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Modern Minimal French Villa Overlooking the Bay of Saint Tropez

The mesmerizing and relaxing sights and sounds of the French Riviera play host to millions of tourists from across the globe each year, and nestled in this picturesque landscape is Villa Brash, designed by JaK Studio. The lot that the home occupies is situated on the upper hills of Les Issambres, Cotes D’Azure, and it is the unique topography of the site that determined its final silhouette and orientation. A sloping terrain forced the architects to adopt a step-like design for the luxury villa, with the street façade offering complete privacy.

Unique topography of the lot provides dramatic view over the bay of Saint Tropez

The grand residence opens up towards the breathtaking Bay of Saint Tropez and offers unabated views of the natural landscape. With design that is essentially simple, minimal and contemporary, the lavish home showcases a design response to the challenges presented by the exceptional site. Clean straight lines, a neutral color scheme and warm wooden accents create a setting that is both sophisticated and relaxing without taking away from the dramatic view on offer. The lowest level opens up to the expansive contemporary deck, outdoor lounge and pool area and houses the living space, kitchen and dining area.

Sloped landscape reveals the gradual levels of the classy, modern villa

Shaded structure of the house serves as a lovely pergola on hot summer days

Lavish outdoor deck and pool area of Villa Brash in France

Contemporary pool area and deck of the lavish French Villa

Elegant living area of the French villa with plush couch in white

Living area offers unabated views of the distant bay

Minimal, modern interior of Villa Brash

Large, framed glass doors connect the living area with the lavish deck outside

Private quarters occupy the second level of the house and overlook not just the distant bay but also the living area below. This creates a visual continuity in terms of style across the two floors that is carried through to the rooftop zone. The smart use of shaded structures allows the homeowners to spend more time outside than indoors even on a sunny day as they take in the majesty of the French Riviera at its absolute best!

Cozy modern kitchen with wooden shelves and a lovely sea view

Wooden elements bring elegance to an otherwise monotonous interior

Master bedroom and bathroom become one with the use of stackable doors

Master suite of the French villa with a view of the distant sea

Street facade of luxury villa in Saint-Tropez, France

Beautiful, modern French villa with lovely lighting that takes over after sunset

Floor plan of the lowest level of gorgeous French villa

Second level floor plan with living area and bedroom

Roof Level floor plan of Villa Brash

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