Penthouse With Garden for Diane Von Furstenberg Sports Awesomeness

Green Roofed Penthouse Apartment 2

Designers at Work Architecture need to be given credit for coming up with this scintillating rooftop garden and the gorgeous penthouse you’re about to see. Built for fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg, the upper floors connect with the rest of the building where the artist has her main store. But besides the penthouse, the house sports many brilliant features that you’ll love — with glass…

Northwest Family Retreat: Renovating a Large Family House

Northwest Family Retreat - kitchen with dining table

Designed and executed by Scott Allen, the Northwest Family Retreat is designed as a family gathering place rather than a conventional residential building. It is well acclaimed for its exclusive living room design, and has scooped the prestigious Northwest Design Award in 2006. The house is erected on unaltered natural topography, highlighting natural flora and fauna right from its entrance from street. Levels of this…

Decorating with a Nautical Theme

nautical dining room with blue and white

As warmer weather approaches, many of us are salivating at the prospect of a sunny, seaside getaway. While you may need plane tickets or a long drive to enjoy a balmy breeze and sand between your toes, decorating your home with an elegant and airy nautical theme can make you feel closer to paradise all year round. Here are some helpful tips for achieving this…

West Indian Viceroy Villas in Antigua Spell Luxury

Dapper West Indian Viceroy Villas

The awesome West Indian Viceroy Villas located along the coast in the northern isle of Queen’s Leeward in British West Indies exhibit marvelous architectural quality. Spanning over an area of 35 acres the villas offers relentless view to the vast ocean lying close to their site. The contemporary glass fronted Viceroy Villas are epitomes of Caribbean luxury. The beach is wonderful, and offers superior entertainment…

Waterfront Apartment Decoration in Amsterdam by Remy Meijers

Apartment on the waterfront 1

Amsterdam is a Mecca of design for anyone who’s at least slightly interested in architecture. To prove our point, today we’re going to have a look at what interior architect Remy Meijers‘ did for this waterfront apartment in the Dutch capital. Paul Geerts: Needles to say, the interior of this apartment overlooking the IJ River in Amsterdam’s city centre was to be clearly orientated towards…

25 Sleek Lacquer Furniture Finds

The King's Lacquer Chair.png

Add a little gloss to your space with lacquer furnishings! Not only do lacquer items brighten a room by reflecting the light, they have a sophisticated quality that fits any design style, from minimalist to eclectic. Lacquer is a shiny, durable finish applied to products such as furniture and small decor pieces, many of which are wooden. It dries nearly instantly and leaves an irresistible…

Recycled Wooden Furniture: Office Desk, Sideboard & Bookcase Designs

contemporary sideboard design from recycled wood

Wooden furniture is very rarely recycled, and we usually dump them as they get older. Such an attitude is born out of misconception that wood can’t be recycled. It’s not true; look what we have for you here. A century ago, furniture in households and offices were all made up of wood. Later, with the advent of technology, and invention of newer raw materials, wood…

Living Room Style: Mario Testino’s Spectacular Design

Living room styles - Mario Testino interior design 1

Saying that what you’re about to see is a wonderfully designed living room, is nothing but an understatement. This is so alluring! This is spectacular, it’s gorgeous. Mario Testino is a great photographer, but it looks like he has great taste when it comes to interior design as his living room has attracted everyone’s attention with its artistic look and the fact that everything is…

Corallo House in Guatemala City is an Ultimate Charmer

Corallo House by Paz Arquitectura - contemporary exterior

You might not have expected the house in the image to be located in Guatemala – the land of eternal spring. It may be because the mountainous nation hasn’t been featured very frequently in architectural websites. But this single residence can wipe off all such strange notions. Located in the capital city – Guatemala City – the Corallo house receives a beautiful design from Paz…

Wicker Baskets: Chic Storage Solutions For Home

Wicker baskets storage

Wicker baskets are purely traditional items, which impart a refined outlook to your interiors. In a way, they help in conserving traditional occupation too. Use of bio-degradable objects is the prime-most motto of every one out there. These simple crafted items do a silent, but superior task, indeed. Wicker baskets come in various forms and shapes. They are functionally superior as well as stylish in…

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