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One Home – Two Faces: Perforated Steel Shading System Enthralls at House GT

There is nothing more alluring than the idea of a home with a dynamic façade that changes its form and completely alters its aura at the mere press of a button. Operable windows, wooden slats and other smart ventilation systems often achieve this with ease, as they blend functionality with captivating aesthetics. Located on a lush green lot just outside the city of Linz, this Austrian home adopts a similar approach, as its perforated steel shading system instantly turns a glassy and classy façade into a modern, metallic masterpiece.

Gorgeous Contemporary House GT by Archinauten in Austria

Designed by Archinauten, the steel folding elements were placed to regulate temperature and the amount of sunlight that seeps indoors, even as they provide ample privacy to an otherwise distantly ‘open’ home design. Since they are electrically driven, the shading system is uber-easy to operate and drastically alters the appearance of the home. But the smart features of House GT do not end here, as the top level glass living area that opens into a cut-out garden is another showstopper that instantly wows you.

Greenery around the residence adds to its appeal as panoramic views from the various levels promote a relaxing lifestyle. The lower floors of the house contain the entrance, luxurious private quarters, additional workspaces and utility rooms that showcase a refined contemporary style.

Gorgeous glass facade of the Austrian residence with electrically driven shading system

Perforated steel electrically driven shading system of the stunning Linz house

Transparent top level living space of the House GT

Stylish living zone on the top level that opens towards the cut-out garden and panoramic views

Wooden top dining table with metal legs and colorful chairs around it

Glass walls create a stunning ambiance indoors

The entrance on the ground floor connects the street and lift to the upper floor by an entrance hall with a huge roof light area. The light source, a line of windows, which covers the whole front, works as a boundary for the cantilevered upper floors.

Entance level of House GT with elevator connecting the four different levels

Cool metallic shading system adds aesthetic value to the interior as well

Large glass windows of the top level add contemporary charm to the Linz residence

Walk-in closet and contemporary bathroom in dark stone

Central staircase the connects the various levels of the house with outdoors

Sherry Nothingam
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