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18 Brilliant Kitchen Bar Stools That Add a Serious Pop of Color

When it comes to styling up your kitchen, incorporating some noticeable color can be difficult to do if most of the cabinetry and walls are pretty neutral or colorless — and it’s especially troublesome if a big revamp isn’t in the budget (or your schedule). But if you have great countertops or an island that can fit some bar stools, then you might as well take advantage of that as a way to brighten things up a little! Have a look at some of the following kitchens to see how much of a difference can be made by using brightly colored bar stools.

Sizzling Reds and Oranges

When it comes to bright colors, sometimes red and orange just can’t be beat. They’ll both bring warmth and passion to your kitchen. The white kitchen below that was featured on BHG uses some very red bar stools plus a few smaller matching accents to dress it up and create that “hot” look!

Bright red/orange bar stools and accents in a white kitchen

Style Blueprint shows another example of a kitchen with some bright reddish-orange bar stools that look lovely even with all the blues and yellows used on the walls and ceiling.

Kitchen with a blue ceiling and bright red/orange bar stools

Here’s another slightly different example from BHG that pairs bright orange with dark wood cabinetry for stunningly warm and hearty look.

Orange bar stools in a dark wood kitchen

Sunny Yellow

Yellow is often regarded as a color that’s happy and playful, and you can bet that your bar stools will stand out when you choose them in this color. Check out the stools in the first example below from Decoholic. Clever to add some lemons too!

Vintage-themed kitchen with a bright yellow bar stools

The next two kitchen examples from Drew and Vanessa and A Beautiful Mess show that bright yellow bar stools really make a big statement when incorporated in kitchens with black, white, and gray shades.

Bright yellow bar stools in a kitchen with small touches of green
Small black and white kitchen with a pop of yellow

Gorgeous Shades of Green

Whether you go light green or dark green, yellowish-green or bluish-green, the color just looks fantastic in so many situations. Tiny Me featured some very lovely bright green bar stools in a white kitchen, while Home DSGN shows a modern loft with a touch slightly lighter green for the bar stools at the kitchen island.

Bright kitchen with green bar stools
Modern loft apartment with green bar stools in the kitchen

And hey, how about these super bright yellowish-green bar stools from Lisa Sherry Interieurs? The wall art and window coverings really go nicely with it!

Lime green bar stools and small accents in a kitchen

Beautiful Blue (and Turquoise!)

Blue is such a stunningly calm color, and one of the best parts about it is that you can play around with the shades to make it more turquoise or green. These bright sky blue bar stools featured on The Kitchn look absolutely incredible in this white kitchen along with the comparably bright yellow accents.

Bright blue kitchen bar stools paired with yellow accents

Or how about bright orange instead of yellow? HGTV featured these interesting-looking blue bar stools with curved backs in this kitchen.

Blue bar stools with curved backs paired with pops of orange

House of Turquoise showed a great kitchen island that’s been painted a lighter shade of turquoise and paired with brighter turquoise bar stools for an interesting color effect.

Bright blue bar stools that go with the kitchen island

And another from House of Turquoise — simple turquoise bar stools bring some much-needed color to the gorgeous cream cabinetry in this kitchen.

Kitchen with stunning light turquoise bar stools

Similar to the one above, these bright turquoise bar stools featured by Carla Aston make this already very bright white kitchen really pop.

Beautiful turquoise bar stools in a white kitchen

Pretty in Pink and Purple

You’d have thought we’ve already covered all the brightest colors out there that can work in kitchens, but not so fast —  there’s still pink and purple to consider! The Kitchn featured these incredible bar stools that started as plain wood with no paint, and then were seriously dressed up with bright pink and gold.

Pink and gold painted bar stools

Neon pink in your kitchen? Yes, it can work. The brilliantly vivid bar stools shown below were also featured on The Kitchn.

Neon pink bar stools bring some color to this kitchen

Purple is a color that can instantly add elegance. Check out these unique bar stools from Haute Look!

Purple Amelia Metal Cafe Barstool from Haute Look

And as our last example of how such brightly colored bar stools can change a whole kitchen, you have to see these royal purple bar stools featured on House to Home. Just, wow. This kitchen wouldn’t look the same at all without them.

Neutral kitchen with royal purple bar stools

So, super bright and colorful bar stools in the kitchen — how do we feel about them? The answer to that question undoubtedly depends on everyone’s personal style and tastes. If you go for it and get tired of the color you chose after awhile, at least you can easily switch them out for something else that’s different, or even a bit easier on the eyes!

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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