Accent Lamp Ideas That Usher In Bold Color And Cool Contrast!

Turquoise lamps blend in with the feathery theme of the room

We always tend to talk about how accent colors have made an astounding comeback in the last decade or two, thanks to both homeowners and designers gravitating toward the use of cool neutral shades. But most often, our search for brilliant accent hues starts and ends with paint. We generally tend to relegate ourselves to the use of an accent wall to usher in a…

Spectacular Views And Urbane Style Shape Gorgeous New York City Apartment

Mid-Century  Modern Decor inside New York City Penthouse Apartment

Part of the exclusive Milan Condominium in New York City, Penthouse B is a fabulous apartment that offers you a perfect vantage point to take in the many sights and sounds of NYC as you marvel at its iconic skyline. But it’s not just a bird’s-eye view of the city and the beautiful East River that draw you to this trendy penthouse apartment. Located on…

Exclusive Minimalist Bathroom With Sleek Design And Striking Aesthetics

Minimalist Rivo Bathroom with Cool Floating Vanities

Modern design is indeed all about sleek, straight lines that usher in lovely definition along with a sense of sophistication. The stunning Rivo from Scavolini fits this billing perfectly, as it brings together minimal form and effortless functionality to offer you a practical and beautiful bathroom. Combining several modular units that can be interchanged to suit your own individual needs and the space constraints of…

Hanging Plants and Soil-less Vegetation For Green Homes


As we slowly make our transition from the somber grayness of winter to the romantic sunshine of spring, it’s not a bad decision to reflect this change in seasons in your home decor! If you are wondering what counts as spring decor, then today’s post will have you going bonkers! Even though I’m featuring potted plants, hanging greens, and lush vines, I promise a floral…

Repurpose A Votive Candle Holder Into A DIY Planter

DIY painted planter project

Spring is on the way, and I’ve been preparing for the new season by filling my interior with plants! Kate here, and the last time I shared a DIY project with Decoist readers, the focus was geometric painted pots, which were the icing on the cake for my laundry room makeover. This time, I was inspired to repurpose an old votive candle holder into a…

Stunning Pendants That Double As Sculptural And Functional Modern Art!

Stunning use of Nelson pendants to create a floating piece of art

If there is one decor addition that can instantly transform the appeal and the ambiance of your home, then it is the dazzling pendant light. There is little doubting the fact that pendant lights steal the show in pretty much any setting by becoming instant focal points that blend functional and focused lighting needs. Yet, many of these pendants also act as brilliant sculptural additions…

Japanese Design-Inspired Pool House And Spa Showcases Stunning Lake views

Luxurious pool and spa house with lake views

Nestled on the beautiful banks of Whitefish Lake in Montana, this stunning pool house and spa could easily be confused with something that originated in the Far East. This ravishing retreat is inspired by profound and serene Oriental overtones, and spending time here is all about taking in the scenic beauty outside while having your senses pampered with unending opulence. Designed by architect David Koel…

Family House In Israel Gets A Contemporary Makeover With A Touch Of Nostalgia

Renovated contemporary house in Moshav, Israel

Most often home renovations are a part of accommodating the expanding needs of a growing family. This fabulous renovation and extension project in Moshav, Israel was carried out by Mia Maik and Gilad Maik of the Maik Architects, as they wished to convert the old house of their parents into a beautiful, modern residence that would accommodate the needs of their young family. While the…

How To Make A Bold Statement With Velvet Drapes & Curtains

blue curtains

Under the good graces of regal interior decor, it’s hard not to appreciate the beauty of velvet curtains. While some may find this design feature to be either too gaudy or too Gothic, I choose to believe otherwise. I hope that you can come to agree with me! After all, velvet curtains bring new attitudes and charisma to whatever space they inhabit When trying to…

ZigZag Bookshelf By Henrique Steyer Is Snazzy But Trendy

Stylish ZigZag Bookshelf by Henrique Steyer for Florense

When it comes to defining and redefining existing tastes in design, decor and art, we have always found that the ALBUS Design Studio in southern Brazil’s Porto Alegre is a bit of a pioneer that challenges the existing conventions. Their eccentric and audacious office that we featured some time back is a fine case in the point. Adding to this lineup of daring design and products…

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