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Beyond the Silver Spoon: Flatware Trends for the Modern Table

There’s something happening in the world of flatware… It started with brass infiltrating the collections once reserved solely for silver-toned pieces. Do you remember how unique and unusual those first few sets of brass flatware were?! Now that brass has officially caught on, designers are testing the waters with some gorgeous, innovative flatware solutions that involve rich finishes, two-toned style, and even iridescent flair. Read on as we walk you through some of our favorite flatware finds!

Rich Hues

With brass firmly established in the flatware realm, it’s time for some other metallic tones to start emerging. This Copper Flatware from West Elm proves that stainless steel enhanced with copper titanium electroplating is design perfection:

Copper flatware from West Elm

The metallic tones don’t stop there! This Chocolate Brown Cutlery from Zara Home is a darker take on copper, providing a unique alternative for those who love to accent their table with the unexpected:

Chocolate brown flatware from Zara Home

Black flatware is also gaining popularity, and there’s nothing like the contrast between this dark Almoco Flatware from Design Within Reach and a marble backdrop. Imagine how it would pop when paired with white dishware! [featured at Mr. Kate]

Modern black flatware

For black flatware with a dash of ornate style, check out Zara Home‘s Black Damask Flatware, which incorporates intricate details that add frill to the otherwise clean silhouette of each piece:

Black flatware from Zara Home

Although this Radiance Flatware from Anthropologie was ahead of its time (available as early as 2010), it’s no longer for sale. But we had to include it in today’s roundup, as the purple coating beautifully combines with the flatware’s warm undertones for an irresistible dose of color that can’t help but be intriguing.

Purple flatware from Anthropologie

Two-Toned Style

We now shine the spotlight on two-toned flatware! Anthropologie offers a range of options, including the gold-tipped flatware shown in the image below. Stainless steel and 24-karat gold plate make a fetching combination, don’t you think?!

Serveware selections from Anthropologie

This 24-piece set of Goa Matte Gold flatware from Cutipol pairs black and gold for the ultimate in chic contrast:

Cutipol gold and black flatware

We love how Anthropologie’s Copper Top Flatware combines copper tones with white paint for a crisp effect. Perfect for every season, as the bright handles work well in the spring and summertime, and the warm metallic ends are the epitome of fall and winter festivity:

Copper and painted flatware from Anthropologie

Iridescent Flair

For the ultimate in flatware trends, we end today’s post by shining the spotlight on Mepra Linea Rainbow titanium flatware from Mircenz. Yes, it’s iridescent, which means that no two pieces are alike!

Iridescent flatware from Mircenza

In fact, Mircenza’s Mepra Iridescent 5-Piece Flatware Set can be found exclusively at ABC Carpet & Home, who offers the following description of the crafting process: “Heated to high temperatures in a vacuum chamber, altered metal molecules leave behind the beautiful remnants of their transformation.” The finish is created by PVD, or physical vapor deposition:

5-piece Mepra iridescent flatware from ABC Home

While on the expensive side, this line can also be purchased as individual Iridescent Serving Utensils through ABC Carpet & Home. So go ahead and splurge on a gravy ladle or a cake server without having to purchase an entirely new set of flatware. Investing in one nice piece can transform a tabletop spread!

Iridescent serving utensils from ABC Home

Which emerging flatware trend is your favorite? Would you go bold with iridescent or black flatware? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

Kate Simmons

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