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The Ultimate Home 2011 1

Ever wondered how Richie Rich (from the comics) used to live? Blooming with unequalled city and ocean views, a dynamic interaction of lights and shadows, and a gigantic area full of impressive luxury amenities, this contemporary residence might just define your dream home. Hovering atop a hill in Southern California, this recently completed project has been named the Ultimate Home 2011 by Robb Report. Designed…

Design Ideas / January 23, 2012

Christopher Guy’s Furniture for Home inspired by Fairy Tales

Christopher Guy’s Furniture

If you are the kind of person who loved fairy tales while you were a kid, this furniture is for you. British designer Christopher Guy’s furniture collections seem to exist in the fantasy world, among the fairy tales and dreams. A couple of years ago, he created a chair inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” which turned out to be a best-seller. This further led him…

Furniture / January 23, 2012

Sleek Furniture from the House of Pouenat Ferronnier

Origami Chandelier

Design firm Pouenat Ferronnier is renowned for its furniture and interior decoration items because of its vintage neoclassical and highly contemporary designs. The recent collections from the company, designed by various designers is a treat for the eyes, and refreshingly beautiful. Designed by French designer Damien Langlois-Meurinne, they offer sleek, contemporary free-form lighting, tables and shelving. The first one is ‘To Turn You On’ coffee…

Furniture / January 20, 2012

Stunning NHow Hotel in Berlin overlooking the Molecule Man


NHow Hotel in Berlin, the second out of the NH Hotels group (first one is in Milan) that aim mainly business travelers displays a warm, vivid atmosphere that invited guests to take advantage of their amazing features. Located on the East Port of the Spree, the NHow Berlin stands at the crossborder between the Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg artistic districts. This amazing result was possible due…

Travel / January 20, 2012

Esplanade Aesthetics for Your Bathroom

Esplanade 1

Prominent German firm Duravit, in association with Russian Designer Sergei Tchoban, have designed a new collection of bath furniture and fixtures. Named Esplanade, this is a beautiful and opulent collection of bathroom furniture that features very interesting elements and a very original and interesting approach to the regular bathroom furniture design. The elements and fixtures look like actual pieces of furniture, as they are panelled…

Bathrooms / January 20, 2012

Delaunay Furniture Sports Cutting Edge Design

DelaunayTable 1

Designer Craig Van Der Brulle presents this furniture collection with ‘cutting-edge’ designs, literally! The collection, named Delaunay, has three pieces – a mirror, table and a chair. The avant-garde collection, which has been named after a type of mathematical triangulation, is created by the help of computer designing, using 3-D software, and laser soldering. The designer insists that the technological component is very important in…

Furniture / January 20, 2012

Textures, colors, patterns and creativeness: The Exchange Amsterdam


Maybe you already heard about the fabulous Exchange Amsterdam. If not, here is a chance to see how creative hotel design can enhance the traveling experience in a unique way. Gone are those days when hotels were about the glamor or about the bed and shower – contemporary hotels offer an additional artistic experience through carefully designed spaces. In order to stay interesting and inviting,…

Travel / January 20, 2012

Transparent Villa Stands on Glass Walls

Villa BH 1

The ‘Villa BH’ in Burgh-Haamstede, The Netherlands is a 2,874 square feet contemporary residence designed by Whim Architecture. The almost transparent structure predominantly stands on glass walls with white frames and natural wood cladding to the roof edge. Though the garden facade and between a body of still water, a wooden jetty passes that leads to the glass rear entrance and the garden house. Each…

Dream Houses / January 20, 2012

REWASHLAMP Repurposed Lighting is Made of Recycled Washing Machine Parts

Repurposed Lighting 4

Portuguese designer To Martins has designed the REWASHLAMP project, and that’s worth mentioning. The project is a repurposed lighting design modeled on a photographer’s tripod, and made from salvaged washing-machine parts. The project finds use in all places: living room, bedrooms, home office or library, even industries. These floor lamps are available in a range of adjustable-height bases featuring a variety of finishes, topped with…

Lighting / January 19, 2012

Overdose of Colors for Your Office Can be a Unique Idea

Desire to inspire 1

A colorful creative office design has been unveiled by Argentinean architect Agustina Bottinelli of AB I Arquitectos Associados. The design focuses on creative patterns in an effort to make office interiors a bit more calming and suit an informal, friendly, working environment. In simple words, this is an overdose of brilliant colors. The design is defined by a range of hues throughout, with everything in…

Office / January 19, 2012

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