Galley Kitchen Design Ideas That Excel

Modern galley kitchen with white countertop and beautiful backsplash

The galley kitchens found in most homes are just replicas of the small but efficient cooking spaces found on military ships. The design of the kitchen entails a simple two-wall design and the space in-between just wide enough for a few steps backward or forward. Depending on how creative you choose to be, these small kitchens can actually be as stylish, if not more stylish,…

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12 DIY Inspiring Patio Design Ideas

diy patio with landscape pavers

Often, much time and energy is devoted to making the inside of our homes look well kept, inviting, and glamorous while little time may be spent thinking about the outdoor space. The patio should really be thought of as an extension to our home.  It’s a place to entertain in the summer time and to sit by the fire on cool nights. It deserves just as…

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Bay Window Seats for the Modern Home

Kitchen bay window seat

When you think of bay window seats, do you imagine ruffled pillows and pastel fabric? While traditional approaches may first come to mind, an increasing number of modern homes are celebrating the magic of the bay window by introducing contemporary seating into this sacred space. Today we explore bay window innovation in the modern home! Bay windows project outward from the wall, forming a recessed…

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Sleeping Around Shipping Container Hotel: Always on the Move!

shipping container hotel accommodation

Antwerp has one of the biggest seaports in all of Europe and while hundreds and thousands of shipping containers make their way through the waters nearby, there are probably no containers like the Sleeping Around Hotel in the Belgian city. The shipping container hotel concept may not be radically new in itself, but the way in which this particular container hotel operates is definitely innovative…

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Adding Pressed Tin Into Your Home Decor

Stylish pressed tin kitchen backsplash

Pressed tin is a beautiful way to add a little touch of charm to your home, and can be a relatively inexpensive method of changing the entire look of a room. For decades, people have chosen tin ceilings as a way to pump up the décor of their kitchen spaces, but recently we’ve begun to see pressed tin in various other areas of the home as well….

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10 Stylish Door Designs

stylish door designs

Why is it that doors are often an afterthought rather than a starting point? In fact, people often view these design elements as a part of the home’s permanent framework, choosing instead to focus on changing the paint color or hanging more wall art. But what if the doors of your home could make as big of a statement as the furniture? Or in some…

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Ingenious Lampshades & Innovative Paper Vases From Pepe Heykoop and Tiny Miracles

waterproof papervase cover

Sometimes all it takes is a moment of inspiration to change the lives of many and the fascinating and fabulous collection of creative furnishings displayed at imm cologne 2013 by Pepe Heykoop and Tiny Miracles Foundation is one of those amazing ideas. The interesting and arguably unusual collection of lamp shades, matka and paper vases presented by the group not only bring a unique and inimitable…

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Single Family Dutch Home Combines Flowing Style with Simplicity

beautiful dutch home

Villas S2 designed ever so sensibly by MARC Architects is located on Ijburg Island, east of the city of Amsterdam and staying in touch with the beauty and the elegance of this historic European city, the home is both smart and tasteful to the core. Envisioned to serve a single family in a sumptuous fashion, Villa S2 holds within its walls everything that you would…

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20 Creative Wall Decals for Kids

Sleepy bear wall decal

We at Decoist have made no secret of our love for wall decals. The perfect artistic statement for renters, decals add a substantial touch to any room, especially kids’ rooms! Not to mention, these bold wall decorations can easily be removed, so when your child outgrows a certain look, you can switch to another style. Today we focus on wall decals with a creative touch….

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22 Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Mornings

Gorgeous bathroom vanity enhanced with smart use of serene lighting

While the designing of your bathroom might not always be the first thing that springs to mind when planning for a new home, it is essential to ensure that it looks like a natural extension of the remainder of your home; both in its theme and in its makeup. Compromising on the quality of bathroom fixtures can often lead to disastrous results and irrespective of…

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