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Customized Elegance: Tasteful Trio of Exquisite Bathrooms from Scavolini

There is something undeniably captivating about Italian design, and reinventing its timeless ethos in a contemporary context is the fascinating trio of bathrooms designed by Castiglia Associati for Scavolini. Dubbed Idro, Lagu and Habi, each of these bathrooms brings something unique to your home while showcasing a sleek, minimal style draped in exciting colors. Yet these refined bathrooms go beyond mere aesthetics, as practicality and ergonomics are the two essential components that define each and every composition. If you are looking for that dream spa-style bathroom, then your search ends here!

Fabulous contemporary bathroom design

Despite their posh presence and amazing form, these bathrooms are not just eye candy and work beautifully even in the tiniest of spaces. With floating, wall-mounted vanities, stylish washbasins, standalone modular units and cabinets that revel in minimalism, even the smallest bathroom can benefit from the charm of Idro or the functional brilliance of Lagu. While high-end shower cubicles take center stage in the Lagu compositions, Habi draws its strength from the fabulous, free-standing One Washbasin Unit. And despite their individual style and features, each one seems to blend with the other, allowing you to bring together the most impressive features from all three bathrooms.

White bathroom fixtures stand in contrast to the dark wooden floor

Habi bathroom design with modern ergonomics and minimal style

Blue floor stand base and wall hung cabinets create contemporary bathroom

Classy bathroom design in lichen green for small spaces

Crisp and minimal bathroom design in Titanium gray

Habi is a minimalist and contemporary furnishing where everything is designed to create a coordinated environment, while Lagu focuses on an attractive design and spa-style comfort at home. Functionality and seductive form hold sway in the case of Idro, and every bathroom composition from the trio comes in a fascinating array of engaging modern hues…

Minimal contemporary bathroom solutions from Scavolini

Personalized design of the Idro bathroom with a splash of gray

Wall hung cabinets and base in aviation blue

A touch of purple enlivens the entire bathroom

Keeping the bathroom vanity design simple and minimal

Glossy lacquered finish adds to the appeal of the bathroom vanity

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