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Pretty In Pink And Purple: Princess Bedroom Ideas

Being a princess is a life-long dream of so many girls (and even some adults).  Should we blame it on one too many Disney movies watched while growing up? Whatever the reason for the fantasy, being a princess is quite a noble aspiration. All that matters is that your princess wants a bedroom to suit her newly-discovered position of status and the princess must get what she wants. Often, it’s not a lack of bedroom space that is the problem but rather the absence of regal inspiration that holds people back from creating the ultimate princess room. Hold on, let us find our magic wand so we can whip up a large batch of princess room ideas for you. Oooh, found it!

1. Brave Themed Bedroom

Wasn’t Brave released a few seasons ago? And your little girl still asks to watch it every week, right? That should tell you you’ve got a Brave superfan on your hands. It goes without that she would love to have a Brave-themed room. The first thing you should know is that you won’t be using the usual pink color but instead a purple color palette. It should also look playful. If it’s for your teenage daughter, you might want to go easy on the princess images and instead stick with their favorite quotes from the movie.


2. Blush Pink Bedroom

Some girls tend to stop loving bright pink (or admitting to it) when they start to get older. You can talk to your girl about embracing a blush pink room instead, giving her the chance to stay in love with pink without feeling like a baby. With the walls painted blush pink, you can pair them with white accessories and fixtures such as a vanity table and an ornate mirror.

Pinterest/Lineth Gonzalez

3. Purple Themed Bedroom

Everyone knows purple represents royalty, so it’s a color fit for a princess. Many people favor lighter shades of the color like lilac. This color goes well with pink, white, and even black. It is easy to work with and you can get your daughter involved in making the choices.

Purple Themed Bedroom

4. Castle Bedroom

A princess must live in a castle. It’s a lot to ask that your entire family find a castle to live in, so you can all settle for her room being a private castle. Make the bedframe built to resemble one. Instead of having plain cotton fabric as curtains, tulle would be a better fit for a princess. If she falls in love with her room, it won’t be such a struggle to get her to go to bed.


5. Bunk Bed Princess Room

A bunk bed wouldn’t be a bad idea for a princess’s room. It doesn’t have to be two beds. The top can be built for storage so your princess can have designated places for all her toys. Remember to paint the walls pink and have all the extra accessories in varying shades of pink.


6. Bed Canopy

Something about a canopy bed creates that “princess feel.” Being covered with soft and light fabric when you sleep can be such a magical feeling. It’s not news that a canopy bed doesn’t come cheap. If you have a big budget, you can splurge on it but if not, you’re going to have to DIY your way through it. As a DIY project, it can be quite technical but there are a few tips and tricks you can try.


7. Vintage Vibe Bedroom

This is one of the best princess room ideas for an older daughter. It would still speak to her inner princess but show a level of maturity. The bedframe is the first piece you want to pay attention to. Next is the vanity mirror and you can decide on the rest of the accessories after that. The room can still be painted pink but a lighter shade of it might be best.


8. Disney Princess Inspired Bedroom

Over the years, we’ve had a lot of Disney princesses and they are all so lovable. It might be hard for your girl to pick a favorite so don’t make her choose. She can have them all adorn her bedroom. A wallpaper with all of them on it will be an easy choice. You can also have her bed covers match.


9. Tiana Backdrop Bedroom

Princess Tiana is quite the princess and is quite the role model for your little one. Green is the go-to color for this princess. You can also have a pink room with a mural of princess Tiana on the wall. A large wallpaper as a backdrop is a great alternative to a painted mural because it is easier to change when your child changes her mind.


10. Floral  Wallpaper

Your little princess might be a fan of mother nature, ready to grow. Fill her rooms with flowers, both natural and artificial. If you cant get a hold of natural flowers, you can make use of a large floral wallpaper over her bedside instead.


Creating a room for a princess requires a lot of effort and can take a bit of time but it will be worth it. Anything for your little girl, right? You can easily get princess-themed wallpapers from stores and you can never go wrong with pink. Talk to your little one to learn exactly what she wants, show her some of these princess room ideas, and get her involved in the entire decorating process.

Emmanuel Ojodun

I write for decoist.

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