Mesmerizing Limited Edition Abyss Table Promises To Bring The Ocean Indoors!

Abyss Table by Duffy London

If someone told you that the stunning Abyss Table crafted by designer Christopher Duffy of Duffy London was a part of some Hollywood flick that delved into the mythical and the supernatural, you would not be too surprised at all! Replicating the contours of the ocean bed, the beautiful table attempts to capture a cross-section of the many layers that make up the lovely blue…

The Design Lover’s Guide to Dorm Decorating

Stylish lighting from The Land of Nod

Ah, college! Before each semester, I spent weeks planning out the decor of my dorm room, from new accent pillows to shelftop display items. Those of you looking for dorm decorating ideas don’t want to hear me go on and on about my past! But I will say this–consider yourselves lucky to be designing a dorm room during a time when DIY projects are all the…

Space-Saving Solutions Turn Small Loft Apartment Into A Trendy, Functional Home

Loft Apartment in Moscow

One of the most common challenges when it comes to interior designing and decorating is ‘space’. Most of us have to grapple with the reality of having a home that presents quite a few difficulties due to the obvious lack of foot room. Often, it is decor that multitasks and creative space-conscious designs that get us past this hurdle. Located in Moscow, this gorgeous loft…

Discussing Dream Homes & Architecture Lifestyle in Ibiza

Amazing outdoor lounge steals the show at the Ibiza villa

The island of Ibiza is synonymous with a pulsating nightlife and a hedonistic enjoyment of life.  But away from the beaten track of fashionable nightclubs and celebrity is a world of luxury, calm and aesthetic delight. To know more about Ibiza, we sat down with Teresa Nicholson, Managing Director of Red7 Leisure, and talked about architecture, style and the house of her dreams. Teresa, what do you…

Radiator With Built-In Showerhead Enriches Your Bath With Spa-Like Luxury

Geometrical shower space enhanced by the use of luxurious Teak wood floor

Modern bathroom additions and decor are all about combining luxury with aesthetics in the most elegant fashion, and taking this to a whole new level is the Monolite Light integrated heating shower from Brandoni. Crafted with typical Italian panache and contemporary ergonomics by ingenious designer Fabrizio Batoni, this stunning radiator with a built-in shower system drapes you in relaxed opulence while taking up as little space…

Summer Bathroom Style: Modern Seasonal Decor Ideas

Tropical spa style

There’s nothing I love more than finding ways to create a relaxing vibe at home. And there’s no place that can facilitate a spa-style feel quite like the powder room. Fresh greenery, decadent soaps and artful vignettes are a few of my bathroom staples, and switching things up for summer is my current obsession. Today I’m spotlighting 10 powder rooms that are swimming in summer…

How To Pick The Right Colors For A Modern Nursery Design

Picking the right colors for nursery

Picking a color to decorate the room of an individual seems to become a far trickier task as the crowd gets younger! While most adults have very little problem in identifying a color that they love and surrounding themselves with it, kids are obviously far more fickle. When it comes to infants though, the task of picking the right color for their nursery is a…

Waterfront New York Home Gets A Steely New Extension With Prefab Panels

Far Pond House in New York

One of the hot trends that architects and homeowners are quickly warming up to across the globe is the use of prefabricated panels and stainless steel frames to create striking metallic homes. Prefabricated wall panels and metal frames bring along with them plenty of advantages that save up on time and improve efficiency. Taking this sustainable and resourceful approach forward is the Far Pond House…

DIY Black and White Storage Box Using Electrical Tape

DIY Black and white storage box idea

The name Kate Spade is synonymous with a few things these days: black and white, stripes, polka dots, and awesome. I happen to think black and white stripes are the bees knees, so naturally I just had to try my hand at adding them to just about anything, and the first victim was a plain white box. The materials needed for this are as simple…

Exposed Concrete Meets The Warmth Of Natural Wood At Toro Canyon Residence

Living room of the Toro Canyon Residence, California

Surrounded by natural oak and eucalyptus trees and set on a secluded 10-acre lot in Toro Canyon, California, this elegant contemporary home by Shubin + Donaldson brings together a multitude of different textures to shape a truly mesmerizing setting. With a tranquil seasonal creek to the east and the iconic Toro Canyon Creek to the west, the house is built to make the most of…

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