Stockholm Attic Apartment Charms with Its Steep Ceilings

Attic apartments can often go in one of two directions – nightmarishly dark and claustrophobia-inducting or sleek, open and beautiful. Luckily, this little gem in Stockholm succeeds in being the latter. In fact, upon entering this beautifully decorated space, it’s easy to feel as though you’re in a penthouse suite rather than the attic of a building. The stark white walls, recessed lighting and light…

A Penny for Your Thoughts … and Feet: Copper Penny Flooring Made Easy

copper penny flooring

Candy never tastes so good as when you can pay for it with a mere stack of pennies. Which is why dollar menus taste so delicious. They’re comprised and based on the one hundred penny statute. Whatever delectable entrees or snacks you are purchasing, it is a patriotic privilege to use this copper currency as we pay homage and tribute to our beloved sixteenth president….

Decorating With Houseplants


So you want to bring some greenery indoors…and why wouldn’t you? Indoor plants purify the air and beautify a room with a touch of nature. Popular houseplants include Dracaena, spider plant, snake plant, succulents, golden pothos vine, and ferns. Some are sturdier than others, but each has a distinct look that can enhance your space. From large potted plants to the increasingly popular air plants, our…

4 Tips for Kid-Proofing Your Home

child proofing your home

Whether you’re looking to start a family or simply hosting friends with children at your humble abode, it can be extremely helpful to child proof your living space. Childless adults often forget how many places tiny fingers can get into – and often small children find their way to the most dangerous spaces in your house. An accident can happen in the blink of an…

Ideas for an Impressive Powder Room


Your powder room – also called a guest bathroom – is one space in your home that might not be used very often until you have a friend over, or hold a party. Due to its limited daily usage, a powder room can often be either grossly under decorated or cheesily overdone. If you cringe a little every time one of your guests asks to…

Bistro Kitchen Decor: How to Design a Bistro Kitchen

bistro kitchen design ideas

While bistro kitchens often revel in 19th century French charm, an increasing number of these spaces introduce more modern elements, such as contemporary tile and industrial lighting fixtures. Even though no strict set of rules apply when designing a bistro kitchen, certain qualities regularly appear, such as vintage-style seating and marble accents. Today we take a look at bistro kitchen decor and discover ways to…

Curvy Cherner Chair: A Design That Transcends Time

Curvy Cherner Chair - iconic chair design 1

Norman Cherner was the man who designed the iconic Cherner Chair for Plycraft in 1958. In subsequent years the design became incredibly popular with many living rooms across the globe trying to incorporate its unmistakable design into their own décor style and design pattern. Now, Cherner Chair Company apparently has the exclusive rights to the making of this renowned chair and they are offering this…

Secret Garden: Zaha Hadid and Paola Navone Create a Fairytale Land With Dazzling Design

Secret Garden MIlano - Zaha Hadid & Paola Navone 2

This seems a bit like stumbling and falling into the hole that led Alice to the Wonderland. And unlike the old classical version, this is more akin to the world as viewed in the Johnny Depp version sans all the dark spookiness that came along. The Secret Garden designed by Zaha Hadid and Paola Navone is a beautiful setup that uses installations of woven hazelnut…

Think Inside the Box: Creating Purposeful Wall Art with Box Shelving

interior modern home office with large contemporary box shelves

M.C. Escher is one of my favorite artists for the visual and mental stimulation his renowned work evokes. His challenging pieces are sensational and cause a weird butterfly rupturing response in the pit of ones stomach as you try to figure out where his pieces are coming from and where they are going. Full of corners, edges and boxes he has made a name for…

Checkered Patterns for Home Decor: Charming or Cheap?

luxury dining room with checkered pattern flooring

A checkerboard pattern can be a risky addition to your home. If applied tastefully, this pattern can provide an interesting look to any room and give your living space both personality and allure. However, it can also be the kiss of death for your interior design and turn a room from a simple space into a mismatched circus. If you’re considering adding a checkered pattern…

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