Dress Your Table To Impress With Inexpensive Linens

Striped Table Linens

Have you ever gone to look for a beautiful tablecloth and fainted at the site of the price tag? Yeah… it’s a real problem! Table linens can be very expensive, and when you’re putting together an important event and you want to impress your guests, beautiful linens are such a powerful way to do so. After all, the table is where people gather, it’s where…

Classic Victorian House In London Gets A Grand And Glassy Extension!

Contemporary Souldern Road House Extension in London

Modern renovations and extensions are all about ingenious design and creative solutions that make complete use of the existing structure. Located in London, the Souldern Road Project is a perfect example of thinking outside the box by bringing together the timeless and the contemporary. Conjured up and created with a sense of grandeur by DOS Architects, the house is located in a beautiful and nostalgic…

12 DIY Projects That Make A Statement With Contact Paper

Gold triangle wall DIY project

One of today’s most popular DIY project supplies is contact paper. Have you come across any DIY projects featuring this wonder material? The benefits: it’s inexpensive, it can easily be removed, and the creative possibilities are endless. I have to admit–contact paper is one of my current obsessions. I used it to design and craft the gift wrap featured in this post. And the marble…

Bedroom Rehab: Nightstand DIYs That Will Leave You Speechless

Stained wine box nightstand DIY

Ever have a piece of furniture you used to love, but just doesn’t fit the bill anymore? Maybe your decorating tastes have changed, and the color or finish leaves you wanting more? If you’re a home DIY enthusiast, you’ve definitely experienced this before. As trends change and you update your décor, furniture is often the last thing to which we turn our attention. However, a simple change in paint or hardware…

How To Choose The Perfect Dining Table For Your Home

Long, rectangular dining table in white

Choosing the right dining table can be an overwhelming affair, especially if you do not know exactly what you’re looking for. The options are simply endless, and going into a store uninformed means depending on the judgment of the salesman. Most often, that strategy leads to bringing home a table that is a complete misfit. There was a time when picking up a new dining…

Carefully Curated Art Collection Enlivens Stylish Penthouse In Jerusalem

Colorful living room of the Israeli Penthouse

There are those who stick to definite themes and definitive styles in an ardent fashion, and then those who love to craft up an eclectic style of their own. The owner of this colorful and vivacious penthouse apartment in the Talbia neighborhood of Israel definitely is a part of the latter group. Located in what is arguably the most expensive and sough-after locality in all…

20 Master Bedrooms With Creative Style Solutions

Large plants in a modern bedroom

What makes a bedroom unforgettable? Is it a certain look? A luxury feel? A hot color? The answer: there are MANY ways to add flair to your sleeping space. Are you searching for bedroom makeover ideas? Today we highlight four creative style solutions that can enhance any master bedroom. On any budget. From statement lighting that sets a relaxing mood to a few strategically placed…

Gorgeous 16th-Century Barn In Yorkshire Gets A Restrained Modern Revamp

Old English Barn Transformed into a Modern Home

The Cat Hill Barn project by Snook Architects is a brilliant example of how smart and responsible renovations can create stunning modern homes while preserving the original, historic appeal of the structure. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and the rolling hills of Yorkshire, this 16th-century barn in Hoylandswaine, England showcases a lovely blend of the rustic and the contemporary. Dealing with the inherent high ceilings and…

Typography Wall Art To Fashion Inspirational Interiors!


Stop exhausting your eyes with boring wall art! Though I can’t speak for the majority, I have vowed to never fill the empty spaces of my house with pictures from my family vacations and weekend getaways. Black and white picture frames are just so… bleh. Maybe you associate yourself with that small population of decor visionaries who enjoy exploring new design ideas for the home, but…

Wooden Wall Art With Modern Flair

Wall art with wooden squares

Are you on the hunt for wooden wall art? I sure am! There’s something about the three-dimensional aspect of wooden pieces that adds another layer of depth to a room. When the natural grain of the wood is on display, the effect can be contemporary, retro or rustic. When painted, this art can take on a colorful modern feel, instantly grabbing your attention. For today’s…

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