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16 Old Trunks Turned Coffee Tables That Bring Extra Storage and Character

Trunks used as coffee tables are kind of a big trend, and for good reason! Not only do they add a bit of vintage style to the room, but they’re also roomy enough to store stuff like extra blankets, books, magazines, electronics, DVDs, or anything else you don’t want to keep out in the open for everyone to see. You can get them at antique stores, garage sales, and if you’re lucky — left out on the curb by owners who don’t want them anymore. See how great a trunk can look when you incorporate it into your living room decor!

Traditional Travelers’ Inspiration

There’s nothing like an old trunk to highlight your love of travel. Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s travels, Baers’ trunk cocktail table adds a timeless sense of adventure with a traditional feel to it too. It has reeded feet to keep it off the floor and make it look a bit more like a decorative table.

Ernest Hemingway Traveler’s Trunk cocktail table from Baers
The Ernest Hemingway Traveler’s Trunk accessorized with flowers

If you really want to embrace more of a steampunk style, characterized by a mix of Victorian era and industrial decor, an old trunk really does the trick. Check out these two examples that were featured on Homedit.

Old steamer trunk used in living room

A map can really accentuate your steampunk-traveler’s theme, especially when paired with a trunk for a coffee table! Try something bold like a big map on the wall to pull it all together.

Travel-themed living room with old trunk coffee table

Bright & White

A lot of old trunks come in brown or black, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the trend altogether if you’re looking for a lighter option. There are lots of white or brighter neutral-colored trunks you can get as well. Here’s one you can purchase at Target.

White vintage trunk coffeet table from Target

If a trunk won’t do, why not try a large suitcase instead? White Lace Cottage and Style Me Pretty feature a white suitcase and trunk with a very shabby chic look to them.

White shabby chic suitcase with feet added to it
Old worn white/shabby chic trunk coffee table in living room

If you look around enough, you’ll find trunks in all sorts of different styles and colors. Here’s one featured on The Every Girl that does away with the old weathered look and instead embraces a cleaner, more refined look with all that gold hardware.

Off-white trunk with gold edging and buckles

A Darker Impact

The white and lighter colored trunks are a nice alternative, but don’t be afraid to embrace those darker trunks that really make a statement. In fact, you can still use them even when most of your furniture and overall theme is white or light in color. Add some depth and boldness to a bright room, like this dark wooden trunk coffee table does.

Very dark and weathered trunk used as coffee table

Even a room that already has quite a bit of color in it can use a dark trunk to pull the whole look together. This colorful beach-themed room from Desire to Inspire makes use of a gorgeous navy trunk.

Large navy blue trunk used as coffee table

Living rooms that are a bit on the bland side can be improved with a dark brown or black trunk. Take a look at this mostly white room from The Grower’s Daughter that looks so much better with that oversized black trunk for a coffee table.

Large dark trunk paired with white furniture

Some trunks may look a bit tall to be used as coffee tables. If you’re looking for one that’s slightly more lower to the ground, try taking inspiration from this lovely old trunk featured on Brit.co that brings a bit of timeless, rustic style into a mostly neutral colored living room.

Old trunk coffee table brings some rustic charm to a living room

If you really want to be bold, go for the blackest trunk you can find! This one, featured on Apartment Therapy, was apparently picked up off the street for free and even still had the stickers on it.

Old trunk complete with stickers used as coffee table

Blues & Greens

White, brown, black… where’s all the color with these trunks?! Although they may not be quite as common as some of the less colorful selections, brightly colored trunks are still out there. You might even be able to paint one if it’s made out of material that can stand some paint. This stunning pastel blue trunk from Jenna Suede Design adds to the blue accent colors in the room, while this darker teal trunk adds a much needed pop of color in a living room full of very neutral-colored furniture.

Pastel blue trunk coffee table in living room

Metallic Highlights

You can bring a little sparkle and shine into your living room by going for something a bit more out of the ordinary with a metal trunk. Desert Domicile features one with a DIY stand to lift it off the floor. This other one from Waiting on Martha has some wooden details to keep that old vintage feel intact.

Bright silver metal trunk with lots of accessories
Old tin or metal trunk brings some shine to a living room

What do you think about using a trunk as a coffee table? Of course, they’re not for everyone, but these examples at least give you a glimpse at how well it can work with all sorts of different themes, colors, and decorative accents.

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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