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5 Top Bedroom Colors that Never Disappoint: Timeless Hues

When it comes to planning for a new home, the first thing that everyone in the family has an opinion on is the colors for the interior. It might all start with the living room and the kitchen, but it is the bedroom that tends to divide opinion the most. Everyone wants a different color in their bedroom; the options ranging from simple neutrals in the adult bedroom to multi-colored brilliance in the kids’ bedrooms. From fleeting trends to personal taste, there are plenty of factors that determine these choices. But what about bedroom colors that are perennially popular? This is a look at the top bedroom colors that you just cannot go wrong with!

Trendy and space-savvy Scandinavian style bedroom in yellow and white [From: Le Sable Indigo Interiors]

Top bedroom colors tend to combine smart and bright hues that energize the room with understated neutrals that shape the backdrop gleefully. They definitely transcend short-lived trends and manage to stay relevant across seasons and styles with ease. Be it adaptable blue at its brilliant best or gray that has managed to take over the world in the last decade, here is something for everyone to fall in love with –

Serenity of Blue

As a rule, when in doubt go for blue! That is something we tend to firmly believe in and it is a rudimentary decorating principle that has never let us down. Blue as a color fits in with a wide range of styles seamlessly and even in the tiniest of bedrooms, its presence is always welcome. It is a color that combines well with both white and gray and you explore many different shades of blue from deep and navy blue to more fun-filled and trendy ones like turquoise and teal.

Elegant traditional bedroom in light blue and white with botanicals on the wall [From: Winding Lane Interiors]
Ingenious Scandinavian style bedroom in blue and yellow [From: Deconome]
Small contemporary bedroom in deep navy blue is an absolute showstopper [From: ByDesign Interiors]

Warm and Charming Yellow

Unlike blue, yellow is a color that is far less commonly used in bedrooms and yet one deserves much more attention. It is just perfect for bedrooms with styles like Mediterranean, traditional, rustic and farmhouse. Yellow in its more mellow shades can be used more extensively in the large modern bedroom while brighter and more brilliant splashes of yellow work well as accents. Easily sitting well with other bold colors, yellow is a great choice in the adaptable bedroom.

Bring new life into the neutral bedroom with a brilliant splash of yellow
Captivating yellow accent wall coupled with green blinds and blue bedding in the eclectic bedroom [From: Proyecto build]
Charming beach style bedroom in yellow with beautiful lighting

Gray and Neutrals

Thee bedroom in neutrals is one that we all love and find the most comfortable and easy to work with from a design and decorating perspective. And leading this pack of neutrals is gray at its diverse best. Gray has been the hottest neutral in town for over two decades now and what started as a trend has now become an era-defining feature. Combine gray with colors like blue, yellow and green for a more vibrant, yet contemporary bedroom that is both serene and stylish.

Cottage style bedroom in gray with bed and decor in pastel green
Polished charcoal gray accent wall for the white and gray modern bedroom [From: Taya]
Bedding and accent pillows in orange bring tropical flavor to this gray bedroom [From: Charles Maccora Design]

Green at its Gorgeous Best

Green in the bedroom is far-less frequently used than blue and yellow and yet makes an instant impact as soon as it is added to the mix. Best bedrooms in green are those that use its lighter shades for the backdrop and in spaces with traditional and rustic themes. It is a color that encourages sleep in the bedroom and shapes a more calming backdrop. According to Feng shui, it is also a color that ups fertility in the space and also ushers in freshness at the same time.

Using wallpaper to add green goodness to the spacious modern bedroom [From: House of Brazier]
Walls decorated with framed art pieces in the dark green modern bedroom
Rustic bedroom with shiplap vaulted ceiling and fabulous dark green walls [From: Susan Dario]

The White and Wood Look

Finally, we have a color scheme that is as pleasant as any other and is currently very popular in homes across the globe – the natural white and wood look. The color duo combines fabulous natural finishes with a plain white backdrop and has a certain relaxing ‘holiday’ charm about it. It is neither too stimulating nor boring and is just perfect for a wonderful night’s sleep.

Polished contemporary bedroom in white and wood with smart lighting and sleek design
Reclaimed headboard steals the spotlight in this classy white and wood bedroom
Stylish and cozy modern white and wood bedroom idea

Remember to avoid colors that are far too bright in the bedroom and are over-stimulating. Also, stay away from grays that are deep and dark and take away from brightness in the room. Find a balance between harmony and energy in your bedroom.

Sherry Nothingam

Sherry is a blogger who loves to live her life to the fullest. She enjoys everything associated with design, décor and stylish modern trends. Born in California, Sherry has grown up on open ranches and in a wild setting, which has defined her taste for design and developed her interest in examining how structures and homes interact with the beauti[...]

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