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Revamped Vacation Home in Barcelona Blends Heritage with Modernity

Finding the right balance between the old and the new is one that requires careful consideration of what you wish to save from the past and what the future demands. When it comes to restoration of a classic apartment unit nestled in a historic building in Barcelona, Spain, its architectural heritage has been carefully intertwined with a modern sheen that feels both relaxing and perfect for the timeless setting. One can notice a beautiful French Country style intertwined with contemporary charm inside the apartment unit that has been given a classy makeover by Le Sable Indigo Interiors.

Beautiful lighting, timeless touches and lovely natural light create a serene setting indoors

The most apparent and impressive feature of the unit is the gorgeous use of pastel colors in every room – from pastel green for the traditional doors and arched windows to pastel pink for the ceiling and uber-chic, light green in the bedroom. Space is not in abundance in her and yet apartment feels cheerful and relaxing with a flood of natural light coming into the living room through the balcony. The small living area contains a dashing couch in dark yellow, an acrylic coffee table and a snazzy rug with geometric patterns that seem to complement the wall art pieces.

Gorgeous dining remodel combines the old with the new in a pleasing fashion
Lovely and classic crown moulding of the room is carefully combined with modern decor
Modern art and bright yellow couch steal the show in this small living room
Small and stylish modern bedroom in white and pastel green is perfect for the vacation apartment
View of the neighborhood comes indoors thanks to the two doors leading to the balcony
Ceiling in pastel pink along with classic French doors in pastel green give the room a fabulous visual appeal

The crown molding in each room adds something special to the ambiance inside with the dining room that has an oval ding table, smart chandelier illuminating the open living area and modern décor completing the transformation of 90-square meter Barcelona apartment.

Closer look at the more classic details of the revamped apartment
Contemporary chandelier and wall art fit perfectly into the renovated heritage apartment
Delight pops of yellow, blue and red enliven the neutral living space
Look at the building holding the Parallel Heritage apartment

Sherry Nothingam

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