Posh Enough? Swimming Pool Shaped As A Stradivarius Violin

Swimming pool design inspired by Stradivarius Violin

In the world of music in general and violins in particular, the name Stradivarius is sacred and revered. It is a name that is recognized by even those casual fans who are not aware of the intricacies of music. And when a Stradivarius gets stolen, it is a story for the tabloids to swoop in on. Yet, here is a homeowner who has showcased his…

African Style Interior Design To Usher In The Exotic And The Earthy

Contemporary living room with a fabulous display and a Moroccan rug

Have you ever noticed how most of the design inspiration that is featured across the globe comes from two major geographical pockets? We often tend to reflect on largely western designs that owe their origin to the various European nations and their individual design styles, or look towards the east for some exotic and enchanting ideas. In the midst of this rush, the mighty African…

Andy Warhol’s Pop Art Makes A Special Appearance Indoors


Andy Warhol has a special place not only in the world, but also in my heart. After falling in love with the spirit each piece of artwork embodies, I have long since called myself Warhol’s fan girl. In doing so, I have covered my walls with his reprints and decals. If you are mesmerized by the color and dynamic style of his artwork, consider infusing…

Space-Saving Modern Loft Has Everything From Secret Doors To Hidden Shelves

Small Loft Apartment in Madrid with Space Saving Solutions

Fashioning modern interiors is often about getting that delicate balance between aesthetics and ergonomics right. There are many among us who put aesthetics at the forefront, while others tend to opt for efficiency over mere elegance. Designed with a touch of playfulness and plenty of ingenuity by Spanish architecture firm Elii, this small loft apartment in Madrid showcases a wide array of astonishing space-saving solutions….

Marble Decor For A Sleek Interior

Marble pillar table lamp

Anyone else notice the marble revival that’s occurring in the realm of interior design?! I’ve been obsessed with marble since I was a kid–probably all of those swanky bank and hotel lobbies that I strolled through in the ’80s. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate marble decor into my home. This year I’ve been inspired to create a variety of marble accents. Remember this…

Trendy Wire Accents For Your Home


Wire pieces are so in style right now! The traditional old wire basket has been reinvented several ways into some absolutely stunning décor. I think you will find that you just might want to incorporate these trendy accents into your home. [from Ferm Living] The wire trend was revived from the ’60s, when industrial spaces first started being converted to homes. The loft and industrial…

Futuristic 3D Printed House Takes Shape Next To Amsterdam’s Famous Canals

3d printed house in amsterdam

It was just a couple of weeks ago that we talked about the possibility of 3D printers taking over the future of architecture and interior design. While the Contour Crafting technique developed by Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis is still taking final shape, the KamerMaker has started printing out an entire house in the beautiful city of Amsterdam! The 3D Print Canal House is currently being crafted…

Contemporary Chandeliers That Dazzle With Their Heavenly Charm!

The Big Bang seems perfectly at home in an uber-modern home!

When we think of chandeliers, the first image that strikes us is of extravagant and at times imposing designs that overwhelm with their grandeur. But many of these might simply not fit with your existing, modern design scheme. That is precisely why we have three exquisite, trendy and stylish chandeliers lined up for you today. Instead of confining you to the traditional idea of an…

Simple DIY Ideas for a Stylish Table


If any of your tables need revamping, this post is for you! Your dining room table might just be the most important piece of furniture in your home. Not to get sentimental, but the table is where family and friends spend time together and relationships are made – over a meal. So if you don’t have a table that suits you, your family, or your…

SPACES: Vintage Posters And Iconic Artwork To Enliven Modern Interiors

Vintage James Bond Movie Posters part of the SPACES Collection

Are you staring at a large, empty spot on your living room wall and wondering what would truly complete the fabulous space? Vintage posters and gorgeously framed artwork can offer the perfect solution to your design conundrum. Large posters and lovely wall art need not always be relegated to dorm room decorating, and the SPACES from KULT Studio showcases how pop culture artwork and rare…

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