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1966 LA Home Designed by Pierre Koenig Turned into an Affluent Modern Escape

American architect Pierre Koenig is nothing short of a legend in the world of midcentury modern architecture and design. His iconic Case Study House #22 defied conventions, defined trends and even today manages to turn heads of home design enthusiasts across the globe. Its open form, breathtaking pool area that offers magical views and stunning simplicity set the tone for a style that LA quickly fell in love with. Considering this iconic status, redesigning one of the homes that he crafted is a challenging task indeed. But Robert Sweet accomplished this with refined flair as they transformed the Henbest Residence that was originally built in 1966.

Backyard with a lavish pool, deck and outdoor sitting area

Inspired both by the architectural roots of the house and contemporary trends, the new structure aims to bring together the present and the past in a cheerful and seamless fashion. A private entry through the courtyard leads to the main living area, even while leading you through a lovely reflecting pool that is connected with the swimming pool. The use of large, retractable glass doors ensures that every room in the house is visually connected with the courtyard and the outdoor lounge. If you have seen the timeless design of Case Study House #22, you will quickly notice the inevitable parallels!

Stylish contemporary backyard design connected with the interior visually

Lovely backyard pool that overflows into the reflection pool

LA home combines the reflecting pool and the swimming pool designs elegantly

Steel frame adds to the sleek modern vibe of the home

Retractable sliding glass doors open up the contemporary living area

Breezy living room with gray fireplace wall

Contemporary home with neutral color palette in gray and white

Gorgeous Moooi pendant in the dining area

Open floor plan combines the kitchen, dining and living areas

Living area of the revamped LA home connected with the extreior landscape through glass doors

Color scheme inside the residence is kept strictly neutral, with white and gray being the prominent hues. Rugs with geometric patterning, lighting and décor are used to delineate space in the open plan living area. Walls clad in ipe wood add warmth to the bedroom, and the magnificent Pacific Ocean views turn this sophisticated home into a relaxing and fascinating escape. [Photography: Chang Kyun Kim]

Geometric rug brings color to the interior

Walls draped in Ipe Wood bring warmth to the interior

Wooden accent wall for the bedroom with entertainment unit

Headboard and nightstand bring black to the all-white bedroom

Wooden floating vanity in the bathroom

Unassuming patio design in gravel and concrete

Small and cozy patio with expansive views of the pacific ocean

Street facade of the modern Henbest Residence in Rancho Palos Verdes

Lavish contemporary home in Rancho Palos Verdes

Stepping stones and reflecting pool shape the dazzling entry of the LA Home with ocean views

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