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Modern Industrial Loft Apartment in Bratislava Showcases Space-Savvy Design

Creating a spacious and open living area is not just about having a really large home with plenty of square footage to spare. In fact, it is has more to do with how you use the available space and craft an uncluttered and inviting setting. Located in Bratislava, Slovakia, this lovely loft apartment does precisely that as it turns a small living zone into an inviting social hub for the entire family without actually using walls to delineate various areas. Bringing a modern industrial style to the apartment is its neutral color palette coupled with industrial-style pendant lighting and an innovative mezzanine level.

Gorgeous loft apartment in Bratislava, Slovakia

Conjured up and brought to life by RULES Architects, the Loft Apartment in Superstructure contains a distinct daytime zone with the kitchen, dining room and living room, and a cozy night zone with two bedrooms and bathrooms. Décor inside the apartment is kept minimal and unassuming, with a plush sectional in gray stealing the spotlight in the living area. A custom TV bracket in the living room revolves freely to serve both the living area and kitchen, turning the dining table into a multimedia zone! Tailor-made kitchen shelves, a colorful tiled kitchen backsplash and a wooden accent wall complete this level.

Gray industrial lighting adds to the appeal of the living zone

Loft apartment with dining, kitchen and living space rolled into one

Metallic ladder and a custom TV stand for the industrial loft

Net used instead of railing for the mezzanine level

Sleek white kitchen cabinets blend into the backdrop

Turning the dining space into a cool, multimedia center

Warm pine wood wall brings coziness to the industrial home

TV creates an optical boundary between kitchen and living area

The mezzanine level contains a home library with a series of bookshelves and provides a secluded reading nook for book lovers in the family. Cozy and minimal bedrooms in white and gray complete a loft where clever space-saving features, smart design and an organized floor plan transform the otherwise limited interior into a cheerful and contemporary hub. Using the vertical space on offer to the hilt, this is a loft apartment that places emphasis on functionality and frugality.

Geometric tiled backsplash for the kitchen

Industrial kitchen combines color with funtionality

Large window brings in ample natural light

Cozy couch in gray for the living room with low-slung white coffee table

View of the lower level living area of the loft apartment from mezzanine level

Modern minimal bedroom in gray and white

Bedroom shelves in white

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