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8 Rustic Accent Pillow Ideas to Add Some Coziness This Winter

It’s getting chilly and the holiday season is just around the corner. While it may still be just a little bit early to break out the Christmas tree and decorations, there’s no reason why you can’t cozy up to some winter woodland-inspired decor and accessories right about now! Accent pillows, in particular, can be a stunningly easy way to do it. Here are some fabrics and patterns to consider.

Sweater Weather

Sweaters aren’t just great fashion trends for the winter — they can work in your home too! In fact, you can make your own accent pillows out of old sweaters you no longer wear. HomeTalk has a DIY tutorial for how to do it.

DIY sweater pillows in different colors

Lushome also featured this trend in a roundup of fabulous knit throw patterns for added texture to any modern home.

Sweater pillows with buttons

The Warmth of Flannel

Nothing says bring on the colder weather like plaid and flannel. Apartment Therapy featured this other great DIY accent pillow idea.

Throw pillows made from plaid flannel shirts

Old flannel shirts for pillow covers look even better when you highlight the pockets on them!

Outdoor accent pillows made from old flannel shirts

Faux Fur

If there’s anything cozier than flannel or wool, it has to be faux fur. While fur doesn’t always fly with everyone’s style, it certainly does fit the rustic, wintery decor theme. Pottery Barn has a lovely selection to choose from.

Faux fur pillows from Pottery Barn

Next Home Style shows some pillows that come in adorable heart shapes too.

Wintery faux fur cushions from Next Home Style

Crafty Designs

AwayUpNorth is an Etsy store that sells wintery accent pillows made of felt and other crafty fabrics, featuring designs like snowflakes, trees, and woodland animals. A very easy way to bring a touch of the outdoors in with you!

Decorative winter pillow with snowflake design
Decorative winter pillow with family of bears

Burlap with a Twist

Burlap is such an incredibly versatile piece of material to work with, and while it may not be as soft as some of the other types of pillows on this list, it still works incredibly well with our rustic winter theme. Check out how cute and artistic the burlap pillows are from LowCountryHome on Etsy.

Chevron reindeer burlap pillow
Christmas snowflake burlap pillow

From the Forest

If you’re looking for a real Scandinavian-inspired pillow style, you should check out these pine tree pillows, which are quite the popular trend. Fine Little Day sells them, and the two decor samples below are from Door Sixteen and The Design Chaser.

Scandinavian pine tree pillow
Scandinavian pine tree pillows in different colors

Silver and Gold

Okay, so these may not be all that rustic, but when it comes to ringing in the holidays, you can make a gorgeous statement with gold or silver accents. Bsstudio on Etsy featured this shimmering silver snowflake pillow, while Style Me Pretty posted these adorable “Let It Snow” pillows in gold.

Silver snowflake pillow
White and gold decorative pillows

Oh, Deer!

The best thing about decorative pieces that feature reindeer is that they can work for both general winter design and holiday design. The Inspired Room featured a pillow with a gold silhouette of a deer, which may be perfect for the upcoming holidays, while AKA Design featured this more realistic image of a deer on a white pillow that could fit more of an all-season rustic theme.

Gold deer pattern on decorative pillow
Deer image on decorative pillow

Switching up your accent pillows takes little effort, so it’s a great option for seasonal and holiday-themed decor. It’s also just nice to be able to appreciate something different for a change!

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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