12 Lavish Luxury Hotels Promise Opulence Hidden Away From The World

lavish luxury accommodation

You can read a million pages and go through a ton of snapshots, but actually travelling and visiting places in person is an experience that is truly unmatched and obviously far more valuable. A great holiday not only offers you a unique and unparalleled experience, but it also refreshes you with millions of fascinating new sights, sounds and tastes. Add to this already thrilling voyage…

Welcome to the Jungle: 14 Plant-Filled Interiors

Elegant plants in an eclectic living room

Feeling a little green? Not green with envy, but green with a love of plants! Often a houseplant is an afterthought–that accessory for the corner table, or the “icing on the cake” when it comes to living room accents. But today we celebrate 14 rooms that actively integrate plants into the decor. In fact, the style of these verdant spaces actually depends on the plants…

Empty Nest Not So Empty Rooms: Repurposing Your Baby’s Crib Into MTV Crib Standards

Stylish kids bedroom remodel

Come join me for some upcycling fun. Take your mundane, never used anymore furniture and turn it into a wow factor that will step up your interior scheme as you keep occupied and chase the loneliness of Empty Nest Syndrome away. Design by Rachel Reider Interiors Empty Nest Syndrome (ENS) has many symptoms not explained or described on WebMD. It’s like going through a mid…

How to Create a Five Star Master Bedroom

Breathtaking master bedroom design with beautiful lighting

We’ve all seen those photos of luxurious master bedrooms in the latest, trendiest five star hotel advertisements – or maybe you’ve been lucky enough to stay a night or two in such an establishment. Simple and sleek, every element of these suites seems to match and flow, promoting restful sleep and a tranquil atmosphere. Unless you live in a high rise penthouse, with concierge service,…

How to Throw a Housewarming Party

A festive appetizer plate

So you’ve moved into your new home and the first thing your friends ask is “When can I see it?” If this question evokes a sense of panic, fear no more! Today’s housewarming party trends defy perfection. In other words, gone are the days of waiting until every tabletop accessory is in place before allowing company through the door. Get your furniture moved in, put…

Choosing Pet Friendly Furniture for your Interiors

pet neutral furniture

We love our pets, often more than our human family members and friends, but we don’t always love how their fur and “pet-ways” can destroy our best furniture and decorative interiors. Whether you struggle with pets that shed fur everywhere, or ones that tend to leave their mark on your favorite chair, there are pet friendly furniture materials and types of furniture that can help…

How to Get the Perfect Eat-In Kitchen

White kitchen with oval shaped table and eames chairs

A kitchen is a pretty important place in any home. In addition to acting as the laboratory from which tasty meals are concocted, it can also work double duty as an impromptu bar, homework tutoring center, makeshift home office and coffee house. The kitchen sees a lot of activity each and every day and, in smaller homes, it may even act as a dining room….

5 Easy Updates to Modernize Your Home

Beautiful wall art decoration

Every day we walk through the same front door, prepare meals in the same kitchen, shower in the same bathroom, watch television in the same living room and retire to the same bedroom. Your eyes grow so accustomed to your space that you may not even notice how out of date your décor has become. Luckily, it doesn’t take a full makeover to turn your…

40 Stone Fireplace Designs From Classic to Contemporary Spaces

fireplace designs

Everyone has a different choice when it comes to what a dream home must look like and while the interiors and décor may vary from individual to individual, there are some design elements that remain common and essentially timeless. A lovely fireplace in your living room can really add a whole new dimension to your home. It essentially is a place which can be both…

Tile Flooring Design Ideas For Every Room of Your House

tile flooring for every room of the house

Designing your home and transforming it into this vivacious and beautiful abode that charms everyone with its unique and timeless look, could be a daunting task. Everyone around you has ideas, but what matters most is the vision and dream that you have for your own place. Achieving this perfect appearance depends on a wide variety of factors and while the themes, colors and décor…

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