smart addition to the modern home office

Yellow can also be used for that captivating gallery wall or energetic accent wall in the contemporary home office. If the idea of repainting one of those walls seems a bit too cumbersome, then turn to the magic of wallpaper! While shunned in the 90s as outdated, wallpaper is back with a bang and the endless options on offer allow you to bring not just color, but also pattern and texture to home office.

Geometric Vector writing table and Utopia rug
Yellow wallpaper with floral pattern for the home workspace [Design: Domus Nova]
Fabulous wall shelves and yellow accent wall enliven the cool home office [Photography: Michelle Rasmussen]
Custom built desk and dazzling shelves for the trendy home office [Design: U+B Architecture & Design]

Color, Pattern & More

Want a more quirky, playful home office? It does seem like the trend, with even tech giant like Google turning to color and creativity for more relaxing and engaging workspaces! Those less adventurous can try out stripes and chevron patterns involving yellow and white. Others willing to try out the exotic may turn to wall art, stencils, graffiti and an eclectic style that fuses bright yellow with bold reds, gorgeous greens and soothing blues. No matter what the existing style and color scheme of your home office, you can rest assured that yellow will fit right in.

Walls in yellow bring texture and coziness to the eclectic home office full of color [Design: Gil Walsh Interiors]
Home office with brick walls and a dash of yellow and fuchsia [Design: Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs]
Teen-tastic contemporary home office in black and yellow [Design: Makom Design]
Decorating the empty home office with a gallery wall [From1: Design Harmony]
Contemporary home office with white and yellow striped walls [Design: 2 Gays & a Design]
Yellow infuses electric charm to this snazzy home office [Design: Studio 74]

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