6 Home Decor Ideas Inspired by Fall Fashion

Ah, Fall Fashion Week – the seven days every fashion lover stops in their tracks to gawk at the beautiful ensembles parading across the city’s catwalks and red carpets. From professional designers to amateur collectors, thousands gather to review upcoming lines and prepare for the trends sure to hit the stores later that year. While reviewing the latest threads this year, we noticed something –…

Modern Bathroom and Vanity Lighting Solutions

Modern pendant lighting for the bathroom

Get ready to rejuvenate in a spa-like retreat, courtesy of some strategic lighting! Just because bathrooms tend to be smaller spaces in the home doesn’t mean they should be any less dramatic when it comes to light and shadow. In fact, if you think about it, much of the time spent in the bathroom getting ready occurs at the beginning and end of the day….

Hosting an Outdoor Party in Autumn

cozy outdoor relxaing area

Even though the air is beginning to chill outside, that doesn’t stop many of us from hosting outdoor parties. The autumn weather is crisp and refreshing and, thanks to the changing, much of the décor is readymade. It just seems natural to spend as much time outside as possible before the temperatures drop unbearably low. However, before you throw your fall fest, make sure to…

Creating a Functional Office: From Concept to DIY Completion with Vanessa Deleon

interior designer - office idea

We all have outgrown something. Hairstyles. Music. Clothes. Oh how we have outgrown clothes. When you progress through adolescence into puberty, this is an exciting time. When, however, the tags of our wardrobe start reading in higher numbers and featuring larger quantities of X’s, well we realize bigger isn’t always better. No one knows that better than Vanessa Deleon. With just an eight foot wide…

Cool Copper: Bringing this Gorgeous Metal into your Home

copper sculpture interiors

Every few years there is a revival of metals in interiors and depending on what type of decor style you enjoy, the trend may fit your home beautifully or you may choose to find another metal. Copper is one of those metals that has a warm glow but can also look rustic and natural while lending a rosy hue to everything it touches. Take a…

Nurturing Nursery Room Designs: Top Eight Things for Your Baby

Every minute nearly three hundred of these beings open their screaming mouths to earth’s listening ears. Babies! And the joy of bringing them home, to their well equipped, baby proof home is step two. Hopefully you are prepared! You know the expression. Sleeping like a baby? Yeah, well whoever coined that one never slept in the vicinity of a baby. And if he did, he…

Vandalizing your Home With Graffiti: The Messy Art That Speaks Volumes

Graffiti Dining Room Design

What do you get when you shake a can and mix colors? No, not brown. You get graffiti. And if you appreciate it on the outside of a building, you can now enjoy it inside the building. It’s a wave of design implementation that if we all hop on board, we could have a new school of thought regarding graffiti. So my dear graduates, here’s…

How to Transform a Room with One Feature

Stunning modern living room with fancy wall

When you walk into a room, what do you notice first? Whether you realize it or not, your eye is always drawn to one important feature in every single room – it’s the identifying accent that makes that room unique. It might be a bright pop of color, such as a loud piece of contemporary wall art. In some cases, the first element you notice…

5 Things to Consider before Finishing Your Basement

Colorful basement redecoration

Depending on where you live, you may have an expanse of basement space in the lowest level of your home that currently acts as one large closet. Down the steps, this is the space in your home where boxes of old books are stored and forgotten, and holiday gifts collect dust ten months out of the year. If you’re looking for a way to add…

20 Chic Modern Bed Designs

A Mid-Cenutry modern-style bed

Looking for a comfy place to crash after a long, hard day at work? There’s nothing more welcoming than a sturdy bed that happens to be stylish! Today we spotlight 20 amazing modern bed designs, complete with links to purchasing information should you choose to take the next step. Get ready for clean lines, thoughtful details and comfortable configurations that ensure each piece is truly…

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