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Beautiful Bohemian Bathroom Designs

Your bathroom can feel like a sanctuary, far away from the hustle and bustle of life. It’s a place where you can truly tune out the noise and listen to yourself. Whenever life gets too busy and tough, you can retreat to your bathroom to have a warm, relaxing bath. A vacation to the tropics would be great but a bathroom upgrade is an available and affordable option. Bohemian bathrooms are the big new trend for many people, and for good reason. The playful, energetic, and eclectic characteristics of the décor style will make you forget about your worries for a while. Intrigued? Well, you’re in luck because we have several décor ideas coming right up.

1. Vintage Centerpiece

A vintage or old-fashioned piece is not out of place in a Bohemian bathroom. It is one of the must-have pieces for this syle, whether it is represented by rugs, a bathtub, or a vanity mirror. Vintage doesn’t have to be over-the-top expensive. This is usually the case when you’re trying to purchase original antique items, like something from a collector’s store. It is generally cheaper to buy from brands that manufacture vintage-style products, as they are brand new, durable, and easier to maintain.


2. Young and Chic

Are you looking for a décor idea that’s popular with young trendsetters? Now you have it. While bright colors are great, you can take a more laidback approach to your décor with the Bohemian look. A vintage-looking rug is a must-have alongside a couple of potted plants. Choose muted shades of colors like blues and browns. Of course, you’ll also feature white fixtures. If the bathroom has a large window, make sure to open the blinds and let sunlight come in.


3. Plant Haven

Plants play an important role in creating the ambiance in Bohemian bathroom designs. They can make you feel like you’re outdoors and close to nature. Bring in planters of different sizes and different kinds of plants. You can also have a variety of hanging planters. Be sure that they are indoor plants and be ready to take proper care of them. They usually do not need too much attention and since the bathroom is a place you use every day, you won’t forget to water them.


4. A Punch of Color

You can try a different style with your Bohemian décor. Instead of having a lot of colorful pieces scattered around and struggling to make them look good together, you can try working with black and white and then adding one bright color. The black and white mix can be in your tile choice or wallpaper. The tile can also be of a mosaic style to add to the hippie vibe. Paint your vanity table a bright pink or orange. It will definitely lift the mood of your entire bathroom and is quite easy to pull off.


5. Bold Patterns and Texture

Don’t shy away from patterns and textures here. Bright colorful rugs have a place, as well as heavily patterned wallpapers and tiles. There are easy ways to combine patterns into a cohesive look. You can also introduce textures, such as displaying wicker baskets of different sizes. Hang a large ornate mirror both for functionality and its aesthetic.


6. Modern Meets Bohemian

If you’re a lover of modern décor style but also want to have that Bohemian feel, you can have just that. As expected, it will begin with a minimalist bathroom, usually painted in white. This color helps create a clean and sleek look. It also helps to balance out the introduction of brighter and more colorful Bohemian pieces. For a natural and more outdoorsy feel, don’t forget to add plants in decorative planters.


7. Boho Master Bathroom

When it’s a master bathroom, you know it has to be stunning. It should have an air of class and sophistication. To some, that’s a far cry from the Bohemian décor style but with the right accents, you can have the best of both worlds. You simply need to begin with a modern contemporary style and then add a Bohemian pattern wherever you get the chance. Place a lot of scented candles to light whenever you want to have a long and luxurious bath.


8. Beautiful Shower Curtains

Some people opt not to use shower curtains these days even though there are good reasons to. If you do not have an enclosed shower space, it’s a smart idea to have a curtain for the sake of privacy and to keep water from escaping the shower. It’s also a cheap option compared to a glass door since you can make it a DIY project. You can change the fabric of your curtain as often as you want, from one in a Bohemian pattern to another in a different style.


Bohemian bathroom designs come in different forms and you can easily express your style through them. You can make your bathroom partly Bohemian or go for the full effect, depending on how much you like the style. You get to use Moroccan tiles, unique patterned rugs and curtains, and a whole lot of plants. If you want a unique and fun bathroom, Bohemian is the way to go.

Emmanuel Ojodun

I write for decoist.

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