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14 Incredible Kitchen Island Designs

When planning your kitchen decor, you must think in terms of functionality and aesthetics. These days, the kitchen has become a multi-purpose area where you cook, work, eat, chat or watch TV.

New kitchen islands should be versatile so that your time in the kitchen will be used efficiently. For instance, kitchen islands could be used as a room divider to separate one area from another in an open-plan house. You can also use an island as an extra surface or storage unit without wasting space if you’re working with smaller square footage.

Whatever the size of your kitchen, a kitchen island that suits space will do wonders for your kitchen decor and functionality.

Most homeowners love a well-designed kitchen island, but it takes strategic planning and adequate implementation to make it happen.

Here are 14 incredible kitchen Island designs that are beautiful but functional too.

Family-size Kitchen Island

This Kitchen Island is family-friendly. It was created with family in mind to encourage that cozy warmth that comes with a loving home.

wooden family style kitchen island with chevron marble backsplash
Photo by: Remodeling.hw.net
white panelled kitchen island with black stools
Photo by: Cliq studios

Luxury Kitchen Island

Enjoy a luxurious-looking kitchen if you have a flexible budget. These kitchen islands are show stoppers that make you want to always be in the kitchen.

dark kitchen island with marble counter tops
Photo by: the spruce
dark wood panelled kitchen with luxurious arm chairs at island
Photo by: Room design

Colorful Kitchen Island

Who says color is forbidden in the kitchen? A dash of color can never be wrong when it comes to kitchen island designs. It adds taste and panache to your color scheme. Just ensure that whatever shade you settle for goes well with your kitchen’s overall decor.

black kitchen island with white countertop and orange stools
Photo by: Homelane
bright red kitchen island with white upper cabinets and hanging candle lights
Photo by: wow1day

Multipurpose Kitchen Island

The global pandemic has changed the mode of work. A lot of people spend more time working in their kitchen than going out to the office. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and not just eating or cooking, a tastefully furnished multi-purpose kitchen island is a great idea.

stainless steel island with side table, wine fridge and dishwasher built in
Photo by: archdaily

Rustic Kitchen Island

From farm to table, that’s what this rustic kitchen island inspires.

rustic kitchen island set up
Photo by: Kawaii interiors

Classic Kitchen Island

Classy is the name of the game with this classic kitchen island style. Even as trends come and go, this style won’t ever be out of style.

navy blue kitchen island and cabinets with gold fixtures
Photo by: elledecor

Cottage-style Kitchen Island

Give your kitchen that countryside looks with these cottage-style islands.

cottage-style kitchen island set up with white wood and light wood accents
Photo by: white tiles
light wood kitchen island with curved chairs against beige cabinets
Photo by: DIY network

Narrow Kitchen Island

A long, narrow kitchen island makes your kitchen look more spacious than it is, and it is very functional.

long white kitchen island with built in cabinets and low stools
Photo by: Ashely Gerber
speckled granite kitchen island with colorful stools
Photo by: BHG

Dual Kitchen Islands

If you do a lot of cooking or baking, a dual sink kitchen island helps keep things efficient. Not only a dual sink setup but having a whole second island that provides you with double the preparation and storage space.

double kitchen island setup
Photo by: Decorpad

Moveable Kitchen Island

A tiny kitchen is not an excuse to ditch the kitchen island. You can get a kitchen island with storage units or those with wheels to help you move them out of the way when needed.

round kitchen island that opens to interior shelves
Photo by: The Spruce
kitchen island on wheels with open cupboard doors
Photo by: Angie’s List

Divide the Room With the Island

This kitchen island is incredibly useful, especially for an open-plan house.  This island serves as a room divider which helps you demarcate one area from the other, without completely enclosing the space.

island with bar fridge that divides open concept room
Photo by: Novocom

Contemporary Kitchen Island

Modern kitchen islands with clean lines and minimal accents are an all-time rave as new trends show up every season.

contemporary white kitchen island
Photo by: HGTV

Wooden Kitchen Island

Use wood for your kitchen island to inspire an outdoorsy or natural feel. You can add to that feel by incorporating earth tones and natural colors into your palette.

distressed wood kitchen island with green cabinets
Photo by: This old house

Small Kitchen Island

This small kitchen island is perfect for a small and closely-knit family. You can do homework, chat, and eat together on this small but functional kitchen island, without taking up too much space if your kitchen doesn’t have a lot of available floorspace.

white kitchen island designed for small space
Photo by: Novocom
Judith Ejike
I write for decoist.

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