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Budget Brooklyn Renovation Fuses Industrial Sparkle with Modern Style

A stroll around the city of Brooklyn is all it takes to realize the unique design style of the homes in this city, a style that captures its distinct flavor and an unmistakable industrial past. The many townhouses, industrial lofts and revamped modern condominiums come with a rich heritage that is reflected even in their renovated, modern interiors. Situated at the edge of South Park Slope and showcasing a glittering exterior clad in galvanized steel, the gorgeous Gutman-Umansky Residence designed by Etelamaki Architecture epitomizes this architectural approach. An early 1900s structure, the residence was given a sparkling new skin in metal, even as its interiors embrace a more contemporary vibe.

Galvanized steel shapes the distinct extreior of the renovated home

Adding to the sheen of the steel façade are framed accent panels in perforated aluminum clad in bright red. The entry of the renovated home also features a tinge of red, while the living area, bedrooms and bathrooms showcase smart red accents. This creates a visual connection between the interior and the exterior despite the use of contrasting materials. Split into three levels, the lowest floor houses a rental while the top two levels make up the owner’s duplex. The second level contains the living area, kitchen, dining space and home office / TV room of the duplex, and the top floor houses the master suite along with additional bedrooms and bathrooms.

Framed red accent panels in perforated aluminum add color and texture

Lower level living area witj kitchen, dining and brick wall fireplace

Pops of red enliven both the interior and extreior of the home

Gorgeous kitchen and dining area design with red accents

Stairway runner in red and a chalkboard wall provide contrast in the neutral setting

Master bedroom in gray and white with large window and comfy Eames Lounger

Brick Chimney Breast in the contemporary bathroom with standalone tub

An existing brick chimney breast became the organizing element for the primary living space on the lower level of the owner’s duplex, as well as the Master Bathroom on the top floor. Off the shelf materials, cabinets, and fixtures are complemented by inexpensive custom materials to create a complex, dynamic space, on a limited budget.

Sliding doors save up precious square footage

Wallpaper in red with interesting motif for the vivacious powder room

Unique metallic exterior of Gutman-Umansky Residence in Brooklyn

Brilliant lighting lets the entryway and red accents shine through

Renovated Brooklyn home combines eclectic, industrial and contemporary styles

Sherry Nothingam
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