Buttercream Isn’t Just for Baking: DIY Yellow Infused Kitchens

ultra modern kitchen with yellow wall contrast

Sand down those cabinets until your hand meets a smooth texture, and splash on bright yellow paint. This is just one of the ways you can brighten your home with the zest and power of lemons starting with your kitchen. Because sometimes life gets too hard and too heavy. by John Lum Architecture The burdens of tomorrow’s tomorrow on our shoulder before today’s are gone….

Black is the New White: Sophisticating Your Room Without Spooking

black inspired living room interior design

Black rooms aren’t just a place to develop your amateur photography. No, they offer sophistication, elegance and style to your home. Done correctly you can create a new ambiance for your home that will show your serious side with glimpses into the quirks that make you, you. Unless of course you are scared of the dark? Does the thought of walking alone from your car…

17 Cozy Reading Nooks Design Ideas

Lake House Bedroom with fireplace and colorful reading nook

When the stresses of daily life begin to plague your every thought, one of the best antidotes is a good book and a few hours without interruptions. Regardless of your preferred genre, a great book can transport your thousands of miles away or hundreds of years into the past – into another time or place in while the complications of your life cease to exist….

How to Improve Home Air Quality for Allergy Season

eco friendly kitchen with white interior design

For some springtime means warm sunny days spent outdoors, but for others it means fighting a seemingly futile battle against seasonal allergies. The presence of pollen can mean itchy, watery eyes, constant sneezing and other uncomfortable symptoms. Then there are people who suffer these symptoms from airborne allergies all year round. Antihistamines can keep some symptoms at bay – but for how long? In order…

25 Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas

Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas

Wondering what to put at the center of it all? Deciding on a centerpiece for the dining room table can be a bit daunting… How do pick a scene stealer for a piece of furniture, or in some cases, an entire room? Believe it or not, the more we investigated this very question, the more it became clear that sometimes less is more. Sure, we’ve…

Tips to Make the Most of Your Home Office Space

Blue Girls Lounge Eclectic Home Office - Mineapolis

Working from home allows people to enjoy a more laid back, comfortable pace and eliminates the need for a commute – but it also comes with its own unique set of challenges. Often, working from a home office can present a threat to productivity and it can often be difficult to maintain a professional edge with so many distractions abound. One of the key methods…

Installing Radiant Heated Flooring

wooden walls kitchen and radiant heated flooring

Although it’s hard to consider amidst a hot summer, imagine you’re in the middle of a brisk winter, and outside heavy snow flakes are falling at a rapid pace. You’ve just enjoyed a long, hot shower, but you dread the icy chill that hits your bare skin as you open the shower door. You prepare for the freezing gust, and immediately grab the nearest towel….

How to Design the Perfect Craft Room

craft area design idea

Bits of ribbon, scraps of fabric, errant beads and piled up dress patterns. If this description fits your home crafting area, then it might be time for a transformation. Thanks to the rise of DIY home and fashion user sharing sites, and a renewed interest in homemade gift ideas, it seems that every home has its own makeshift craft area in living rooms, on dining…

Creative Tips for Displaying Collections With Style

showing collections in style

There is power in numbers! This simple fact helps explain the appeal of collections. Do you collect seashells? Teacups? Vintage lunchboxes? Too often we pack away our collections, labeling them as clutter or useless trinkets. It’s time to let your collections see the light of day. In fact, it’s time to spotlight them with pride! One interesting aspect of collections is the way they highlight…

Garden-Inspired Living Room Ideas

white and green living room design

Spring is in full bloom and as we inch deeper into the season, and closer to summer, people are looking for more reasons to spend their time outdoors. Indeed, the warmth of the sunshine, lush greenery and colorful palette of the outside world is difficult to ignore. Unfortunately we can’t be outside all of the time, but here are a few simple methods to bring…

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