Forest House Gets Stunning Exterior with Different Shades of Grey Tiles

Home sunken into the landscape offers ample privacy

Surrounded by a beautiful coniferous forest and nestled on the bank of the Neris River, House Villa is an exquisite contemporary residence inspired by the landscape around it. Designed by GYZA, the unique exterior of the house uses multiple shades of grey to create a distinct façade that looks even more beautiful thanks to the cloak of natural greenery. A birch tree stump nestled on…

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Fun Finds for the Modern Home Office

Epoxy-topped desk project from A Beautiful Mess

We’re still in the early stages of 2015, and for many, this is the time of year to develop good routines for the months ahead. If you work from home or you’ve set aside a special area of the house for accomplishing daily tasks (paying bills, catching up on email, etc.), today’s post is for you. It never hurts to spruce up your home office…

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Creativity and Cultural Heritage: The Nest House in Mexico

Concrete screen with pattern acts as a windbreaker screen

One defining factor that sets the best contemporary homes apart from the mundane and gives them an aura of their own is the presence of a ‘distinct personality’. With glass, metal and concrete being extensively used in shaping such structures, a sense of monotony and repetitiveness can set in pretty quickly. It is the ingenuity of the architects that shape these and the personal quirks…

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15 Eclectic Bathrooms with a Splash of Delightful Blue

Unique Venetian ceiling design adds color and flair to the bathroom [Design: Inside Inc / Photography by Ira Montgomery]

The idea of creating an eclectic bathroom can be both fun and daunting at the same time. While many homeowners enjoy the cool mash up of colors, textures and even eras that the eclectic style brings, pulling it off with elegance can be a hard task indeed. Add to this the growing desire of homeowners to have a soothing bathroom that combines a touch of…

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Single-Story Residence in Montreal Gets a Cantilevered Modern Extension

View of the pool and natural landscape from the top level

Making the best possible use of the unique topography of the area and the existing 1960s home, the gorgeous contemporary extension of the Prince Philip Residence is an absolute delight! Designed by Thellend Fortin Architectes, this new addition not only alters the contours of the home from the outside, it brings a sleek, minimalist charm to the interior as well. Clad in anthracite-colored concrete panels,…

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8 Dreamy Daybeds That Do Double Duty as Seating

Palu Bayview Daybed with Blue Bedding

While we’re pretty partial to the idea of stealing a wink or two during the day, that’s not the only reason that daybeds have a special place in our hearts. These versatile pieces transcend their lazy reputations by doing double duty as both seats and beds, and are especially useful in urban settings where space is at a premium. Plus, there are all kinds of…

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Bright Colors Shine in the 2015 Spring Collections

Ray-motif rug from CB2

This year’s spring collections are filled with neutral tones, with grey continuing to take the lead. But when the colors do shine through, they can’t help but captivate. Today we’re zoning in on a collection of ultra-radiant find that showcase bright colors. The perfect counterparts to neutral hues such as grey, cream and beige, these decor items are showpieces in their own right. Wake up…

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Old Warehouse in Montreal Transformed into a Dazzling Contemporary Loft

Home office in glass enclosure offers tranquility even while creating a flowing interior

We have seen plenty of old buildings, classic homes and neglected structures being turned into gorgeous modern homes in recent times. But most of these astonishing renovations combine the old with the new and offer a unique blend of contrasting styles. Yet this fascinating loft in Montreal by ActDesign as a former refrigeration warehouse in a hundred-year-old building has been revamped into a dashing, contemporary…

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12 Unique Ways to Decorate with Globes

Brilliant globe pendants that steal the show

The last few years have seen rapid growth in retro, mid-century and vintage design trends, inspiring homeowners and designers to rush to flea markets and thrift stores to score some great bargain buys. We have always maintained that throwing away an old decor piece or even a work of art is simply ‘scandalous’, as you can always rotate between collections, accessories and wall art to…

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Colorful DIY Cork Valentines

Bulletin board-style valentines

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day, Decoist Readers! If you’re looking for a last-minute valentine idea, today’s post is for you. Not only are these cork heart valentines easy to create, they pack a powerful punch. In fact, all you have to do is use a thumbtack to punch a hole through a stack of cork and paper hearts. Sound easy? These bulletin board-style valentines are also…

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